Asana -Project Management -The Complete Course for Beginners

Become a great project manager with Asana. Enhance your project management skillset with Asana

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

How to setup Asana from scratch

How to use projects in Asana

How to use tasks in Asana

How to collaborate using Asana

How to use the paid version

Learn Asana best practices


**My Bestselling Asana course covers the latest updates made to the Asana software in October 2020**

Asana is a great tool to have in your project management portfolio of skills. This is a comprehensive course that is based on the latest features. The course is properly structured so you can get from zero to hero in less than 2 hours.

I will walk you through every step of using Asana to efficiently manage projects using a real life examples.

This course will give you a deep understanding of Asana's functionality by using hands-on, contextual examples designed to showcase why Asana is awesome and how to use it like an experienced project manager.

By the end of the course you'll be able to:

· Comfortably navigate Asana's interface like a PRO

· Create and manage tasks

· Create and manage any type an size of projects

· Use all task and project options

· Use all Asana project views

· Use all of Asana's advanced/paid features

... and much, much more!

Enroll today and enjoy:

  • Lifetime access to the course and all future updates

  • 2 hours of high quality, up to date video lectures

  • Practical Asana course with step by step tutorials for each feature

Thanks again for checking out my course and I look forward to seeing you in the classroom :)


Asana -Project Management -The Complete Course for Beginners
Asana -Project Management -The Complete Course for Beginners
Asana -Project Management -The Complete Course for Beginners
Asana -Project Management -The Complete Course for Beginners



Intro to the course

The Basics

Create account with Asana

Asana's interface

Projects and Tasks

Creating your first project

Add team members to Workspace and Projects

Add project sections and the first tasks

Task Options 1 - assign ownership, mark as complete, due dates

Task Options 2 - Filtering, Sorting, Fields Customization, and more

Task Options 3 - Subtasks, Attachments, Dependent tasks, Milestones

Using Project Boards

Project Calendar

Conversations and Files

Advanced Features - Premium and Business Plan of Asana

Asana Plans - differences

Project Timelines




Custom Fields

Advanced Search & Reports

Portfolios and Workloads

Next Steps

Let me know if I can help you further


Nathan18 May 2021

Lots of little things I did not discover while exploring myself. Great information that expands my knowledge on Asana! Thank you.

Umit9 May 2021

Great course. I could not find any online Asana courses to learn and this was the only one I could find for a great price. The only other competitive course I found was over $2,500 which is insane. Glad I found this one. Keep up the good work!

Sarah9 January 2021

I'd say this is not beginner to expert, more like beginner to proficient. I was hoping that this would help me create more automation. I actually already knew all the content that he went over and skipped over a lot of the content because it was very basic. I gave 3 1/2 stars because the instructor is very easy to understand and thorough.

Barry10 November 2020

Very pleased with this course. I am comfortable now in using Asana for class projects and even for personal projects where I want to complete all of the details. Well presented by a knowledgeable expert.

Edith28 October 2020

Good introduction to Asana. Concise and quick, yet good information to start a project with expertise.

Matt25 October 2020

Very clear and detailed course. I wish this course went into more detail on some topics, and it didn't cover task inheritance at all. But overall, money well spent.

Phil16 September 2020

The audio was a bit soft. Also, I only really got value out of it from chapter 14 onwards. I got it on special price $11 but if I paid full price I would have asked for money back. Nothing against the presenter but I would not say "Become an expert ..." in the About. I'm afraid the cost does not justify the content.

Jeffrey9 September 2020

Yes. It seems very detailed. I am eager to get up and running as soon as possible, so I believe I made a good choice here. It went pretty fast. Thankfully I have time to review it.

CamillaR24 August 2020

Thanks for the course -was very helpful. My only comment is that some of the features (like dependency, milestones and approvals) are all paid features not free with basic - so that was a bit confusing.


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