Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 6

Managing Finance and Insurance though your management team in a Car Sales Department


1.5 hours


Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How to effectively lead their management team in a cars sales department

Improve Finance and Insurance sales through business manager development in car sales

Increase productivity through sales controller development in car sales

Improve their knowledge of car finance products and services

Understand how to compliantly sell finance and insurance products with greater conversion success in car sales


Finance and Insurance sales in many dealerships equate to over 50% of the vehicle profit per sale.  Most departments will have a business or finance manager who is responsible for compliantly driving revenues in this area.  As a sales manager it is essential that you have the leadership skills to motivate your management team to deliver on expectations, whilst also having the capacity to develop them in their area of expertise.

In this chapter we will look at how you should segregate the duties of your management team to best impact the department.  We will also look at each finance and insurance product to provide you with authentic, compliant and inspiring presentations for your customers.  Not only will we look at the sales skills required but also how to overcome objections in a respectful manner by allowing the customer to make an informed decision through thorough explanations.

Furthermore this chapter will provide you with some bonus material.  We will be looking at how you may get the best out of your social media content and local cost free marketing.  Plus, I will be sharing with you the handover experience of champions.  This handover best practice will ensure that your customers receive the very best send off and provide you with the 5 star review you require.

Enjoy the Course.


Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 6
Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 6
Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 6
Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 6


Finance and Insurance Developing your Business Manager and Sales Controller

Introduction FCA and GDPR

Bitesize Tip 14 - Segregation of Duties within the Management Team

Coaching your Business Manager

Coaching your Sales Controller

Guaranteed Asset Protection

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GAP Insurance Part 2

Paint and Fabric Protection

Selling Paint and Fabric Protection

Tyre and Alloy Wheel Insurance

Selling Alloy Wheel and Tyre Insurance

Smart Repair Insurance and Extended Warranty

Selling Smart Repair Insurance and Extended Warranty

Service Plans

Service Plans are the key to greater renewals

Social Media

How to enhance your online Social Media activity

Vehicle Handover Excellence

Vehicle Handover Demonstration


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