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Aruba Certified Design Professional

HPE Certification - ACDP HPE-A47

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Aruba Certified Design Professional


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Oct 2020

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Exam preparation HPE6-A47 (ACDP)


Gather and analyze data, and document customer requirements

  • Given an outline of a customer's needsfor a simple campus environment determine the information required to create a solution

Evaluate the requirements, and select the appropriate Aruba solution for the design

  • Given a scenario, evaluate the customer requirementsfor a simple campus environment identify gaps per a gap analysis, and select components based on the analysisresults.

  • Given a scenario, translate the business needs of a simple campus environment into technicalcustomer requirements.

Plan and design an Aruba solution percustomer requirements

  • Given a scenario, select the appropriate products based on the customer'stechnical requirementsfor a simple campus environment

  • Given the customer requirementsfor a single-site campus environment design the high-level Aruba solution

  • Given a customer scenario, explain how a specifictechnology or solution would meet the customer'srequirements

Produce a detailed design specification document.

  • Given a customer scenario for a simple campus environment, choose the appropriate componentsthat should be included in the BOM.

  • Given the customer requirementsfor a simple site environment determine the component details and document the high-level design.

  • Given a customer scenario of a simple site environment, design and document the logical and physical network solutions.

  • Given the customer scenario and service level agreements, document the licensing and maintenance requirements.

Recommend the solution to the customer

  • Given the customer'srequirements, explain and justify the recommended solution.


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