Data Science


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from scratch

Give you a solid background in AI with MACHINE LEARNING, Deep Learning ... step-by-step to algorithms & coding exercises

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Understand the concepts and BRANCHES of AI that you'll never find elsewhere!

Understand Machine Learning algorithms STEP-BY-STEP

Be able to implement Machine Learning algorithms in Python

Understand and implement Artificial Neural Network & Deep Learning

Understand and implement Regression, Classification, and Clustering algorithms

Enhance your AI background with Fuzzy Logic and Evolutionary Computation (very USEFUL)

Get a SOLID BACKGROUND in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Practical exercises step-by-step: handwritten digits recognition, house price prediction, customer segmentation ...


There are many AI & Machine Learning courses out there BUT most of them teach you how to develop AI applications in just three lines of code! You will NEVER want that if your objective is to get a solid background in AI from scratch.

Therefore, this course by Long Nguyen (PhD. AI, France) is aimed at providing you comprehensive fundamentals in AI, from zero to hero! After completing this course, you will understand and be able to implement the most important methodologies in AI such as MACHINE LEARNING, Deep Learning, Fuzzy Logic, and Evolutionary Computation.

Concretely, I will walk you step-by-step through the most fundamental AI algorithms and guide you in many coding assignments that focus on real-world problems such as: handwritten digits recognition, customer segmentation, house price prediction, customer churn prediction ...

As having been working very hard and seriously for this project, I really look forward to seeing you in the lectures!


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from scratch
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from scratch
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from scratch
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning from scratch


Bloc A: Introduction

A1: What is Artificial Intelligence?

Quiz A1

A2: Don't get left behind

Quiz A2

A3: Real-world examples

Quiz A3

A4: Branches of AI (part 1)

Quiz A4

A5: Branches of AI (part 2)

Quiz A5

Machine Learning

B1: What is Machine Learning?

Quiz B1

B2: Types of Machine Learning

Quiz B2

B3: Linear Regression (part 1)

Quiz B3

B4: Linear Regression (part 2)

Quiz B4

B5: Linear Regression (part 3)

Quiz B5

B6: Logistic Regression (part 1)

Quiz B6

B7: Logistic Regression (part 2)

Quiz B7

B8: Logistic Regression (part 3)

Quiz B8

B9: Artificial Neural Network (part 1)

Quiz B9

B10: Artificial Neural Network (part 2)

Quiz B10

B11: Artificial Neural Network (part 3)

Quiz B11

B12: Artificial Neural Network (part 4)

Quiz B12

Fuzzy Logic

C1: What is Fuzzy Logic?

Quiz C1

C2: Fuzzy Control System (part 1)

Quiz C2

C3: Fuzzy Control System (part 2)

Quiz C3

C4: Fuzzy Control System (part 3)

Quiz C4

Evolutionary Computation

D1: What is Evolutionary Computation?


Dr2 May 2021

Thank to Dr. Long Nguyen. Very interesting course. Though I am new to this topic, you have made the videos and ppts so well that anyone can easily understand. I got the basic idea of the topic and also understood the importance of mathematics in this course. Thank you Udemy and Dr. Long Nguyen.

Agnei16 September 2020

It is a good introduction with important concepts on the topic. You definitely need some programming background to do the assignments and really take advantage of this. A nice experience, thank you very much.

Batman8 June 2020

Thann-Long, the instructor, is knowledgeable about the subject. I like that he has quizzes after every lesson. Forcing the student to recall is a great way embed the knowledge deeper and to avoid the passive learning many other courses have (just watching video). Not many instructors would have this additional effort. For me, this means the instructor cares about the student. Thank you.

Sadish31 May 2020

I think it was an interesting course and something I have been searching for. I already had some pre-knowledge about AI, but this course put it into a better context and made me think critical about certain aspects of AI. One of the most simple, non-boring, good material content, captivating free online certification course ever. Thought at first I will not have enough time to take the course because of my kind of schedule but when I started, just with my mobile phone, I couldn't let the course down. The most exciting part was wanting to see what your peers think about your review and waiting for your certificate.

Ollie31 May 2020

It's an excellent course for beginners. You study and understand the basic concepts in Artificial Intelligence. The lessons and course material are perfect and apt for this course-level. This course provided me with the knowledge of the most basic AI terminology and gave me a good introduction to some of its main applications. I may not be smarter after this course, but I feel much more enlightened and prepared for discussions about AI. Thank you :D

MonMi31 May 2020

The best AI course that I’ve ever joined! The course was very well made, most fundamental AI algorithms are explained carefully. Worth noting 10 stars!

Danny31 May 2020

This course has helped me understand Artificial intelligence on a broad level. With practical examples, I was able to relate with the concept in a better manner and relate with its application

Harry31 May 2020

It was amazing lesson. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to know more about A.I. I'm so excited about something like this, something make the life better than. A.I has been applied a lot in life today include: transportation industry, manufacturing or service industry. You know, i'm studying hospitality industry and I know it supports service industry to operate more optimally and contributes bringing new and good experiences to the customer. It captures information about customer service behaviour, thereby providing solutions tailored to each customer's needs. Thanks


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