Architect SaaS Applications - Unique Challenges & Solutions

Intro to SaaS, scalability, multi-tenancy, provisioning, security, APIs, management, maintenance

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What you will learn

Architect Scalable SaaS applications

Implement multi-tenancy models

Design SaaS management and monitoring frameworks


Are you a software professional who is intrigued by the term “Software-as-a-Service”? Have you thought about how Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and others build and manage these applications? Do you yearn to learn about the unique challenges in architecting and building these applications and how to solve them? If you are like countless other professionals who think so, you have come to the right place. This course unveils the principles, patterns and practices on which SaaS applications are architected and empowers you build some of your own.

You will learn about the unique challenges of SaaS – scalability, multi-tenancy, monitoring and integrations.  You will become familiar with various options and understand their strength, shortcomings and uses. You will take up two use cases and build SaaS architectures for them throughout the course.

This course is intended for experienced software developers and software architects who are new to SaaS. If also helps students for IT to gain insight and understanding about SaaS. This is an architecture course. There is NO detailed design or source code that is discussed in this course.


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Course Overview & Expectations
Introduction to SaaS
SaaS Elements
SaaS vs IaaS vs PaaS
Architecting SaaS - Challenges
@Review - SaaS Basics

Course Use Cases - An Introduction

Introduction to the Use Cases
ITS - Functionality
ITS - Functional Architecture
LCS - Functionality
LCS - Functional Architecture
Use Case Process for the Course

Multi-tenancy Architecture

Intro to Multi-tenancy
Tenant Resource Allocation
Architecting Resource Allocation
Tenant Context Awareness
Intro to Tenant State
Architecting Stateless Services
Architecting Stateful Services
@Review - Multi-tenancy architecture

Data Services Architecture

Intro to SaaS Data
Database Partitioning
Real time Cache
Machine Logs
Inter-component messaging
Multi-component Messaging

Provisioning Architecture

Intro to SaaS Provisioning
Templates and Automation
Custom & API based Provisioning
Change Propagation
Local Cache

Monitoring and Upgrades - Architecture

Service Levels
Types of failures
Architecting SaaS monitoring
Upgrades in SaaS
Architect for Upgrades

Security and Integrations - Architecture

Security in SaaS
Architect for Security
Intro to SaaS Integrations
Architecting Integrations


Closing Remarks
BONUS LECTURE - Other Courses and Coupons


May 5, 2022
Insightful! But, would've been a complete guideline if there is any follow-up technical hands-on course. That aside, satisfied. Got an overview of SaaS & multi-tenancy.
January 17, 2022
Really nice and detailed explanation on some of the key topics related to SAAS architecture. Good assignment selection as well..
October 11, 2021
Folks who have worked on client server architecture - its similar concepts. Probably criteria for audience should be well defined to subscribe for the course. While the course is good for beginners.
August 20, 2021
The course provides a good comprehensive overview of various things to be taken care of while designing a SaaS application. Pretty informative if you are into SaaS development or thinking to start with the same!! It might not be for absolute novice(as clearly mentioned by the instructor in preview section itself) but if you have some background in the development space, you would be able to follow!!
July 23, 2021
It is good starting point to understand how to design SaaS application but could have better if it would have included some more examples with HLD
June 30, 2021
Very good course. Gives complete overview of the SaaS application model. Content is clear, to the point. Good illustrations.
May 18, 2021
Really appreciated this course. I'm a lawyer working in the sector (and has done some basic web development and had no problems understanding the concepts (it gave me a better understanding of the concepts). It would have been great to have the presentation material made available as a reasource to take optimal notes/get a better understanding, especially for the scaling and multi-tenancy sections.
May 9, 2021
Yes - the course was a good match for my needs. I am new to Saas and i did learn a lot of basics of Saas applications through this course.
May 7, 2021
Really detailed information about SaaS from start to finish. Highly recommended if you are going to be working with SaaS environments, clients or proposals.
April 27, 2021
es war ein sehr interessanter Kurs. Ganz gut erklärt. Leider gibt es keinen Foliensatz dazu, um die Themen noch mal nachzulesen - dafür einen halben Stern Abzug
April 15, 2021
The course is not playing properly for me. I have to go through by forwarding the course manually (without and sound or video) and only able to read transcript which is not very clear.
March 20, 2021
It is my mistake that I got to this course after the 30 days of trial period. I would have asked for a refund otherwise. It is quite clear from the first section itself that the author does not fully understand fundamentals or at least not able to convey information properly. Author must do thorough research of why companies are taking SaaS approach and how it really differs from traditional one.
March 15, 2021
It'a really good course for a person who is not familiar with the SaaS area. Everything is explained clearly and Kumaran gives examples to the theory, which helps a lot. Thank you for this course.
January 10, 2021
Very good course: well structured and presented. Some of the topics I would consider general software architecture topics - i.e. not SAAS-specific - but it is hard to draw the line.
October 20, 2020
A good overview of architecting SaaS applications. It covers all the basics. Ideally, I'd like some direction towards some deeper reading of the concepts covered but it's a good overall view. Thanks, Kumaran.



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