How to Attract a Suitable Partner by Changing Your Mindset

Overcome Old Patterns of Attracting Wrong Partners, Increase Your Attractiveness by Improving Self-Esteem and Happiness

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How to Attract a Suitable Partner by Changing Your Mindset
3.5 hours
Aug 2022
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What you will learn

What are the unconscious mechanisms that make you choose the partners you do and how you can break those old habits

How to increase your attractiveness by increasing your happiness in life using the cognitive-behavioural model (CBT)

Powerful techniques that can help you reduce any negative feelings such as rejection, disappointment or loneliness so you can restore your emotional balance.

I will help you to implement the exercises that you have learnt throughout the course so you can transform your romantic life

Why having healthy self-esteem is important when dating, what can contribute to your low self-esteem and how to boost it with one very powerful exercise


  • 3.5 hours of amazing content created by a therapist with 4 psychology/psychotherapy degrees and over 15 years of clinical experience working with clients in national health care and private practice

  • Powerful practical exercises based on psychological and psychotherapeutic studies that will help you to bring about a desired change

  • In-depth explanation of why things might have not happened to you YET (unconscious unhelpful patterns) and how you can change it

  • Short and to the point masterclasses so they're easily digestible and you won't feel overwhelmed by the material; with actionable steps to help you change your mindset and unconscious patterns that have been stopping you from getting the relationship you desire

Does it sound like you?

  • Finding yourself attracting inappropriate partners - the ones that don’t treat you right, respect you, are emotionally unavailable or the ones that don’t love you as much as you love them?
    - find yourself thinking you are not good enough, unlovable or unworthy

  • Convinced yourself that ‘all the best guys are already taken’ (by the way - not true, but if we have bad experiences over and over - then that’s how our brain interprets things and then it becomes like a self-fulfilling prophecy!)

  • You have fear of rejection so you don’t even try

  • Want to be in a happy relationship and/or

  • You feel sad that this has not happened to you yet

Then this course is for you!

The good news is that with some simple exercises you can change your life and your romantic situations right now and I will guide you through the process step by step.


MODULE 1 Love Yourself and Others Will Do Too

Importance of Healthy Self-Esteem when Dating
Change and What to Expect
Low Self-Esteem Formulation
Exercise: How to Boost Self-Esteem
Module 1 Summary and Resources

MODULE 2 Why We Choose The Partners We Do and How to Change it

Why We Choose The Partners We Do?
Unconscious Family Templates
Changing Unconscious Templates
Exercise: Creating Positive Imaginary Memories
Module 2 Summary and Resources

MODULE 3 Simple Trick To Boost Attractiveness By Boosting Your Happiness

CBT Model and How to Increase Happiness
Unhelpful Thinking Habits
Thought Record Challenge
Exercise: Thought Record Challenge
Module 3 Summary

MODULE 4 Powerful Exercises To Help Reducing Negative Emotions Quickly

Emotional Regulation Theory
3 Techniques to Reduce Negative Emotions and Thoughts
Module 4 Summary

MODULE 5 Tips On How To Set Yourself Up To Succeed

Set Yourself up to Succeed
Module 5 Resources

MEDITATION - Change Your Mindset to Attract a Suitable Partner

Attract a Suitable Partner Meditation


December 6, 2022
Great course for anyone who wants to achieve positive long lasting change and improvement, these tools are very useful and can be implemented in any area of life not just in finding a great partner.
November 26, 2022
I found this course very in-depth and thanks to it I realised what were the reasons behind me choosing certain types of partners. It was a revelation to me and one of these “aha’ moments and I am hopeful that this knowledge will now allow me to build healthy romantic relationships in the future based on love and respect. The course also made me aware of the importance of our relationships with parents and how these may shape our future romantic relationships, and what we can learn from these early experiences with parents. I enjoyed the exercises in the course as these helped me to change my outlook on romantic relationships and also taught me how to be happier in life and feel more confident in general ❤❤❤


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