Auto Machine Learning (Auto ML) Bootcamp: Build 15 Projects

Solve Data Science Problems Using Auto-ML, Learn To Use Eval ML, Pycaret, Auto Keras, Auto SK Learn, H20 Auto ML

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Data Science
Auto Machine Learning (Auto ML) Bootcamp: Build 15 Projects
10.5 hours
Nov 2021
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What you will learn

Make robust Machine Learning models

Understand the full product workflow for the machine learning lifecycle.

Have a great intuition of many Machine Learning models

Learn best practices when it comes to Data Science Workflow

Master Auto Machine Learning and use it on the job

Make powerful analysis

Learn best practices for real-world data sets


Automated machine learning (AutoML) represents a fundamental shift in the way organizations of all sizes approach machine learning and data science. Applying traditional machine learning methods to real-world business problems is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and challenging. It requires experts in several disciplines, including data scientists – some of the most sought-after professionals in the job market right now.

Automated machine learning changes that, making it easier to build and use machine learning models in the real world by running systematic processes on raw data and selecting models that pull the most relevant information from the data – what is often referred to as “the signal in the noise.” Automated machine learning incorporates machine learning best practices from top-ranked data scientists to make data science more accessible across the organization.

Manually constructing a machine learning model is a multistep process that requires domain knowledge, mathematical expertise, and computer science skills – which is a lot to ask of one company, let alone one data scientist (provided you can hire and retain one). Not only that, there are countless opportunities for human error and bias, which degrades model accuracy and devalues the insights you might get from the model. Automated machine learning enables organizations to use the baked-in knowledge of data scientists without expending time and money to develop the capabilities themselves, simultaneously improving return on investment in data science initiatives and reducing the amount of time it takes to capture value.

We'll cover everything you need to know for the full data science and machine learning tech stack required at the world's top companies. Our students have gotten jobs at Dell, Google Developers, TCS, Wipro, and other top tech companies! We've structured the course using our experience teaching both online and in-person to deliver a clear and structured approach that will guide you through understanding not just how to use data science and machine learning libraries, but why we use them. This course is balanced between practical real-world case studies and the mathematical theory behind machine learning algorithms.

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In This Course, We Are Going To Build 15 Real World Auto-ML Projects Listed Below:

Project-1 Heart Attack Risk Prediction using Eval ML

Project-2 Credit Card Fraud Detection using Pycaret

Project-3 Flight Fare Prediction using Auto SK Learn(Regression)

Project-4 Petrol Price Forecasting using Auto Keras

Project-5 Bank Customer Churn Prediction using H2O Auto ML

Project-6 Air Quality Index Predictor using TPOT with End-To-End Deployment

Project-7 Rain Prediction using ML models and PyCaret with End-To-End Deployment

Project-8 Pizza Price Prediction using ML and EVALML(Auto ML)

Project-9 IPL Cricket Score prediction using TPOT

Project-10 Predicting Bike Rentals Count using ML and H2O Auto ML

Project-11 Concrete Compressive Strength Prediction using Auto Keras

Project-12 Bangalore House Price using Auto SK Learn

Project-13 Hospital Mortality Prediction using PyCaret

Project-14 Employee Evaluation for Promotion using ML and Eval Auto ML

Project-15 Drinking Water Potability Prediction using ML and H2O Auto ML

The Only Course With 15 Auto-ML Projects

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Heart Attack Risk Prediction Using Auto ML

Importing Libraries and Datasets
Data Analysis
Model Building Part 1
Model Building Part 2
Model building and Predictions using Auto ML(Eval ML)
Download the project files

Credit Card Fraud Detection Using PyCaret

Introduction to the Project
Importing Libraries and DataSet
Data Analysis
Model Building using ML
Model Building and Prediction using PyCaret(AutoML)
Download the project files

Flight Fare Prediction Using Auto SK Learn

Introduction to the Project
Importing Libraries and DataSet
Data Analysis
Feature Engineering 1
Feature Engineering 2
Feature Selection
Model Building using ML
Model Building and Prediction using Auto SK Learn
Download the project files


November 18, 2021
Covers a lot of ground but having it in the context of a real application makes the course so much easier to follow.
October 13, 2021
I think this is an excellent crash course on Auto machine learning, This was a great learning experience for me, and hopefully a big step towards getting into the tech industry.



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