Applied Sport Psychology and Leadership in Sport

Enhance your knowledge of sport psychology from an athlete or coach perspective with this comprehensive applied course.

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Jul 2022
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What you will learn

Unit 1 - Introduction to Sport Psychology - History of Sport Psychology, The Role of & How to Become a Sport Psychologist, Career Opportunities in the Field

Unit 2 - Sport Psychology Social Perspectives - Drop-out From Youth Sport, Gender Differentiation and Disability, Parenting in Sport, Character Development

Unit 3 - Considerations for Psychological Skills Training (PST) - Regulating Anxiety, Over-arousal and Stress, Attention Control and Processing Efficiency,

Unit 4 - Psychological Skills Training - Attentional Focus, Self Tal Self Confidence, Visualisation, Performance Profiling, Goal-setting & Arousal Regulation,

Unit 5 - Team Processes – Motivation, Group Cohesion & Team Dynamics, Self-Efficacy in Sport. Theories of Motivation, Improving Motivation

Unit 6 - Effective Leadership and Communication - Athlete Needs, Transformational Leadership, Creating a Positive Team Climate, Values Based Approaches

Unit 7 - Enhancing Health and Well-being - Resilience / Mental Toughness, Exercise and Psychological Well-being, Burnout and Over-training, Well-being Factors

Complementary work-book, including 33 practical engagement tasks to develop your knowledge across all areas.

Numerous additional resources including blog articles and YouTube clips to support your learning and development.


With over 12 hours of highly engaging content, consisting of 57 video lectures, and including numerous resources and examples from contemporary sport, this course is presented as a comprehensive applied sport psychology course for coaches, athletes and leaders or anybody considering some learning in this area. The course is pitched at a very attainable level to cater for all learners - ie NVQ Level 4 in UK. This would equate to equivalent of QQI or FETAC Level 6 standard course in Ireland. or pre-university course in other countries.

With over 20 years coaching experience across a range of sports and levels, from child and youth level sport up to and including elite level, I have developed this course to help you broaden your understanding of sport psychology in an easy and practical manner.  This is additionally informed by over 10 years sport psychology experience in elite level high performance settings, working with athletes up to and including Olympic level (see bio for further details). With applied references to the most cutting edge research in sport psychology, I have included countless examples of how the best teams, coaches and athletes across the world, apply best practice in utilization of sport psychology in their pursuit of excellence.

Using a series of multiple choice quizzes and a complimentary 45 page work-book with 33 separate practical and applied tasks, this extensive course is designed to significantly enhance your knowledge in this area as an athlete, coach or leader in your field.  It also includes complimentary deep breathing and relaxation exercises with some practical advice around implementing such practices. Those who finish the course will receive certification on completion.

See Course Content tab below for the level of depth across 7 units of work.

Thank you for taking the time to research this course. I look forward to you signing up and seeing you on the other side, where you will greatly enhance your knowledge in this area.


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Unit 1 - Introduction to Sport Psychology

Welcome Message
Introduction to Sport Psychology
History of Sport Psychology
The Role of a Sport Psychologist
Unit 1 Quiz - Introduction to Sport Psychology

Unit 2 – Sport Psychology Social Perspectives

Unit 2 Introduction
Children in Youth Sport
Dropout From Youth Sport
Gender Differentiation - Women in Sport
Disability in Sport
Parenting in Sport
Aggression in Sport
Character Development and Good Sporting Behaviour
Unit 2 Quiz - Sport Psychology Social Perspectives

Unit 3 - Individual Considerations within Sport

Unit 3 Introduction
Arousal, Stress and Anxiety
Example 1 - Anxiety in Sport
Example 2 - Anxiety in Sport
How Over-arousal, Stress and Anxiety Affect Performance
Regulating Anxiety, Over-arousal and Stress
Attention Control, Processing Efficiency and Ironic Effects
Personality in Sport
Unit 3 Quiz - Individual Considerations Within Sport

Unit 4 - Introduction to psychological skills training (PST)

Unit 4 Introduction
Introduction to PST and Attentional Focus
Self Talk and Self Confidence
Visualisation / Imagery
Goal Setting 1
Performance Profiling and Goal Setting - Applied Practice
Arousal Regulation 1
Arousal Regulation 2
Mindfulness in Sport
Unit 4 Quiz - Psychological Skills Training

Unit 5 - Team Processes: Cohesion and Motivation

Unit 5 Introduction
Group and Team Dynamics
Group Cohesion 1
Group Cohesion and Social Loafing
The Role of Self-Efficacy in Performance and Motivation
Introduction to Motivation
Theories of Motivation 1
Theories of Motivation 2
Theories of Motivation 3
Guidelines For Improving Motivation

Unit 6 - Effective Leadership and Communication

Characteristics of Effective Leaders
Leadership - Athlete Needs
Leadership Styles
Transformational Leadership
Psychological Models of Leadership
Process of Effective Communication
Creating a Positive Team Climate - Introduction & The Leicester Effect
Creating a Positive Team Climate - the practical stuff - Part 1
Creating a Positive Team Climate - the practical stuff - Part 2
Effective Leadership - A Values Based Approach 1
Effective Leadership - A Values Based Approach 2
Unit 5 & 6 Quiz - Leadership, Communication and Motivation
Effective Leadership - Self Reflection

Unit 7 - Enhancing Health and Well-being

Developing Resilience and Mental Toughness
Psychological Well-being - Anxiety & Depression
Managing Anxiety and Depression
Psychological Well-being - Athletic Identity
Burnout and Over-training
Well-being and Lifestyle Factors - Social Media
Well-being and Lifestyle Factors - Gambling and Substance Misuse
Exercise Behaviour and Adherence
Exit Pass 7 and Course Wrap-up


June 25, 2022
I found a lot of helpful material . I took the course for myself and I think it will be a benefit for my sports mindset.
October 6, 2021
Comprehensive and well explained course! Plenty of real life sporting examples and situations to learn from.
June 1, 2021
It was indeed a great great course. I really loved it throughout and never got bored. A perfect course to understand Psychology behind sport coaches and athletes. Most importantly it was very well structured. Eager to connect with Keith Begley.
March 22, 2021
I am learning a huge amount so far. It has definitely met my expectations and wouldn't hesitate to recommend the course to fellow coaches/athletes.
February 1, 2021
Brilliant insight to sports psychology. Brilliantly delivered and a nice pace for self learning. Examples makes it accessible and relatable to all codes of sports with some great little story’s there too. Highly recommend and given me the incentive to continue my learning.
December 14, 2020
I found the course to be very interesting, insightful and very enjoyable and would recommend it to any fellow coaches. Tony Dunne GPO Dublin GAA
December 4, 2020
Really enjoyed the course, lots of quality content contained for any coach to take away and put into practice, Thank You Keith
December 3, 2020
I found the course fascinating, very informative and with brilliant material in the resources section too. I would highly recommend this course to coaches of all age groups in any sport.
December 2, 2020
So far so good - important to get a background as to how Sport Psychology has developed since 1920's and how it is evolving in the present era.
November 3, 2020
Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Huge range of knowledge gained that will be transferable in all aspects. Thank you for your time.
October 28, 2020
Very good course, will help me greatly in my role as a GAA coach. Great value for money. Reinforced a lot of knowledge from my sports coaching degree and introduced me to new ideas that I can use going forward to get the best out of my players
October 26, 2020
Super course covering all the Theory and practical sides of Sport s Psychology . And plenty of resources to follow up on . I would absolutely recommend this course from a Coaches point of view ,it has already changed my Coaching .
August 18, 2020
Very informative and enjoyable course. Picked up many items of interest to my coaching and have used same sucesfully
August 16, 2020
Course very well put together,Alongside a lot of thought about the mental aspects of doing well in all kinds of sports.
July 31, 2020
Brilliant course. As a football coach, really feel the knowledge I gained through this course has given me a great understanding of effective use of sport psychology and I look forward to implementing what I have learned and delving deeper with readings provided. Workbook and applied tasks very worthwhile. Thanks Keith!



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