Au Pair 101

How to Become an Au Pair and Travel the World in an Affordable Way by Living with a Host Family as a Child Caregiver

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Do you want to learn how to become an au pair? Do you want to travel the world and help people?

If you said yes, then Au Pair 101 is the right step by step guide for you.

Au Pair 101 is a firsthand guide to everything you need to know about being an Au Pair. This course will cover all the basics to help you get started as an Au Pair.

Au Pair 101 cover topics like:

• Definition of an Au Pair

• Getting started on the job search

• Standard provisions to look for in the Au Pair job

• Helpful tips on how to deal with toddlers

• A look at character traits host families might seek from an Au Pair

• What to expect from children of different age groups

• Challenges of being an Au Pair

• Perks of being an Au Pair

This course will walk you through the process of becoming an Au Pair. It will help you to understand all the different duties and expectations that come with position. There will be challenges and then there are also rewards as a caregiver. By understanding what it means to be an Au Pair, and getting a firsthand glimpse at the pros and cons of the position, you can assess if being an Au Pair is right for you.

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Au Pair 101

Part 1 - Definition of an Au Pair
Part 2 - Research and get started
Part 3 - Looking for an Au Pair job
Part 4 - What to look for in an Au Pair job
Part 5 - Don’t forget, this is still a job
Part 6 - What are parents looking for?
Part 7 - What are you looking for in the family?
Part 8 - Taking care of other people’s children
Part 9 - Building a relationship with the child/children
Part 10 - Perks of being an Au Pair
Part 11 - Challenges of being an Au Pair
Part 12 - Overcoming the challenges
Part 13 - Ready to be an Au Pair?


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