The MOST Comprehensive (540 + lectures!) Art Therapy Course

(71 hours of lectures) Oxford Diploma: Heal yourself - heal others by using Art Therapy. TEN sections; 22 workbooks

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Through the (1500) discussions - the potential is unlimited!

450+ art therapy exercises!

Virtual Reality and Art Therapy

A combination of DBT and Art therapy skills to improve mental and emotional health

How art therapy helps you resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them

How to achieve the Oxford Diploma in Art Therapy

Using a film as an example, how painting is therapeutic

55 Practical exercises done in real time

How art therapy helps you communicate and express yourself,

Art therapy and Mental Health

Fundamentally you will learn about yourself - and how to heal

Art Therapy and astronomy

How to become an Art Therapist (see workbook)

22 workbooks in total

ASMR and Art Therapy

Free access to an International Art competition


*****                                *****           SEVENTY NEW LECTURES WERE ADDED IN MAY 2021       *****                   *****                   *****             

Important notice: This course is run as a huge class. There are 1400 posts in the Q/A as people post there work, discuss theories, case studies, Art Therapy Exercises and then share the artwork done. If you do not like discussion and participation then this is not for you but if you like this unique approach - 60 posts a day! - and want to be part of a large 'family' then enrol.


Note: Course image submitted by a student on the course.

Much of the information, case studies and examples in this course are nowhere else on the internet. So a lot of this work (but not all) is ORIGINAL. Where appropriate, published studies are references and websites linked to.

Another real strength of this course is the degree of participation in the Q/A section as people show how they really enjoy studying on this course, posting examples etc. Questions are quickly commented on and the overall ethos is to share and learn...and enjoy...


1. Please watch me first. This introduces you to how the course is run and the importance of posting in threads. (There are 1400+ discussions!)

2. Maximising your enjoyment of the course

3. The Oxford Diploma. The Diploma awarded (if you meet the extensive criteria) by the Oxford School of Learning. (It's at no extra cost!)

4. (Optional) 7 day English course

5. Art Therapy

6. Art Therapy on Set - Art Therapy exercises on a film set.

7. Distress Tolerance (DBT)

8. The Joy of 22 (Art Therapy Exercises)

9. Art Therapy and the Solar System

10. Art Therapy and Stress

11. A man, a van and art therapy

12. 31-day Art Therapy Challenge!

13. Art Therapy and Telehealth

14. (Optional) September Blues

15. Art Therapy for the Homeworker

16. COVID and Art Therapy

17. Optimism

18. 'Positive' reviews

19. Masks

20. Student successes!

21. FAQ

22. Meditation

23. Nature

24. Learning and Mind Maps

25. (Optional) Improving your English

26. (Optional) 12 Days of Christmas

27. By students; for students. (Student Artwork)

28. Bonus video.


FOURTEEN Workbooks as follows:

  • 125 page Workbook which includes analysis of paintings submitted by students on this course.

  • Christmas Art Therapy

  • Hygge stopdoing

  • Art Therapy

  • Viewing art

  • Art therapy and Depression

  • Making or just doing

  • Art Therapy, Anxiety and Depression

  • Art Therapy and Mindfulness

  • Coping with the 2020s

  • Make the 2020 one of joy

  • 30 day challenge

  • Art and Anxiety

  • TBA

Latest review:

"This is a phenomenal instructor and the course is exceptional. The instructor has a very soothing voice which creates a very comfortable learning environment. The way the material is presented in this class is very refreshing, authentic and inspiring. Everything is clearly laid out. This has been one of my favorite classes I've taken on Udemy so far. I highly recommend this class to anybody who would like to learn more about mindful art therapy."

- Marie Pi

This is a course unique on Udemy.

Not because of content - many courses have'therapy' as part of the curriculum. What makes this course unique is the use of films and plays - in which the Instructor acts/writes/directs - that have been shown at festivals and/or performed in London UK, Poland, Czech Republic and at fringe festivals in the UK

By the use of theatre/film we explore the use of painting and art as a whole, in dealing with depression. BUT we also look at MANY examples of Art Therapy exercises. (370+)

The content is part anecdotal - using the Instructor's experience as a theatre director and actor in films - and part based on research. Published studies are referred to, in support of the points made.

So this is a course for those who are academically interested but also those who wish to try and experience how art therapy may be used to overcome depression.

Questions and discussion are encouraged. Comments on Educational Announcements are welcome...

The course also includes a workbook covering the following:

  • Mind Mapping and Setting the Scene

  • Links and further reading

  • From my students…

  • Four Exercises to do

  • 100 Further Ideas

  • Working with Tom

  • Using art to guide adults

  • How to do Art Therapy at home

  • Art Therapy and stress

  • Analysing your own drawing

  • Art therapy and mental illnesses

  • Can I do art therapy on my own?

  • Art Therapy Interventions

  • Conclusion

A special section on Art Therapy Resources and also Becoming an Art Therapist

A whole new section has been added: DBT Distress Tolerance (Art Therapy and the use of Prayer)


Workbook: Art Therapy for the Elderly:

  • Challenges for the elderly and how Art Therapy may help

  • The benefits of an Art Therapy programme for Seniors

  • The Creativity and Aging study

  • Benefits of Art Therapy for Seniors and points to bear in mind

  • Some Art Therapy exercises – chosen by you – that would be beneficial to Seniors

  • Victoria Nazarevich

  • Therapeutic Thematic Arts Programming for Older Adults Method


The MOST Comprehensive (540 + lectures!) Art Therapy Course
The MOST Comprehensive (540 + lectures!) Art Therapy Course
The MOST Comprehensive (540 + lectures!) Art Therapy Course
The MOST Comprehensive (540 + lectures!) Art Therapy Course


(Optional) 7 Day Business English Course for those needing to improve in English


Day One: Ask for Help

Day Two: Watch and Listen

Day Three: Write Down Words and Phrases

Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 1)

Day Four: Practice as much as you can (Part 2)

Day Five: Make time to study

Day Six: Five Websites

Day Seven: In conclusion

Oxford School of Learning Diploma

About the Diploma



Viewing art - part 1

Viewing art - part 2

Art Therapy

Making or just looking...(pt 1)

Making or just looking...(pt 2)

The most beautiful painting

Art and Mindfulness


Beautiful Painting (Full film)

Part II - Art Therapy on set

The Allegory of Prudence

Unnamed film - drawing in the dark (part 1)

Unnamed film - pt II

Unnamed film pt III

Unnamed film pt iv

Unnamed film pt V

Part II: Distress Tolerance: Prayers and Art Therapy

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

The Joy of 22

How to do Art Therapy - the Joy of 22

Common uses of Art Therapy

Exercises - Scribbling

Spontaneous Images Journal

Self-soothing Image book (pt 1)

Self-soothing Image book (pt 2)

You've now done three exercises...

Designing a self-portrait (pt 1)

Designing a self-portrait (pt 2)

Analyzing your work

Using Social Media (pt 1)

Using Social Media (pt 2)

Using Social Media (pt 3)

Using Social Media (pt 4)

Using Social Media (pt 5)


Frederick - Panic

Interview actor (NIghtnurse) - 1

Interview actor (Nightnurse) - 2

Interview actor (Nightnurse) - 3



Affirmations on the outside - effects on the inside (pt 1)

Affirmations on the outside - effects on the inside (pt 2)

Affirmations on the outside - effects on the inside (pt 3)

Affirmations on the outside - effects on the inside (pt 4)

Poems - a collage of thoughts and words (pt 1)

Poems - a collage of thoughts and words (pt 2)

Family Sculpture

Visual starter - go with the flow (pt 1)

Visual starter - go with the flow (pt 2)

It's OK

On the set for the film 'It's OK'

Art Therapy and Domestic Violence (pt 1)

Art Therapy and Domestic Violence (pt 2)

What of sex abuse? (pt 1)

What of Sex Abuse? (pt 2)

A lot of information (pt 1)

A lot of information (pt 2)

Art Therapy and the Solar System

Art Therapy and the Solar System - 1

Art Therapy and the Solar System - 2

Art Therapy and the Solar System - 3

Art Therapy and the Solar System - 4

Art Therapy and the Solar System - 5

Art Therapy and the Solar System - 6

Art Therapy reduces stress. Stress is a major risk factor for stroke...

Lecture 1

Lecture 2

Lecture 3

Lecture 4

Lecture 5

Lecture 6

31-day challenge


Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five

Day Six

Day Seven

Day Seven: the full film

Day Seven: Art Therapy derived from the film

Day Eight

Day Nine

Day Ten

Day Eleven

Day Twelve

Day Thirteen

Day Fourteen

Day Fifteen

Day Sixteen

Day Seventeen

Day Eighteen

Day Nineteen

Day Twenty

Day Twenty-one

Day Twenty-two

Day Twenty-three

Day Twenty-four (pt 1)

Day Twenty-four (pt 2)

Day Twenty-four (pt 3)

Day Twenty-five

Day Twenty-six

Day 27

Day 28

Day 29

Day 30

Day 31

Day 32 (pt 1)

Day 32 (pt 2)













Amy2 October 2020

I've only experienced a few minutes so far, but I agree, people ask the same question over and over. There's always one that keeps the class held up for one more question, that's already been answered.

Maggie30 September 2020

I found that the lecturer was very much in awe of his own voice, way too much of him being an actor and not enough actual information about Art Therapy. I learned very little that I didn't know, but what I did learn I am grateful for. The best part of the course was when he wasn't speaking.

Michelle25 September 2020

interesting, good to know that interaction is encouraged, looking forward to diving in, Great introduction.

Linda20 September 2020

I'm taking the course to continue healing and learning new tools to help me with my traumas as well as learn pass this knowledge on to others living with trauma.

William19 September 2020

Well it is early on but I think Chris is very good and personable and strong where he needs to be to get the ideas across as need.

Chantelle3 February 2020

I enjoyed this course as it was very relatable and the resources provided is something that can be used and implemented at any time.

Christine22 January 2020

The guy presenting is the most boring I have ever listened too. Plus I don't get what all that first part was about, it had nothing to do with art therapy.

Vaishali14 January 2020

The delivery is flat and I don't get the relevance of monopoly therapy. Looking forward to diving into the topics.

Latrecia8 January 2020

Not sure why the Monopoly game excerpt was added. Ready to just get on with the actual content of the courses!

Ghazaleh6 January 2020

Poor audio quality. I'm being represented with factoids when what I was hoping for was to learn how to lead art therapy sessions!

Rudri6 January 2020

I feel like course is really very helpful to people who don’t know how to write, this can be a therapy where people themselves will feel free and interested in doing. It can also be helpful to understand a person more better with the help of art as many of them fail to express their problems or emotions verbally. Basically I myself am very curious to learn how art can help people come out of depression and other problems and looking forward to learn and grow alot with the help of this course

Jane4 January 2020

It does intrigue me to keep going, though I am not sure how in depth this is going to be. I also need to look around on how to access the additional materials.

Helen4 January 2020

Unable to make a conclusive decision about how relevant the spoof drama was in relation to art therapy but willing to stick with it and hoping all will become clear as the course progresses.

Rebecca3 January 2020

This course has been very interesting so far. There were some lectures that have been informative and will be taken into my own personal life. I really enjoy the workbooks that come with the lectures as they are also informative with articles linked to them. The activities are great because I can use them with my own students as well. I have used some actğivities that were mentioned before and I have had positive responses for them. I really enjoyed Section 8 about stress factors as it was informative. Chris has been very positive in answering questions or giving feedback on comments. Thank you.

Massiel2 January 2020

I just started the course and I am very excited to be part of the program. This course will help me improve in my work and in my education and will help me to have more understanding about Art Therapy.


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