Mastering x86-64 Real Assembly Language from Zero | ASM+

Every Code is Open Source if you know ASSEMBLY Programming | Reverse Engineering, Ethical Hacking, Windows, Linux, MP...

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Mastering x86-64 Real Assembly Language from Zero | ASM+
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What you will learn

Write efficient x86-64 assembly programs.

Use NASM assembler for optimal coding.

Analyze and dissect compiled binaries.

Convert decimal to binary with ease.

Debug with GDB and set breakpoints.

Locate variables in memory addresses.

Master logical operations: OR, XOR, AND.

Create Makefiles for streamlined workflows.

Understand CPU architectures' impact.

Develop reverse engineering skills.

Optimize code for performance gains.

Handle bitwise operations confidently.

Analyze program output using GDB.

Enhance debugging proficiency.

Craft complete assembly projects.

Decode and understand disassembly.

Unleash the power of logical NOT.

Apply XOR logic for data manipulation.

Leverage AND logic for efficient coding.

Join a supportive learning community.

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Why take this course?

您的描述对于《Mastering Assembly Language Programming》课程提供了一个全面且详细的概览。这个课程似乎旨在通过一系列精心设计的模块,从最基本的概念到更复杂的主题,帮助学习者掌握集合语言编程的技能。以下是我对您提供内容的总结和评论:

  1. 基础知识:课程从最基本的assembly语言概念开始,为学习者提供坚实的起点,确保他们能够逐步构建和增强其技能。

  2. 工具介绍:在课程中,将会介绍用于assembly语言编程的关键工具,这对于任何希望在这个领域工作的人来说都是必不可少的。

  3. 计算机架构与二进制理解:课程深入探讨了CPU架构和二进制代码,这对于理解assembly语言至关重要。

  4. 数据操作与调试技能:学习者将会学习如何在低级别上操纵数据,以及如何使用调试工具来确保程序的正确性和可靠性。

  5. 编写复杂程序:课程旨在通过构建越来越复杂的程序来提高学习者的技能水平,这是一种有效的学习方法。

  6. 二进制分析与符号理解:课程还将介绍如何分析和理解二进制代码中的符号,这对于恶意软件分析、安全研究等领域至关重要。

  7. 执行流程:学习者将会深入了解如何加载和执行程序,从源代码到最终的运行过程。

  8. 潜力与应用:该课程强调了学习assembly语言编程的广泛潜力,包括但不限于硬件编程、嵌入式系统、安全研究等多个领域。

  9. 实践与应用:课程鼓励学习者将所学知识应用到实际问题中,从而加深理解并提高问题解决能力。

  10. 未来技能:在数字化的世界中,了解低级别的计算机编程是一个宝贵的技能,这个课程旨在帮助学习者在这一领域取得突破。

总的来说,您提供的内容是一个详尽的课程大纲,展示了《Mastering Assembly Language Programming》如何通过系统和全面的教学方法,帮助学习者掌握这一重要技能。对于任何希望深入了解assembly语言或者希望在计算机编程、安全领域等方面提升自己的技能的人来说,这个课程都是一个宝贵的资源。如果您有任何具体的问题或者需要进一步的帮助,欢迎随时联系我。


May 24, 2024
cannot understand the audio sometimes due to accent and also skipping some concepts as i am a beginner
February 18, 2024
It has been amazing! I learnt a lot of stuffs quickly. Also, I want to tell that he introduces two ways of Assembly and his codes are very small and effective. I see good habits there!
December 22, 2023
the course is quite interesting, however, the author started the course explaining the Assembly language, and ended by talking about the C++ language. With this he got out of focus. Now, the most regrettable thing was putting up a banner that alternated between top left and bottom right. This completely takes away the focus of the class.
October 23, 2023
When I first heard the AI-generated voiceover in the first video, I was about to request a refund, but I decided to stick it through and see how far I would get. Thankfully, the whole course is not done that way, but minus points already for thinking that was any bit informative or professional. As for the course itself... it's all over the place. I really did not enjoy my time with it. I found myself getting more confused than anything because a lot of the explanation is more about "what" and not "why." The curriculum is also all over the place. There were some sections that I just skipped because it contained irrelevant information. The topic is Assembly, and while there is Assembly in the course, it's just not explained well enough. There's also a bit of a language barrier here. The instructor is not a native English speaker, but can speak it mostly well. Having that said, there were pronunciation discrepancies that made it often times hard to understand what the point he was trying to get across was. Some things, I just didn't understand at all, from an English language perspective. Anyways, new students, I'd steer clear of this course as it could be so much better and is rather unprofessional and confusing for various reasons.



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