AWS Basics - For beginners and intermediates

AWS Basics - Amazon Web Services for beginners and intermediates

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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Solid know how about AWS and it's most important services. IAM and best practices on your account, Computing Services like EC2, Lambda and more. Storage Services, S3 and Glacier. Network and VPC. Management Tools like CloudFormation, CloudWatch and Systems Manager. RDS Database Services


Hello AWS Friends,

Thanks for joining me in this course AWS Basics.

My name is Wolfgang Unger and I am going to guide you through this course.

I am 4 x AWS certified and also software architect, I have been working with AWS now for many, many years and gained a lot of experience on AWS.

In this course we are going to cover the basics and the most important services on AWS,

At the end of this course you will have a solid understanding of AWS and you can start using it for your projects.

Content of this course:

Introduction to AWS. How to register/create a AWS account.

Best practices on your account, security issues, IAM ( identity & access managemnt) , how to create users, roles and assign policies to them.

Overview on the Networking services, VPC, subnets, security groups, Route53 and CertificateManager.

Anything you must now about networking to get started with AWS.

ComputingServices: EC2 (from launching the first instance to setup a webserver), Lambda and preview on other services like ECS and EKS

Also additional : Batch

Storage: S3 and Glacier, hosting a static website on S3 an more

Get familiar with the storage services and possibilites on AWS

ManagementTools: CloudWatch, CloudFormation, TrustedAdvisor, SystemsManager.

Learn how to adminstrate and monitor your account.

So, let get started - see you in the first lesson


AWS Basics - For beginners and intermediates
AWS Basics - For beginners and intermediates
AWS Basics - For beginners and intermediates
AWS Basics - For beginners and intermediates



Introduction and Welcome

Account & IAM (Identity & Access Management)


Registration and first login

Top menu, security basics, admin account, password MFA, passwordPolicy

IAM basics, create to users, groups, policies

IAM advanced

Overview AWS Services

Account & IAM Quiz

Network & VPC


VPC Dashboard Overview

VPC & Subnets

Security Groups

Route53, Certificate Manager

Network & VPC Quiz

Computing Services


EC2 First EC2 instance (Linux AMI)

EC2 setting up a Webserver

EC2 AMIs (Marketplace)

EC2 Windows


Preview ECS, EKS

Computing Services Quiz

Storage Services


S3 Overview S3 & Glacier

S3 First Bucket

S3 advanced (Versioning, Permissions, Glacier)

S3 Static Website

Preview EFS, Storage Gateway

Storage Services Quiz

Management Tools


Cloud Watch

Cloud Formation Overview & Theory

Cloud Formation Examples

Systems Manager

Trusted Advisor

Management Tools Quiz


Outro & bonus lectures

Additional Videos

RDS - Relational Database Services on AWS

AWS Batch Service

Deploy a ElasticBean Application in 1 min with eb-cli

Using the Sessions Manager to connect to EC2


Max30 December 2020

Yes this is a good match. Been in tech for 30yrs and need to make the transition to AWS. So far it makes sense and is presented well.

Brian26 November 2019

Really great course, detailing a lot of important pieces of AWS and including things like the key differences between types of S3 bucket and what S3 Glacier is for. Wolfgang is definitely very knowledgeable about AWS. It was really great to go over the RDS and batch services in the Additional Videos. It should be noted that to follow the course step by step a credit card will be needed to purchase a domain and to pay for the use of the wiki and Windows instance types. Also, following the Batch guide in Additional Videos uses a Large EC3 instance, which is not covered by the free tier and may cost money. No details on the role used for Lambda functions, selecting “create new role” when creating the function leads to an error relating to not being able to access EC2 instances. This is easy to resolve by attaching a policy that can see EC2 instances, but it would be really nice to describe that during the video. I don’t think both the Windows and Wiki EC2 instance setups are required, both basically show the same thing (that we can start an instance based on a marketplace type and connect to it). I feel the Wiki instance was more valuable since it details that sometimes you need to access the logs to get the default credentials for the site.

Kannan20 August 2019

The instructor seems to be reading from his notes at times, which seems to me that he is doing it fast. I feel he can pause and explain a few points from time to time.

Yannick9 August 2019

The course is given in a simple way so that any one can understand it. Congratulation Mr Wolfgang Unger. good job !!

Sai29 May 2019

most of the course is going on the theory and from AWS document content only it should be good if it contains some more hands on with some more detailed description.

Chris13 April 2019

The main topics covered were well presented but I feel a lot of features were skipped over or only the surface was scratched. I'd have liked a more tightly focussed, detailed look at the core functions.

Abhijit8 April 2019

Very much required this course for those want to work on cloud environment . Instructor is really nice and deliver training in very excellent way .

Roy11 March 2019

The audio could be a bit better and the video for the examples could be better if they were more zoomed in.

Michael11 February 2019

In my opinion, this is a very good tutorial for absolute beginners like me, it's easy following and experimenting his examples.

Amitabh14 January 2019

So far the details explained are good. I was looking for something like this which explains small things in detail.


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