Step by Step API Automation using RESTASSURED & JAVA

Rest Assured with BDD Framework| Detailed Java Programming | Realtime Scenario | Interview Questions | Maven | CI/CD

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What you will learn

End to End REST API automation using REST ASSURED and JAVA Programming

Design REST API Testing automation framework from scratch

Practical knowledge of basic to advance level of Java Programming

Detailed understanding of Java Concepts, Programming and its implementation in RestAssured

Able to crack REST ASSURED interviews with Java Programming skills


REST Assured API is one of the most popular library when it comes to automating the REST APIs. Most of the today's web applications are backed by the Micro services architecture and the REST APIs.

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. REST is web standards based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for data communication.

In REST architecture, a REST Server simply provides access to resources and REST client accesses and presents the resources.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • API Basics

  • JSON & JSON Path

  • End to End Setup

  • Java Programming Basics

  • Rest Assured - Setup, Write Test Case

  • Rest Assured - Test Case in TestNG format

  • Rest Assured - Assertion (On header, body and status code)

  • Serialization & De-serialization: POJOs

  • HashMap to JSON object

  • ArrayList to JSON array

  • Complex POJO Example

  • Full JSON body matching

  • Parameterization using TestNG Data provider

  • Rest Assured - Request Specification

  • Rest Assured - Response Specification

  • Rest Assured - Automate Post, Put, Del

  • Rest Assured - Multiple ways to send request payload

  • Rest Assured - Complex JSON in request body

  • Rest Assured - Request Parameters

  • Rest Assured - JSON Schema Validation

  • Rest Assured - Logging Filters

  • Rest Assured - Configs

  • Framework Design

  • Code Management

  • Jenkins Integration

  • Java Coverage

  • OOPS Concepts

  • Excel Handling

  • Database Handling

  • TestNG Basic to Expert

  • Collections

  • Serialization & De-serialization: POJOs

  • HashMap to JSON object

  • ArrayList to JSON array

  • Complex POJO Example

  • Full JSON body matching

Framework Development->

  • BDD Framework with Features

  • Scalable Framework Structure

  • Configurations

  • Reporting

  • Automate positive and negative scenarios

  • Data driven using TestNG Data Provider

  • Cucumber Implementation

  • Best Practices

  • Property and Configuration

  • Integration with Git

  • Integration with Jenkins

Tool, Library & Technology

  • Eclipse

  • Rest Assured

  • TestNG

  • Cucumber

  • Reporting

  • Java

  • Allure Reports

Outcome of this course

1. Expertise in Java Programming

2. Expertise in API Concepts

3. Able to design End to End API Automation Framework

4.  Ready to face Automation interviews


Step by Step API Automation using RESTASSURED & JAVA - Screenshot_01Step by Step API Automation using RESTASSURED & JAVA - Screenshot_02Step by Step API Automation using RESTASSURED & JAVA - Screenshot_03Step by Step API Automation using RESTASSURED & JAVA - Screenshot_04


WebService Basics

What is WebService
WebService Example
Advantage of WebService over WebBased Application
Difference between API and WebService
Different type of Services : Soap and Rest
Advantage of Rest services over Soap services

Java Environment Setup {You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

Java Installation
Eclipse Installation

Java Programming Basics{You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

Eclipse basics
Start Java programming - Project & Package
Variables & Constant
Class & Object
Methods in details
Read data from user at runtime

Condition Handling and Looping{You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

Condition handling
For Loop
While Loop
Do While Loop
For Each Loop

String Handling & Arrays{You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

String Handling : Part1
String Handling : Part2
String Handling : Part3
Array In Java
Multi dimension Array

File Handling In Java{You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

Read file by File Reader
Read data by Buffered Reader
Write data by File Writer
Write data by BufferedWriter

Important Keywords in Java{You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

This Keyword
Static Keyword
Final Keyword
Super Keyword

OOPS in Java{You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

What is Inheritance
Types of Inheritance - Single Inheritance
Types of Inheritance - Multilevel Inheritance
Types of Inheritance - Hierarchical Inheritance
Multiple Inheritance using Interface
Hybrid Inheritance using Interface

Access Modifiers

public modifier
private modifier
default modifier
protected modifier
Access Modifiers on class level

Type Casting

Implicit & Explicit Type Casting
Explicit Type Casting - By Classes

Exception Handling in Java

What is Exception & Exception Handling
Throws keyword in exception handing
Exception Handling using Try-Catch
Exception Handling: Multi Catch block
Finally keyword
Throw keyword


What is Debugging
Difference between Step Into | Step Over | Step Return
Exception Breakpoint

Working with Excel (Apache POI )

Setup Apache POI
Read Data from Excel file
Find number of rows and columns
Read complete data from excel sheet
Read Different formatted data
Write data to File

TestNG Concepts Basic-Advance{You Can Skip this Section if comfortable in Java}

TestNG Setup on Eclipse
TestNG workflow and basic annotations
TestNG : All annotations
Running test case in using TestNG
Running only failed testcases using TestNG
Grouping in TestNG
Assertions in TestNG

Setup Environment for Rest Assured

Setup Environment for Rest Assured
URI For Practice

Jump into Rest API Automation using Rest-Assured

Create First Test Case : GET Request
Process Response : Fetch Status Code
Validate Response Code(Status Code)
Validate response content type

Write Rest Assured test cases - GET Method

Rest API with Parameters
What is Rest API with Parameters
Use of Static Import
BDD Options with Rest Assured
Create Test Case with BDD Options

Setup Sample Application & Start Automation

Different methods used in REST API
Setup DB Project - Steps
Setup DB Project
Create first POST Test Case
Create POST Test Case with JSON object
Create PUT Test Case with JSON Object | Update Resource
Create PATCH Test Case with JSON Object | Update Resource
Create DELETE Test Case with JSON Object | DELETE Resource

Understand JSON Path and Apply JSON Path Assertions

Basic understanding of JSON
What is JSON Path | Calculate JSON Path
JSON Path Advance Options
Validate JSON using JsonPath
Validate Multple JSON data using JsonPath

End to End All API Automation

End to End API Automation - Part-1
End to End API Automation - Part-2
End to End API Automation - Part-3
End to End API Automation - Part-4

Work on more complex JIRA PI

Jira Project Setup for Practice
Set Authentication in API
JIRA : Fetch Issue Details

Generate Reports

Generate default reports using TestNG | Advance report using ReportNG
Generate report in excel format
Extent Report

Complimentary Videos : Rest API Testing using Postman tool

Postman Introduction
Setup postman plugin
Postman window walkthrough
Endpoint and Resource
First test case in Postman
REST API : Get Request
Validate Status code
Validate Response time
REST API : Post Request
REST API : Put Request
REST API : Delete Request
REST API : Patch Request


July 10, 2020
no communication. no links or support. some complex sessions was not explained enough. no material to support - download,links,etc.
April 25, 2020
This course is full of information. Trainer has covered all the prerequisites as well. It is not only about RestAssured but a complete introduction to API testing methodology and Tools.
November 13, 2018
Good but it could be better if he shows the e.g of the web application and differentiates in the e.g why the web-service is batter then the web application
October 15, 2018
El instructor es super claro y estructurado, me ha encantado su forma de transmitir conocimiento, además de la buena estructuración que ha hecho de los tema. Buenisímo!
July 17, 2018
Tutor explains the areas in clear and concise manner. My only issue for the half mark is for the URLs in the Postman tutorials need to be updated.
April 19, 2018
Earlier i don't have knowledge of Rest Assured Now i am at decent position after watching these videos Thanks to Udemy for providing me such type of platform Thanks to the trainer- covered the things step by step with real examples.Now Rest Assured looks easy to me.
April 16, 2018
Good to watch and study.indepth xplainations and good xamples are available and is useful forboth a beginner and an xperienced one
April 11, 2018
This course is very good for enhancing the knowledge as well as things elobrated properly in the videos
November 21, 2017
Good for those wanted to have a flavor of Rest Automation using RestAssured. Basic concepts would get cleared
September 19, 2017
It seems that some lessons were missing between two lessons (TestNG module). The example suddenly shows commands that weren't explained before.
August 4, 2017
Great resources!! I learn lot of thing about API automation from this video. The video shows how to do automation from scratch.
June 16, 2017
Tutorial are fine, if explained with frame work design and implementation. it will be more useful for the learners.
May 11, 2017
The course well explained and you will get an idea about how to use RestAssured. But it is very basic. Also the code is not well structured for a larger project. Also in one of the last chapters, the one talking about TestNG reporting, the author starts working with a selenium project never mentioned before on the course, so you can't follow completely all the lessons. Nethertheless it was worth the price, because you obtain a pretty good idea of RestAssured testing framework.
March 1, 2017
In the beginning of the course it was mentioned that an End to End project on JIRA will be done for demo but it was not done. This is a very basic course on rest assured. I am editing the above review here: It is a quick turn around from the instructor adding more videos here. Really appreciate that. I started automating our rest APIs in parallel to this video but was stuck because ours is form based login. It took a while for me to get that done. So if the instructor can add more flavors in the demo projects and more advanced concepts of rest assured would be great. We can really afford even more than this price if it is an advanced course instead of basics. I would highly recommend this for any beginner.
February 28, 2017
Thanks for the tutorial, it provided good understanding of web services with the help of relevant examples.



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