Stress Management


Art, Art Therapy and PTSD

Art Therapy exercises applied to children and/or the military

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9 hours


Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Therapeutic exercises

Impact of art therapy on PTSD

How a rubber duck can unlock emotions

Establishing whether a duck is your totem animal spirit

How painting reduces stress and anxiety

Details of a 'felt sense'


This course goes through some very straightforward Art Therapy exercises in a way that students are encouraged to follow along. The thoughts behind the exercises are explained, studies are referenced and examples are given.

The common 'tool' is the duck. Either rubber or painted.

We also look at the duck as a totem spirit - and other alternatives.

Do not worry if you cannot paint or have no experience!

This course is very carefully explained and the emphasis throughout is on process.

You will be shown plenty of poor art as well as art abstracts that go through the stages of mental health. The artist concerned has been co-opted to help answer questions on this course.

A heavy encouragement to participate; a huge encouragement to do the exercises - and a great willingness by me to encourage all to...listen...to ourselves.


Art, Art Therapy and PTSD
Art, Art Therapy and PTSD
Art, Art Therapy and PTSD
Art, Art Therapy and PTSD




Art Therapy and a Safe Place

Dr. Cathy and a Rubber Duck

PTSD and the Military

A Safe Place - pt 1

A Safe Place - pt 2

Safe Place - pt 3

The rubber duck

Making the Mask

Making the Mask - pt 1

Making the Mask - pt 2

Making the Mask - pt 3

Making the Mask - pt 4

Art Therapy

Art Therapy

Art Therapy - who benefits? (pt 1)

Art Therapy - who benefits? (pt 2)

The Felt Sense

The Felt Sense - pt 1

The Felt Sense - pt 2

The Felt Sense - pt 3

The Felt Sense - pt 4

How to get a Felt Sense - pt 1

How to get a Felt Sense - pt 2

How to get a Felt Sense - pt 3

How to get a Felt Sense - pt 4

How to get a Felt Sense - pt 5

How to get a Felt Sense - pt 6

How to get a Felt Sense - pt 7

A Felt Sense is...




Elina23 November 2020

First of all what a beautiful cover painting on this course, the second I still didn't finish this course, but till here I liked it, I liked the information & the story behind this rubber duck. This course is about art therapy, painting, and ducks... for sure, it's an amazing short course!


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