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Argue Like a Pro

Course on Argument Writing for Students

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Argue Like a Pro


2 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

Students will understand the parts of an argument essay.

Students will identify claims and counterclaims in an argument essay.

Students will participate in all steps of the writing process.

Students will write a well-organized argument essay with a claim, counterclaim, and evidence.


This course will teach you the basics of writing an argument and give you the opportunity to practice writing 3 essays that you will submit for feedback! This course is for native speakers who are students in grades 6-college and English learners who are in grades 6-adults.

The course begins with an introduction to the writing process and practice with it. Then you will learn the basics of an argument essay, all about claims and counterclaims, and how to write them. You will be given plenty of opportunity to write examples of claims and I will provide feedback along the way.

Then you will be shown how to actually follow the writing process to write an argument essay and again, you will be given plenty of practice with feedback. The main activities, which have the fewest videos, but will take the most time, are writing two complete argument essays in two different formats. The first is a prompt-based essay in which you will choose between two prompts I have given you. The second is a passage-based essay in which I will give you a passage and you will read the passage and formulate an idea based on what you read and the question that I give you. You will follow the writing process for both of these and, again, be provided with feedback along the way before you finally publish your pieces. By the end of the course, you will know how to write both a prompt and passage-based argument essay and have examples for any portfolio you may want them for.



Intro to Bohannon English Learning Academy

Introduction to the Writing Process

Introduction to Argument Essays

Claims vs. Counter Claims

Argument Basics Quiz

Plan an Argument Essay

Research Basics (Very Basic!)

Using a Graphic Organizer to Plan an Argument Essay

Plan Your Own Argument Essay

Write a Prompt-Based Argument Essay

What is a Prompt-Based Argument Essay?

Plan a Prompt-Based Argument Essay

Draft a Prompt-Based Argument Essay

Revise and Redraft a Prompt-Based Argument Essay

Proofread and Edit a Prompt-Based Argument Essay

Publish a Prompt-Based Argument Essay

Write a Passage-Based Argument Essay

What is a Passage-Based Argument Essay?

Plan a Passage-Based Argument Essay

Draft a Passage-Based Argument Essay

Revise and Redraft a Passage--Based Argument Essay

Proofread and Edit a Passage-Based Argument Essay

Publish a Passage-Based Argument Essay


Bonus Lecture


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