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Step by Step Rest API Testing using Python + Pytest +Allure⭐

Best for newbies | Rest API Testing | Python for Automation | Json Validations | PyTest Implementation

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Sep 2021

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What you will learn

Detailed knowledge of API Testing using Python(Requests) and its implementation while working as an API Tester

Ready to face API Automation testing interviews & also answer scenario based questions

Detailed understanding of RestAPI, Different Methods(GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, PATCH) & JSON Format

Detailed understanding of advance concepts like JSON Handling, PyTest Framework, Allure Reporting

Detailed practice understanding of Python concepts(including OOPS) and its implementation in Realtime Project


Looking to Automate REST API Testing using Python ? Then you are on the right place.

This course will help you to understand API & Python programming from Scratch to Expert Level. It is specially designed by keeping Software Testing in mind so almost all already/libraries of API Testing using Python which are required in automation would be covered in his course.

Python in not just use for web browser automation but also can use for following

  • Read | Search  & validate data in excel

  • Have to pull text off of several web pages?

  • Copy thousands of files from one location to another

  • Perform repeatable tasks in single click

  • Rename multiple files & folders within a second.

We are going to cover following well known HTTP methods are commonly used in REST based architecture.

  • GET - Provides a read only access to a resource.

  • PUT - Used to update a existing resource or create a new resource.

  • DELETE - Used to remove a resource.

  • POST - Used to create a new resource.


  • Learn how to send  REST Requests 

  • What is API, Different Between SOAP and REST API

  • Different CRUD Operation and Its Implementation


  • Basic understanding of MicroServices

  • Authentication approaches (BASIC,OAUTH)

  • How to Handle Header & Pre-requisite

    ➖➖➖➖ ADVANCE CONCEPTS ➖➖➖➖

  • How to Setup Environment for Python Scripting

  • Write basic Python Programming

  • Condition Handling, Looping

  • Working with Excel File (OpenPyXL)

  • How to Handle JSON file

  • Basic to advance JSON Path

  • How to Handle CSV file

  • JSON Parsing

  • PyTest Framework

  • Send different types of requests

  • Assert Response Data

  • Allure Reporting

  • Data Drive n Framework

  • Keyword Driven framework

  • Assertions

  • Request Channing


  • End to End Student Student Enrollment

  • Request Chaining

  • Final execution with report generation and analysis

  • Run API tests in Jenkins

  • Code Management using GIT

  • Scenario implementation on RealTime API Application

  • End to End Scenario building and once click execution

  • Collection Execution from command prompt


Step by Step Rest API Testing using Python + Pytest +Allure⭐
Step by Step Rest API Testing using Python + Pytest +Allure⭐
Step by Step Rest API Testing using Python + Pytest +Allure⭐
Step by Step Rest API Testing using Python + Pytest +Allure⭐


WebService/API Introduction

What is WebService

WebService Example

*** Course Architecture : Must for Everyone ***

Different type of Services : Soap and Rest

Setup Environment

Installation Roadmap

Step 1 : Python Installation

Step 2 : Pycharm Installation : Editor for Python

Step 3: PIP Setup

Step 4 : Request Package Installation

Basics of Python - Section 1 {Skip if you already know Python}

First Python Code

Take User Input

Continuation and Multiline

Standard datatypes

Variables in Python

Condition Handling - If - Else

Multiple Condition Handling

Nested Condition Handling

Condition Handling with Logical OR

Condition Handling with Logical AND

Condition Handling with Not Operations

Introduction of Loops

For Loop with Final Range

For Loop with initial and final range

For loop with increment value

For loop with decrement value

For loop with list

While Loop with increments

While loop with decrement

Break Statement

Continue Statement

Else Statement

What is String and basic operations

String : Fetch Substring

Common String Functions - Part 1

Common String Functions - Part 2

Common String Functions - Part 3

Common String Functions - Part 4

Work on List

List function

Work on Tuple

Tuple advance operations

Dictionary basics

Dictionary Methods

Advance Python - Section 2 {Skip if you already know Python}

Functions Basics

Rules to create functions

Different types of functions

Functions with return value

Different types of arguments

Create first class

Functions in Class


Create Object in another file

What is Module

How to Use Modules

Creating Project Structure

Difference between import and from-import

File Handling : Read Data from File(.txt)

File Handling : Read character by character and line by line

File Handling : Write data to File(.txt)

File Handling : Common file methods

What is Exception and Exception Handling

Handle Exception using try, exception and finally

Prepare configuration files

Read data from config file

JSON and JSON - Must for API Testing

Goal of this sections

Basic understanding of JSON

What is JSON Path | Calculate JSON Path

JSON Path Advance Options

JSON Parsing using Python

**** Important Note *****

Work with JSON

Start API Testing using Python - REST API Basics

Different methods used in REST API

What is Rest API with Parameters

API Testing Kickoff

Making a GET request using python

Validate Status Code

Fetch Response Header Values

Fetch Response Content - using Json Path

Fetch Response Content - using Advance Json Path

Delete Resource

Delete User

POST & PUT Requests

Create New Resource - POST Request - Part1

Create New Resource - POST Request - Part2

Update Resource on Server : UPDATE Method

Customised Requests

Add Customised Header

Add Parameters

PyTest : Unit Testing Framework for Python

PyTest Introduction

Pre-requisite to learn Pytest

Sample Code

Pytest Installation : pip install pytest

Write Test Case in Pytest format

Skip Test Cases | Execute test cases conditionally

Grouping Test Cases



Write Code using Pytest

Write and Execute Code using Pytest

Conditional Execution + Fixture

Grouping TestCases Together

PROJECT - 2 : Student Management System

Add new Data | Post Request

Fetch Student Data | GET Request

Update Student Data | PUT Request

Delete Student Data | DELETE Request

End to End test case with Verification

End to End Test Case

Request Chaining


Basic Authentication

oAuth Authentication

Data Driven Framework

Create Test Case to Execute with Single Data

Read Data from Excel and use it in Test Case

Write Data Driven Test Case - Multiple File - Part 1

Write Data Driven Test Case - Multiple File - Part 2

Write Data Driven Test Case - Multiple File - Part 3

Reporting with Allure

Allure Introduction & Setup

Generate JSON formatted reports

Convert JSON Report to HTML Report

Code Management using GIT

Introduction to Git & GitHub

Setup Git and GitHub

Configure GIT with Username and Email

Create Local Repository

Commit File to Local Repository

Undo Files from Stage to Untrack

Check and Discard Changes

Push Code to Remote Repository

Clone Repository

Batch File and Share Code on GitHub

Create Batch File

Push Code to Remote Repository

JENKINS INTEGRATION : Setup Jenkins on Windows Machine

Step 1 : Setup Java

Step 2 : Download Jenkins War & Setup Plugins

Step 3 : Configure Paths on Jenkins

Step 4 : Setup Allure Reporting Options

Create Job on Jenkins

Fetch Code from Github

Setup Environment Variable

Run batch file to install library

Execute Test Case using Pytest

Integrate Allure Reporting

Generate Allure Report


Sujit4 September 2020

While the course content is good, in many cases the instructor is using logins and password which the user doesn't have any access to. This adversely affects the practice sessions and seems like that the instructor is using udemy as a platform to promote his own testing website or institute.

Rambabu27 August 2020

this is the only and best course available in udemy for RestApi with python. A nice explanation and example demonstration.

Rasheed21 August 2020

The pytest is not working; The library is old and not compatible. There's an urgent need for upgrade

Piotr2 August 2020

I appreciate good effort from the trainer and explaining everything step by step. This doesn't change the fact that it is much better to just read python requests and pytest modules documentation than to do this course. Some of the python usage is also sub-optimal.

Ankit12 July 2020

Thanks for a lot for making Point to Point lecture. I am good with learning Instructor is really put a good effort but the concern is only with Q&A section I have got any of response from the instructor and also at the end of lect there should be ending point at the end .

Thomas12 January 2020

half of this course are just real basics, and had nothing to to with testing anything. besides my patience.

Umair14 December 2019

Fix the allure report generation video. Currently the process describe in the video does not generate an allure report

Jian14 December 2019

Very nice introduction about pytest, integration of pytest framework with Jenkins, and finally a hands-on work flow for an end-to-end test using Git, GitHub, pytest, Jenkins and Allure.

Vince29 November 2019

It was awesome! Only one thing is struggle to me is Allure. It was not worked I needed to check millions of workarounds and still do not know why it is not working, anyway all of the other parts was super and clear to me. Thanks!

Sanjida27 November 2019

I just completed git and git hub only and it’s so good clear and useful. Like this part. Hope other stuff will be so simple and clear.thanks

Sambit9 November 2019

I was a good course. I am happy with the content of the course. Request to include: Parallel Execution of Test Cases using pytest.

Yallaiah1 October 2019

no advanced topics of post request , like login into a site with username and password and filling the details nothing is there , dabba thing is there in this videos.

Harsh16 September 2019

-Doubt Clearing in Q/A is not good. No replies Or Very Late replies. - No attachements given along with the Lecture. Ex : JSON file to practice is not attached , Codes shown in examples are not attached along with Lecture. - English is also not Good enough. Many grammatical Mistakes. - Highly Dissapointed

Koysul19 August 2019

This is the course I was hoping to get more info in API testing, pytest, and allure. Half of the course was spent on git and Jenkin. He should have focused more on PyTest.

Erez10 August 2019

the explanation is missing, the instructor moves from one thing to another and too fast, i got lost and had to find the answers online by myself


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