How To Gain More Confidence, Self Esteem and Passion in Life

Radiate Confidence Passion Self Esteem and Passion: Confidence, Passion, Self Esteem are keys to your success in life!

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Personal Transformation
How To Gain More Confidence, Self Esteem and Passion in Life
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Apr 2020
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What you will learn

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Become Perceived as a Confident Person

Stop Seeking Approval

Develop Your Inner Confidence

Practical Techniques and Methods that Work Immediately!

Eliminate Nervousness and Social Anxiety

Feel Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Learn To Speak With More Confidence

How to Rapidly Improve Your Self Esteem

How To Overcome The Limiting Belief I am not Good Enough

Develop a Powerful and Confident Body Language

Communicate With Genuine Assertiveness and Confidence

Why take this course?

¡Hola! It seems like you've shared a comprehensive overview of a course on personal development and confidence improvement, possibly from the teachings of Adam Mortimer, who has a rich background in coaching and personal development. The course promises to equip students with the tools and knowledge to overcome limiting beliefs, improve self-esteem, and achieve success and transformation in their lives.

The course content includes a series of instructional videos, worksheets, quizzes, and meditations, among other resources. It's designed for individuals who are eager to make positive changes and are willing to put in the effort to do so. The testimonials from past students highlight the impact of the course on their lives, emphasizing its effectiveness and the quality of the content delivered.

Adam Mortimer's credentials and experience with leading figures in the personal development industry add credibility to the course. His approach, which combines techniques from various successful coaches and methodologies, aims to simplify the path to success for his students.

The course is suitable for those who are ready to take action and make changes, regardless of their starting point. It's particularly aimed at individuals who are "hungry" for more in life and are open-minded and willing to explore new ways of thinking. The 30-day money-back guarantee provides a safety net for potential students to try the course risk-free.

In summary, this course is an opportunity for personal growth and development, focusing on building self-confidence, overcoming obstacles, and achieving one's goals. It's a testament to the power of positive thinking and the importance of belief in oneself as key drivers of success and happiness. If you're considering taking this course, it could be a significant step towards unlocking your full potential and leading a more fulfilling life.

Remember, as with any personal development journey, the real work begins within. The course is a tool to guide and support you along the way, but the commitment to change and grow comes from within. Embrace the process, stay consistent, and be open to the transformative experiences that await you. Good luck on your journey to self-improvement!


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Our review

📚 Course Overview:

The course in question is centered around the concept of energy as a fundamental value and offers insights and methods to maximize it. It is designed to inspire, motivate, and provide practical tools for personal growth and self-improvement. The course content is delivered through lectures, exercises, and meditations, with a focus on identifying and clearing limiting beliefs, enhancing confidence, and achieving the life one desires.


  • Engaging Content: The course material is considered valuable and transformative by many users, offering practical and effective techniques for personal development.
  • Easy to Understand: The course is praised for its clarity and the presenter's ability to convey complex ideas in a simple and understandable manner.
  • Positive Impact: Participants report that the course has helped them overcome long-standing issues, improve their self-love, and provided them with the tools needed to live the life they desire.
  • Comprehensive Approach: The course covers a wide range of topics from clearing methods to regular self-check-ins, providing a holistic approach to personal growth.
  • High Repeat Value: Some users indicate that they might retake the course to ensure they absorb all the content, highlighting its depth and rewatchability.
  • Inspiring and Motivating: The course is described as inspiring, motivating, and life-changing, with many users expressing gratitude for its content.
  • Excellent Presentation Style: The presenter is noted for being energetic, confident, and inspiring confidence in the audience.
  • Real-world Applicability: Users appreciate that the techniques discussed in the course can be easily applied to everyday life.


  • Repetition: Some users find the content a bit repetitive, which might be redundant for those who are familiar with the topics.
  • Accessibility of Meditations: A few users have pointed out that having the meditation videos directly accessible within the course would be beneficial, especially for those listening just before sleep.
  • Technical Clarification Needed: One user suggests that more clarity on how to access or initiate the alpha meditation could improve the user experience.
  • Pacing Concerns: A few reviews mention that the pacing of energy and enthusiasm during relaxation techniques might be too energetic, potentially disrupting the intended calmness.

User Experience:

The general consensus among users is that the course is highly effective, with many reporting significant improvements in their mindset and daily lives. The presenter's ability to deliver concise and impactful information, coupled with the practical exercises provided, makes this course a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance personal growth and well-being.

Final Rating:

Given the overwhelmingly positive feedback and the transformative effect reported by users, it is clear that this course has a strong impact on its audience. The course's strengths in content delivery, practical application, and user engagement far outweigh the minor concerns regarding repetition and technical aspects. As such, a high rating is merited, reflecting the course's effectiveness and popularity among its participants.



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