Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 3

Preparing for and Conducting Monthly 1:1 Reviews for Car Sales Executives


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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Understand how to conduct meaningful colleague 1:1 reviews

How to prepare as a manager for a colleague development review

Discover the traditional traps that managers fall into when conducting reviews

The science of setting bespoke sales targets for your team which are fair and motivating

How to address poor performance in the right manner

How to choose the right question to formulate good discussions


Newly appointed managers only have the knowledge and experience of colleague reviews as the reviewee.  In my experience I have never met a manager who has formally been trained in how to best serve their department and colleagues through strong qualitative colleague development reviews.  As the custodian of the department, managers soon discover that "The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf".  Management is fundamentally the ability to connect with your team and motivate them to realise their potential.  It is surprising therefore that all to often the science of achieving these goals is left to a sink or swim approach.

In this chapter of the series you will learn a series of processes and strategies to ensure that you not only develop the individual colleague, but the wider team through fairness, transparency and collective responsibility.  This chapter is critical for any manager wishing to successfully execute their role.  We will look at colleague development from every angle to provide you with the expertise to lead your sales colleagues to greater heights.  Consequently, you will become successful through your people, who will become more engaged and productive through the clear, achievable, and aspirational goals set as part of the colleague development review.


Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 3
Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 3
Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 3
Automotive Sales Management Programme Part 3


Colleague Development Reviews - Preparation is key

Bitesize Tip 5 - What is in a name?

How not to do a Colleague Development Review

Bitesize Tip 6 - A Tale of Two Strikers

How to Set Motivational Sales Targets in Colleague Development Reviews

Setting Sales Targets Effectively

Looking Beneath the Surface - Understand Colleague Output Data

Addressing Under Performance with Sales Colleagues

Bitesize Tip 7 - Sales Colleague Goal Achievement is a Team Effort

Understanding Questions

Questioning Techniques


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