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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (2021 Edition)

Learn Highly Futuristic Digital Marketing Technologies with Artificial Intelligence in 2021

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Be able to create augmented reality experiences with apps

Be able to create numerous content articles with artificial intelligence technology

Be able to curate numerous content articles with artificial intelligence technology

Know about a lead-gen platform to extract leads on the go

Know about a influencer marketing platform to use for great insights and content marketing


This game-changing course in 2021 will cover artificial intelligence tools in content creation, curation, augmented reality, and digital marketing and will take you on a glimpse into the future. We will also look at influencer marketing tools, content trends and a bit of competitor analysis through the use of BuzzSumo.

Why learn this amazing artificial intelligence course and how is this a differentiator for content creators?

This course can change your life if you are a content expert. Because, I will provide you with hands-on experience on creating tons and tons of articles for your blog for inbound marketing using an Artificial Intelligence content tool and you don’t even have to write the content yourself - ever again. This will save you a lot of time and effort and you don’t have to employ a content team ever again. Artificial Intelligence is the key to unlock your success path. Also, we will look at content curation tools to help you create a mark in this competitive brandscape.

In augmented reality, we will show you how to use Zappar, the popular tool, and create a great experience with zap codes and how they come to life while you scan them with your mobile phone.

How Artificial Intelligence-based Digital Marketing Revolution is on the rise?

We are right at the beginning of the AI revolution but we already have a good sense of how artificial intelligence is going to change digital marketing's face. Artificial Intelligence usage in digital marketing will change the entire world with marketers embracing this futuristic tech.

If you're not yet absolutely on the bandwagon or just start plunging your toes into the ice, you're not the only one. The way consumers respond to marketing messages and interact with them is changing. Traditional methods of marketing such as media advertising and direct mail are no longer as successful as they were once.

One reason for this is that today's consumers expect marketers to adapt their demographics or preferences to their messages. Artificial Intelligence is starting to go hand in hand with digital marketing. AI transforms digital strategy with the ability to collect data, interpret it, apply it, and then learn from it. The ability to use it to improve digital marketing strategies and valuable customer insights for companies will be the same as it continues to advance. Excellent customer service is the also most important aspect of an effective digital marketing campaign that this too can be automated by Google Duplex kind of tools that are created in the market.

Why this secretive course in "Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing" - the best one in the industry?

Artificial intelligence keeps growing and improving and will not slow down for a while. Implementing AI into your digital marketing strategy will help customers experience better and provide your business with the insights it needs to succeed.

What’s more? The ultimate secret of the course is that we will also tell you about a tool that you can use for unlimited lead-generation using another secretive artificial intelligence (AI) technology. There is often a disconnection between sales and marketing departments in many businesses. This is typically due to a lack of interaction or shared attention. Marketers may give sales a lead they believe to be ideal, but sales are not. It creates tension between two teams to work together, and AI is the perfect way to bring them together. AI can point out positive sales leads, which will also satisfy marketing, and ensure that potential customers are targeted at the right platforms. You don't want the company that sells accounting software to be advertised by someone. All teams will need to come together and agree on an optimal customer profile, a profile that fits marketing and sales, to better use AI in the B2B lead generation.

The profile can consist of multiple variables, such as sector, company level, and how many employees they have. The standards are almost infinite. The AI will use the profile to measure current and potential leads against a selection of pre-defined behavioral criteria. Without us providing all this, the AI will fumble around, essentially throwing darts at a board while blindfolded. The AI can predict future patterns for lead generation, possible spending, and what campaigns or services will draw their interest from this. Ok, having given all this information that focuses on "Artificial intelligence in digital marketing", the question is "Are you ready to get into action and embrace the power to leverage artificial intelligence in digital marketing?”. 

If yes, plunge into action right away by signing up NOW. Remember, using Artificial Intelligence is the only way you can growth-hack your way to success ahead of the rest of the crowd who are currently into using only traditional digital marketing methodologies and tools. Your successful Artificial Intelligence career is waiting..Don't miss the bus. This is your golden ticket to learn AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Digital Marketing, passionate ones.


Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (2021 Edition)
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (2021 Edition)
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (2021 Edition)
Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing (2021 Edition)


Introduction to the Course: Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing 2020

Welcome to the Course: The Ultimate AI Tech in Digital Marketing is here

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

Augmented Reality: Create Incredible Experiences

Zappar Tutorial

Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Artificial Intelligence Content Creation Tool: Overview

Content Creation with Artificial Intelligence Technology: Hands-on

BONUS Video: Content, Tagline generators & Social Media Marketing Usage

Content Curation Redefined

Curata: An overview

BuzzSumo: Tutorial

Crayon: Tutorial

Scoop-it: Tutorial

Extreme AI: Lead-Generation Tips, Bonus Videos and Closing Thoughts

Lead-Gen Online Tool: Tutorial

Closing thoughts: What's next?

Bonus: Artificial Intelligence tools in digital marketing

Lead Extraction and AI for SEO

Ultra Bonus Video: Artificial Intelligence & Text-to-Speech (TTS Readers)

Create a Search Engine like Google in 5 Minutes

Create Business Proposals at 100x speed.

Create an voice-assistant like Alexa in minutes (Without Code)

Artificial Intelligence in Video Content Generation

3D Virtual Marketers: The Future?

Artificial Intelligence Resume Building: Essential Tool

Super Bonus Video: Artificial Intelligence in Sales

Role of Artificial Intelligence for Fiction Writers

Create a social network like Facebook in minutes

Test your knowledge

Special: Create a Humanoid Robot like Sophia

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


David15 August 2020

The course was insightful and eye opening. I am really glad to have taken this course. Although I wish i could get a certificate. But in all it was great.

DOPPALAPUDI15 August 2020

the all course is good where i dint even know about those websites ,all the course has shown various websites simply good

Anonymized3 August 2020

It is Good explanation the reason I gave it 4 and a half is because its kind of hard to apply this in developing countries .... but I loved it so much and thank you.

Toyin16 July 2020

Interesting so far, even though I am not into IT, But I now have info about AI tools I can use in sales and digital marketing.

Sumeet30 April 2020

A lot of information on AI-based tools which can be very effective practically. This is the future of Digital Marketing which is unbelievable but true.

Michael11 January 2020

This course is really trash he give very little value and he doesnt give practical examples on how to use thes resoures. DONT BUY THIS CRAPPY COURSE ITS A BIG SCAM!!!!!!!!!

Prathiba23 December 2019

Whole lot of tools are shown in the tutorial videos. These tools are effective in day to day marketing activities. Wish there could have been much more advanced tools & applications of the tools where taught as well.

Antariksh29 September 2019

Thankfully I got this for free! All his courses just promote other products! They aren't even courses actually! You can get better knowledge via free resources!

Bhaskar12 September 2019

More promotion of unnecessary products. Iuse one tool to do all that was taught and is a one time payment of 1/10th the cost.

N.S.Vishnu21 August 2019

I have learnt a lot of new things, even now I can use these techniques for my websites. Thanks for giving such an insight to all us.

ANOOP5 August 2019

This is very best learning course on AI. Thanks for this course and i hope to have more great course in future. all the best

Benjamin28 May 2019

the subject areas being treated are not extensively dealt with. the tutor just touches on the points and leaves it halfway

Sirigudi23 May 2019

Srinidhi Ranganathan is a legend while coming to AI in Digital Marketing! Great sessions. Thoroughly enjoyed

Bikrm13 May 2019

The presentation can be improved ... Content was satisfactory! The Demo was good but again the presentation made it look bad.

Arpit6 May 2019

The instructors only gives an overview of the tool does not dig deep and show the tool in detail. Also the tools that he covers are not free.


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