MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 4

Artificial Intelligence in Video Creation: 2021 Edition

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Learn Biteable - An Amazing Cloud-Based Video Tool for Video Making

Learn Lumen5 - A spellbinding cloud-based video creation tool to convert article to videos in minutes.

Learn Content Samurai - Another cloud-based video making tool that delivers automatic voice-over for your video (TTS)


Welcome to the fourth course as part of the series "MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation".

This incredible artificial intelligence video creation course 2021 will cover the tools called Biteable and Lumen5 which are the world's simplest video makers offering hundreds of free animated, live-action, or photo scenes in lots of different styles made by top designers.

I will teach you to easily add your own text, photos, colours, and sound to customize your video and edit it all on a simple drag-and-drop timeline.

Once, you've done that we will go through the process of choosing a soundtrack from Biteable's huge, high-quality music library to match the look and feel of your video. 

Artificial Intelligence and Its Advancement in Video Creation in 2021.

Let's delve down further into the use of AI technology. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now involved in the creation of smart video and has also been able to influence businesses. Users can now film and edit videos through Artificial Intelligence. It also brings many job opportunities in the field. Due to its ability to sense, reason, act and adapt, AI has suddenly become one of the most important technologies and the most in-demand tool for the video creation market; and also due to the popularity of automation in different business practices. Several companies have invested in keeping video production as their main target in Artificial Intelligence. Examples include AI implementation and deployment through multiple video distribution channels such as Netflix and YouTube. These companies have invested in AI just to make it more exciting and innovative to watch videos. Many aspects of the production and editing process of videos have been handled by artificial intelligence. Its innovation is also a blessing for production teams and video editors. It helps practitioners to concentrate more on creative aspects instead of editing which is perceived by many to be a very dull and repetitive job.

Did you also know this fact?

Most aspects of the production and distribution system are managed by artificial intelligence. It can now record, edit, pick and distribute online videos. Artificial intelligence has allowed automated video editing in 2021. A camera can now operate on its own without human instructions. Ok, so what does this Artificial Intelligence in Video Creation course cover? Let's look into this further. Here is the ultimate question.

Why learn this mind-blowing course and how this can be a differentiator when it comes to AI video creation?

With Biteable, you can convert any plain infographic into fun slides that will not only explain and pass the information but also make the content more understandable. This course can change your life as a video creator.

Biteable is the god of video creation to aid you to create videos in minutes. Lumen5 whereas is an Artificial Intelligence Video Creation Tool that allows you to turn your blog posts, articles into engaging videos to post on social media platforms. 

This course will save you tons of time when it comes to creating videos without using any expensive video creation software. The output videos generated will be so powerful that it would create a huge impact on your business. This is highly beneficial to any business and you will realize this inside the course. If you learn how to work on a PowerPoint presentation, you can work on Biteable and Lumen5. An 8th grader can do it.

The question is "Are you ready to get into the video-making action, right now?"

2021 seems to be a great and amazing year to take your video creation efforts to great heights of success.


MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 4
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 4
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 4
MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 1 - Part 4


Video Creation Redefined using Artificial Intelligence: Biteable

Welcome to the Course

Using Biteable - Tutorial 1

Using Biteable - Tutorial 2

Using Biteable - Tutorial 3

Video Creation Redefined using Artificial Intelligence: Lumen5

Welcome to experience Lumen5

Using Lumen5 - Tutorial

Using Lumen5 - Tutorial (Continued)

Special: Content Samurai Tutorial

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Gopal19 September 2020

It was a good learning, I came to know about lot many software through which video can be made very quickly and amazing. And now I can also make my know video very confidently. Thank you.

Panagiotis23 June 2020

A good course for Beginners in video creation. Not very useful for experienced people in this area. But there are no complaints here since the instructor already highlights that in advance at the Skill level. Having said that I found some useful ideas and tips on Section 9: The Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Video Creation. Overall, a good starting point for the video creators out there.

Rohit11 May 2020

The information could have been conveyed in 10 mins. Since the websites are self guiding, tutorial was not required

Isaac8 January 2020

I'm glad to enrol for this course it worth it i really learn a lot about Biteable and lumen5...Thanks.

Jennifer22 December 2019

While the three tools were interesting, they all required human input to create a finished, polished video. As a result, this course cannot truly be called A.I. - However, it was good information, so I'll rate the course as average.

Ashutosh2 December 2019

Respected Sir/Ma'am, It's a great time with you all, I learned amazing video editing things can also used in Artificial Intelligence.

Jason24 November 2019

Buenas herramientas para ahorrar tiempo en la creación de videos profesionales. Y también para entender cómo se está aplicando la IA a la creación de videos. No habla nada de cómo programar a través de un lenguaje de programación ese tipo de herramientas pues está enfocado a personas naturales que deseen realizar muchos videos continuamente o quienes tengan una empresa.

Delorse17 June 2019

This is a fast moving course. The information provided about the video creating software is extensive. It would be improved if the word documents were provided as resources. It would assist accessing the sites if more information was provided in writing about them. The cost, their written name rather than oral and other aspect that would effect the users.

Rico10 June 2019

he make me love digital marketing from his courses ,the way he talk always excite and motivate,legendary ranganathan haha!

Rajesh23 February 2019

The man has a very bad accent. He is getting on my nerves. Also, what he is showing is easy and should teach something harder.

Prashant19 February 2019

I thought is a full fledge course on this subject but its too too basic. Yes I have completed it. I hope you deserve this rating brother for all your hard work

Faheem6 February 2019

No AI involve here, just description of website features, which itself comes with watermark everywhere!

Husam19 January 2019

I liked the course content! It was short and right to the point, and it contained a lot of useful resources (tools, tips ...etc.) I can definitely benefit from what I learned in this course, even though it was a short one. I loved it.

Saurabh30 August 2018

This was good but Srini could have covered it better like his other videos instead of repeating things.

Isabelle29 July 2018

Very interesting content, thank you! Thank you very much for this very informative, yet short and sweet course; the content is extremely useful to create professional & amazing videos!


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