AWS Automation with boto3 of Python and Lambda Functions

Learn how to automate AWS common tasks using boto3 and Lambda |aws|boto3|Python boto3 API | boto3 API |AWS Lambda

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

Students will gain expertise with hands on realtime use cases using Boto3 and Lambda Functions for Automating their workloads

Students will get in detail concpets of boto3 (session, resource,client,collections,waiters and paginators)

Students will get in detail concepts of Lambda Function and Different types Lambda triggering methods


This Course is focused on concepts of Python Boto3 Module And Lambda using Python, Covers how to use Boto3 Module, Concepts of boto3 (session, resource, client, meta, collections, waiters and paginators) & AWS Lambda to build real-time tasks with Lots of Step by Step Examples.

This course also teaches how to refer to Boto3 Documentation to Develop Code For automating any kind of tasks in AWS.

Note: Collections,waiters and paginators are explained for different AWS services with different examples.


AWS  Automation with boto3 of Python and Lambda Functions
AWS  Automation with boto3 of Python and Lambda Functions
AWS  Automation with boto3 of Python and Lambda Functions
AWS  Automation with boto3 of Python and Lambda Functions


Introduction and Environmet setup for boto3

Objective of this course

What do you need for this course ?

Introduction to boto3

Installing required Python Version and boto3 on Windows Server

Installing required Python and boto3 on Linux Server to work with AWS Services

Boto3 Environment Setup on Windows Server to Work with AWS Services

Boto3 Environment Setup on RHEL Server to Work with AWS Services

First boto3 script to verify the Boto3 Environment setup on Windows and Linux

Concepts of Boto3 to Write Python Scripts for AWS Automation

Different Types of boto3 sessions

Boto3 Documentation help to implement Python boto3 Scripts

How to implement Python boto3 Scripts using client object ?

How to implement Python boto3 Scripts using resource object ?

Working with STS

Get AWS Account Id

EC2-PART-1: Working with EC2 Services

Simple Python Boto3 Scripts on EC2 Service (Like ec2 instances, volumes ...)

Menu Driven script to perform different status actions on EC2 Instance

EC2 Waiters

What is a Waiter ? How to use waiters EC2 Instance ?

Usage of Meta object

Usage of meta object

EC2 Collections

Boto3 Collections Concepts

Boto3 Collection Concept to start, stop, terminate, monitor all instances once

EC2-PART-2: Practice with EC2 Services

Delete Unused and Untagged EBS Volumes

EC2 Instances Inventory

List all Avaliable Snapshots

List snapshots based on size

List sanpshots based on start time

IAM Roles to Execute python boto3 scripts

Executing Python boto3 script from ec2 instance which is attached with IAM Role

Exception Hanlding with boto3 and botocore modules

simple Exception handling

Working with IAM Users

Get IAM User Details and Get All IAM Users Deatils

Location of all python boto3 scripts for this course

Get All Groups Info

Random Password Generator using Python

Create an IAM User with Console Login access Using boto3 of Python

Create an IAM User with programatic Access Keys

Create an IAM User with Programatic and AWS Managment Console Login Access

Create mutliple IAM Users using python boto3

IAM Users Inventory Script

Lambda-PART-1: AWS Automation with boto3 and Lambda Functions

Introduction to AWS Lambda Funtions

Automating the start and stop EC2 Instances for Test Environment

Automatic Mail Alert: When Instance state is reached to Stopped

Automate Snapshots for EBS Volumes using Lambda and Cloudwatch

Automate Snapshots for EBS Volumes using resource object

Automate Snapshots of EBS Volumes for all regions

Automate Copy of EBS Snapshots between Regions

Paginators of boto3

boto3 client paginators

Working with S3

Concepts of boto3 to work with AWS S3 Service

List all buckets

Paginators for s3

Lambda-PART-2: AWS Automation with boto3 and Lambda Functions

Assiging Secondary IP of Master to Slave when master downs


Rob11 October 2020

Very much repetitive approach to teaching which becomes irksome after a few lessons. Clear and concise delivery of information which means that it if should be easily understood by people of all levels of experience which makes it slightly better than average in my opinion.

Mohsen5 October 2020

Thank You Narendra for sharing your knowledge with us. I have learned a lot following this course. I just give 4 out of 5 because I think you explain lots of basic Python (like dictionaries, methods and attributes) and how to work with and repeat them many times although it is not mentioned in the course description you are going to teach them as well. If there were more stuff about triggering S3, EMR, and ..., I would have given 5 out of 5 to this course.

Aubrey9 September 2020

You deserve an A++++++. Awesome course!! You are just too impressive. Can't wait to take your other courses!! You are daaa Man

Min27 July 2020

This course needs major polishing and editing. It's really difficult to follow the instructor. I felt lost and confused from the beginning. A simple introduction of boto3 would help. What is boto3, why we use it and how we're going to use it to interact with AWS. I tried to hang in there hoping things would improve. Unfortunately, the instructor takes the same approach of just writing his script out without giving explanations so you can grasp the concepts. Lacks preparation and framework. I started learning more from the boto3 documentation in 5 minutes than the one hour I invested in this course.

Sodiq25 July 2020

This is the best AWS Automation with Boto3 and Lambda. He has a way of teaching that ensures that you understand every concept in dept. He approaches every new lesson with repeating a lot of what has been mentioned earlier in a way to cement the concept. i will rate him 10/10. Great job!!!

VARUN17 February 2020

This is the awsome course on AWS programmatic access using "boto3". The instructor is giving detailed information about the basics and the language used is easy to understand.

BaoGem5 February 2020

Very good course for those who wants to automate AWS services. The instructor is explaning from very basic to advance. I think every beginner of AWS automation engineer should buy this course.

Prashant5 February 2020

Thanks a lot Sir, These sessions at awesome and real time practical's.. It helped a lot me to understand how we can work in real environment.... Anyone who is looking for a real automation course and have to work on python, this is simply a very good and straight forward approach with clear concepts..

TechBhar30 January 2020

Best one for Python Boto3 API for AWS. Instructor has given detailed explanation of boto3. Narendra, add some more concepts for Lambda. Thank you.

Learning31 December 2019

Your new updating course is too good. Thanks for re-recording this course. When we get this complete update ?

Antonyraj29 December 2019

Though he has explained it better, I felt that most of the information's was repetitive. He could have added more content with even more real-time scenarios.

Anupam28 December 2019

He is repeating the same thing over and over again. For last 1 hr he is just explaining how to store credentials in config file. I want to quickly rampup on this topic and I dont want to skip lectures so that I dont miss out anything, but he is showing again and again "aws configure"

Raghuveer24 December 2019

excellent explanation and provided good details about boto3 and lambda. but same discussion was happened in each and every video related to resource and client. videos would have been smaller without that repetitive explanation.

Manikanta14 December 2019

Amazing way of teaching the concepts. No need to practice. The way Narendra is teaching, the concepts are just getting into the mind.

Bernd9 December 2019

Best course on boto3 python in udemy and a must for everyone starting with it. It is good for beginners as the trainer repeats some basic thoughts and rules again and again (at some point too much, though). A few drawbacks that kept me from giving 5 stars: * using python 2.7 instead of 3.x * not easy to understand for europeans sometimes (indian english) * Sometimes garbled sound * Sometimes disturbing background noises (traffic, children etc.) * Sometimes the trainer is a bit puzzled and you can watch him debugging (at some extend this is good, on the other hand sometimes too much here) * Some code pieces are missing for download glad i took the course.


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