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Automation with Ansible Playbooks - Hands On !!

This course introduces Ansible to the absolute beginners & System Admins to enhance skills towards Ansible.

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9 hours


Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Introducing Ansible-Overview of Ansible Architecture

Implementation of Ansible Playbooks

Automate Linux Patching using Ansible

Various Labs to understand the Ansible Playbook for Linux Servers Patching

Managing Variables & Inclusions

Various Labs on Implementing Playbooks from real IT Industry Environment

Gain sufficient skills to perform core system administration Automation

Implementing Tasks Controls

Overview of Ansible Installation

Online/Offline Ansible installation

Ansible Conditionals

Ansible Modules

Industrial Live overview of Automation tool using Ansible with Shell Scripting

Ansible Handlers

Ansible Loops

Deploying Ansible

Writing YAML Files

Ansible Roles

How do we create Ansible Roles

Industrial project of stop/start control m appl/db


Mastering Ansible Step by Step

Course Contents

1 Introducing Ansible

  • Overview of Ansible Architecture

  • Ansible Components

  • Overview of Ansible Deployments

  • Describing Ansible Inventory

  • Summary

2 Deploying Ansible

  • Installing Ansible

  • Guided Exercise: Installing Ansible

  • Managing Ansible Configuration Files

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Ansible Configuration Files

  • Running Ad Hoc Commands

  • Guided Exercise: Running Ad Hoc Commands

  • Managing Dynamic Inventory

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Dynamic Inventory

  • Lab: Deploying Ansible

  • Summary

3 Ansible Installation on Red Hat Linux 8

  • Overview of Ansible Installation

  • Online Ansible Installation

  • User's Account Setup for Passwordless Authentication

  • Offline Ansible Installation ( When there is no internet available on Control Node )

4 Implementing Playbooks

  • Writing YAML Files

  • Guided Exercise: Writing YAML Files

  • Implementing Modules

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Modules

  • Implementing Ansible Playbooks

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Ansible Playbooks

  • Lab: Implementing Playbooks

  • Summary

5 Managing Variables and Inclusions

  • Managing Variables

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Variables

  • Managing Facts 

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Facts

  • Managing Inclusions

  • Guided Exercise: Managing Inclusions

  • Lab: Managing Variables and Inclusions 

6 Implementing Task Control

  • Constructing Flow Control

  • Guided Exercise: Constructing Flow Control

  • Implementing Handlers

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Handlers

  • Implementing Tags

  • Guided Exercise: Implementing Tags

  • Handling Errors

  • Guided Exercise: Handling Errors

  • Lab: Implementing Task Control

  • Summary

7. Ansible Roles

  • About Ansible Roles

  • How do we create Ansible Roles

  • Lab Session to create roles

8. Industrial project to Automate Patching on Multiple Linux Server using Ansible Playbook

  • Overview about Linux Patching

  • Automate Linux Patching using Ansible

  • Verify application/Database processes are running or not

  • Decision point to start patching

  • Upgrade all the packages on the server

  • Check if reboot required after the kernel update

  • Install the specific kernel version using Ansible Playbook.

  • Various Labs to understand the Ansible Playbook for patching

9. Industrial project for Stop/Start Control M appl/db

  • Overview of project

  • Designing of Ansible playbooks 

  • Lab Sessions

10.  Create Automation tool using Ansible & Shell

  • Overview of Automation Tool

  • Concept of Automation Tool

  • Communication between Ansible Server with managed hosts

  • Front look of Automation Tool

  • What we are achieving from this Automation tool.

  • Pre-validation Configuration (To capture pre-change configuration details)

  • User Administration

       1. User Creation
       2. User Removal
       3. Group Add
       4. Password Reset

  • Run Ad Hoc Command

  • Health Check Statistics

      1. Memory Utilization
      2. CPU Utilization
      3. Overall I/O Activities
      4. Reports run queue and load average
      5. Top Memory Consuming processes
      6. Top CPU Consuming Processes
      7. Shared Memory

  • Design of Automation Tool

  • Design Front Look using case statement

  • Practice Lab Session on case Statement -1

  • Practice Lab Session on case Statement -2

  • Color Fonts in desinging the tool

  • Headline & Selecting the target servers

  • Lab sessions

  • Shell Scripting

      1. If..else..elif statement
      2. Loops
      3. Sed – Stream Editot
      4. Awk

  • The case esac statement

  • Last lecture


Automation with Ansible Playbooks - Hands On !!
Automation with Ansible Playbooks - Hands On !!
Automation with Ansible Playbooks - Hands On !!
Automation with Ansible Playbooks - Hands On !!



Introduction Ansible

What is Ansible

Ansible limitations

Ansible Architecture

Ansible Setup

Lab Practice Session


Ansible Control Node Components

Ansible Control Node Components

Control & Managed Node

Ansible Inventories

Ansible Setup

Ansible Installation - Lab 1

Ansible Installation - Lab 2

Ansible Installation - Lab 3

Ansible Installation - Lab 4

Customizing Ansible behaviour

Customize Ansible behaviour

Lab Session on Privilege Escalations

Running AD Hoc Commands

Practice Lab Session - 1

Practice Lab Session - 2

Practice Lab Session - 3

Command & Shell Module Differences

Implementing Playbooks

Implementing Playbooks

Lab-Implementing Playbooks

Playbook for copying a file

Lab on copy a file with conditions

Modules in Ansible

Introduction of Modules in Ansible

Lab-Invoking Modules

Idempotent Behaviour of Modules

Lab-Idempotent Behaviour of Modules

Implementing Multi tasks in Playbook

Multiple tasks in Ansible Playbook

Lab - Multi task Playbook - 1

Lab - Multi task Playbook - 2

Syntax Verification & Dry Check for Ansible Playbook

Apache Web Server Installation - 1

Apache Web Server Installation - 2

Apache Web Server Installation - 3

Managing Variables in Ansible

Managing Variables in Ansible

Lab-Managing Variables

Hosts & Group variables

Lab on Host & Group Variables

Lab on Variables

Ansible Facts

Implementing Tasks Control in Ansible

Conditionals in Ansible

Lab on Conditionals in Ansible

Ansible loops - when, when_items etc

Examples of Ansible Loops

Ansible Handlers

Lab on Ansible Handlers

Ansible Roles

About Ansible Roles

Create Ansible Roles

Lab - 1

Lab - 2

Industrial Project - Patching on Linux Servers

Overview about Patching on Linux Server

Lab 1 - Patching using Ansible playbook

Lab 2 - Patching using Ansible playbook

Lab 3 - Patching using Ansible playbook

Lab 4 - Patching using Ansible playbook

Lab 5 - Patching using Ansible playbook

Lab 6 - Patching using Ansible playbook

Lab 7 - Patching using Ansible playbook

Industrial Project - Stop/Start Control M Applications

Lec - 1

Lec - 2

Lec - 3

Lec - 4

Lec - 5

Lec - 6

Lec - 7

Create Automation Tool Using Ansible, Shell


Concept of Automation tool

Front Look of Automation tool

Setup Environment

User Administration Tasks Using Ansible & Shell

Health Check Statistics

Requirement for the Automation Tool

Design Front Look of Automation Tool using case statement

Practice Lab Session on Case Statement - 1

Practice Lab Session on Case Statement - 2

Color Fonts in Designing the look of Automation tool

Headline & Selecting target servers

Select target servers from Automation tool

Practice Lab Session

User Creation via Ansible Playbook & Shell

python to create encrypted password

Lab Session on User Creation

User Removal using Automation tool

Password Reset using Automation tool

Group Add using Automation Tool

Pre-validation Configuration

Health Check Status - Memory Utilization using Automation Tool

CPU Utilization using Automation tool

Disk IO Utilzation using Automation Tool

Run queue & Average Load using Automation tool

Top CPU/Mem Utilization using Automation Tool

Shared Memory

Check Service Status, Start, Stop & Enabled Using tool

Last lecture


Suraj25 July 2020

Would advice beginners who are new to Ansible or shell scripting to take this course, it helped me automate few tasks at my work place.

Chandaar24 June 2020

Sir please speak in your own natural accent and dont try to imitate to speak in foreign accent and feeling weird listening this accent, otherwise everything is good.

urbain21 June 2020

this is the beginning and he is ok in the beginning and then there is a time i can not even hear him and the volume was so low

Don11 May 2020

Very thorough covering of the Concepts behind the Ansible engine! So far, I'm enjoying the course. It seems well thought out!

Erik8 February 2020

The course itself is very good and gives a good insight in Ansible. On the other hand, some videoes had some render issues and the sound goes from high to low.

aditya3 February 2020

Thanks, Shikar for your good lectures on Ansible, I learned a lot personally and implemented in my organization where I work. Really appreciate. Looking forward to learning more on cloud technologies

Ionut1 February 2020

Labs are out of sync. Different configurations from one lab to another without prior setup explanation. Redundant exercises (ex: installation of httpd. We already installed httpd in the first labs on our servers, makes no sense to make another exercise with the same thing). I understant that this si theory and just to explain the concept but LAB meansa that the student should be able to recreate the same think EASELY not reconfigure/uninstall/reinstall stuff. And if that would be the case it should be MENTIONED in the lab how to prepare env for the lab itself. Lack of consistency from one lab to the other. Other from this, the information seems to be good, will see tomorrow during my interviu if this was sufficient :)

Edwin5 January 2020

Its right decision for me to take this course. Definitely enhanced my knowledge with Ansible. For those new to Ansible, this is highly recommended.

Nikheel2 January 2020

It is a very good course for the beginning.Really i am enjoying and learning lots from this course modules.Thank you Sir.

Shon7 November 2019

I would say this is a beginners tutorial so far. Concepts are not explained in deep but a good use and explanation. Overall this is good so far.

Manogari14 October 2019

ini sangat membantu bagi pemula, namun banyak command seperti Lab on Ansible Handlers 1 dan 2 tidak bisa di vm local saya.

Marcelo8 October 2019

Estou aprendendo algumas coisas novas. Por esse motivo está valendo a pena. No entanto, a qualidade da apresentação não é muito boa e alguns assuntos repetem.

Gautam5 August 2019

This can be better, there are many lectures on which same thing repeating continuously which can be stop. overall its a good session of Ansible.

Akshay14 June 2019

It has met my expectations, Now I will create some scenarios where I can utilize my gained knowledge to execute sys admin tasks and build on my knowledge ...

Mukesh3 May 2019

it was good. It's just a basic approaches & lab examples. You won't get any idea if you want to use jenkins+ ansible+git integration.


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