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Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing

AI Digital marketing with real world examples

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

In this course you are going to learn about AI applications in Digital Marketing

Recommendations Systems Applications in Digital marketing

Machine Learning Tools for Digital marketers

Natural language Processing applications in Digital marketing

Churn Prediction Applications

AI based content marketing tools

AI based copy writing tools

AI based SEO tools

AI Based Ad optimizing tools


Ai is the trending technology in the world, Ai has a huge impact in digital marketing. In this course you will learn about how Ai is impacting marketing what are the different modules in AI that can be applied in marketing and tools that can be used to make marketers life easier. Machine learning (ML), Deep Learning (DL), Natural Language Processing (NLP) its applications in digital marketing and also you will learn about no code AI, ML, NLP tools.

Types of AI applications like

1) Recommendations systems

2) Churn prediction

3) Sentiment analysis

this 3 Ai based applications in marketing

Also you are going to learn about some machine learning based marketing tools

Advantages of chatbots

no code tools to design chatbots

no code AI tools to create content

no code Ai tools to create a AD copy's

AI based ad monitoring tools

Chatbot summary tools

recommendation systems applications in marketing

some real time examples about recommendations systems and its applications

Real world examples of churn prediction and its applications

How churn predictions helps marketers

How churn prediction helping business owners and marketers to understand the customer problems

How sentiment analysis helping marketers

how text analysis helps marketers to understand the customer feedback ( Large data)

what are the real world sentiment analysis tools for marketers

how marketers can apply artificial intelligence without learning coding like python, R languages.


Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing
Artificial Intelligence Powered Digital Marketing




What is Artificial Intelligence

What are the different modules in Artificial Intelligence

How AI is increasing the revenue in different Industries

Artificial Intelligence Applications in Digital marketing

Applications of AI in Digital marketing

What is Recommendation Systems and its applications in real world

Types of Recommendation systems

Sales Statistics of Recommendations Systems

Churn Predictions, its applications and tools for Digital Marketers

What is Churn Prediction

Industry Level Applications of Churn Prediction

Advantages of Churn Prediction in Digital marketing

Sentiment Analysis and its applications in Digital marketing

What is sentiment analysis

Types of Text data in real world

Text data statistics in real world

Applications of Sentiment Analysis in Digital marketing

Sentiment analysis for Brand monitoring in Social Media

Chatbot Role in Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence Role in Chatbots

Basic undemanding of Chatbase


Mahesh19 April 2021

This is the rare course where I see AI in digital marketing, the instructor covered very good models and tools it is very helpful to me to get better understand on how we can use ai on digital marketing, I'm very happy after enrolling this course

Keerthi19 April 2021

One of the best course if you want to combine Ai and digital marketing. I found this course very useful

Sai15 April 2021

The instructor is very clear and concise and uses very specific terminology which makes learning easier and faster. It was truly amazing experience, and big thanks to the instructor for the very comprehensive content.


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