Ansible for Network Automation - Hands On!!

Automate your daily network operation job with Ansible and Ansible AWX

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Ansible for Network Automation - Hands On!!
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Aug 2022
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What you will learn

Core Concepts of Ansible

Network Modules for Cisco

Basic skills to create Ansible Playbook

Ansible Best Practise

Ansible Vault

Regex filters

Ansible Roles

Ansible Galaxy

Ansible Tower and AWX

Why take this course?

🌟 **Master Network Automation with Ansible & AWX!** 🌟 --- ### Course Overview: Ansible for Network Automation is the ultimate course for Network Engineers and Network DevOps Engineers aiming to streamline their daily operations. This hands-on course delves into the core concepts of Ansible, with a focus on practical, real-world applications in network environments, particularly with Cisco routers. --- ### What You'll Learn: **🚀 Course Highlights:** - **Foundational Knowledge:** Gain a solid understanding of Ansible's core components such as inventory, playbooks, plays, tasks, variables, modules, and more. - **Practical Demos:** Engage with extensive demonstrations that bring theory to life, showing you how to apply Ansible in a network context. - **Real-World Application:** Learn how to automate complex network operations, including managing Cisco routers. - **Expert Guidance:** Follow along with instructor Peng Xiaoc as they guide you through each concept and demonstration with clear explanations and insights. --- **Why Choose This Course?** - **Tailored for Network Professionals:** This Ansible course is specifically designed for network engineers, with a strong emphasis on network automation use cases. - **Hands-On Learning:** Through practical demos and a final project, you'll be able to apply what you learn directly to your work environment. - **Network Focus:** We'll leverage Cisco routers as our primary use case to demonstrate the powerful capabilities of Ansible in network automation. --- ### Course Content Breakdown: **🎓 Step-by-Step Learning Journey:** 1. **Setting Up Your Ansible Environment:** Learn how to configure your environment using WSL2 or a GNS3 Virtual Machine. 2. **Ansible Basics:** Understand the fundamental concepts that form the bedrock of Ansible's functionality. 3. **Jinja2 Templating:** Master the use of Jinja2 templates, which are essential for dynamic and flexible playbooks. 4. **Writing Playbooks:** Get hands-on experience in writing playbooks, the heart of orchestration with Ansible. 5. **Cisco Network Modules:** Discover how to use Ansible's specialized modules to manage Cisco network devices. 6. **Project Demo:** Conclude the course with a real-world project, where you'll learn how to perform tasks such as backing up the running configuration on a Cisco router. --- ### Who Should Take This Course? This course is designed for: - Network Engineers - Network DevOps Engineers - IT Professionals looking to automate network operations - Anyone interested in learning Ansible with a focus on network automation --- ### What's Included: - **Instructor-Led Demonstrations:** Real-time, practical demos that showcase Ansible's capabilities. - **Comprehensive Course Material:** All the resources you need to follow along and understand the concepts. - **Interactive Learning Experience:** Engage with the content through exercises and a final project. - **Networking Opportunities:** Connect with fellow learners and share insights on network automation. --- ### Important Note: Legal Notice:
Ansible® and Ansible Tower® are registered trademarks of Ansible, Inc. in the United States and other countries. This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Ansible, Inc. It is an independent educational resource designed to help you understand and utilize Ansible in your network operations. --- Ready to transform your network management with the power of Ansible? Join us and take the first step towards automation excellence! 🚀💻🌐

Our review

--- **Overview of the Course "Mastering Ansible for Network Automation with Cisco Devices in WSL2"** The course "Mastering Ansible for Network Automation with Cisco Devices in WSL2" has received a global rating of 4.25 from recent reviews. The feedback from users ranges from high praise for the comprehensive coverage of Ansible and its practical application in network automation, particularly with Cisco devices, to some constructive criticism regarding the clarity of installation instructions and minor issues with narration and technical terms pronunciation. **Pros:** - **Thorough Environment Setup:** Users have found the course's environment setup sections to be extremely thorough, providing all necessary tips to save significant time, especially when migrating from standalone Ubuntu to WSL2. - **Best Practices:** The course offers insights into best practices for using Ansible templates, examples, and data, which are invaluable for both beginners and experienced users looking to refine their skills. - **Real-World Application:** It provides practical, real-world applications of Ansible in network automation, with a focus on Cisco devices that can easily be adapted for other network device modules. - **Advanced Knowledge:** The course content is praised for delivering advanced Ansible knowledge, not just limited to basic usage but extending to a deeper understanding of the tool's capabilities. - **Well Structured and Hands-On Learning:** The course is commended for its well-structured format that takes users from novice to competent Ansible user quickly, with hands-on examples that show how to fix problems. - **Expert Instructor Knowledge:** The instructor is acknowledged for having extensive knowledge in the area and for delivering thoughtful and well-organized content. **Cons:** - **Installation Instructions Clarity:** Some users have found the initial instructions for installing WSL2 and Ansible to be unclear, which could potentially cause confusion or delays in starting the course. - **Narration Issues:** While the instructor's efforts are recognized despite not being a native English speaker, some reviewers pointed out that narration issues occurred, including incorrect pronunciation of technical terms. - **Caption Titles:** There have been reports of incorrect caption titles within the course material. - **Git Integration:** A suggestion for improvement is the integration of Git, either locally or through SSH, as HTTPs integration did not work seamlessly, particularly with updates from platforms like GitLab. - **Network Configuration Examples:** Some users expected a greater number of examples related to networking configurations and playbooks. They suggest that future courses could include more focused content on configuring network devices. **Recommendations for Improvement:** - **Clarify Installation Instructions:** It is recommended to revise and clarify the instructions for setting up WSL2 and Ansible to ensure a smoother experience for new users. - **Improve Git Integration:** Addressing the issues with Git integration could enhance the course's practicality and reliability. - **Expand Network Configuration Content:** Incorporating more in-depth examples on networking configurations, such as OSPF, BGP, VLANS, and ACLs, would meet the expectations of users looking for advanced network automation content. **Final Thoughts:** Overall, "Mastering Ansible for Network Automation with Cisco Devices in WSL2" is a highly recommended course for anyone looking to learn or enhance their Ansible skills, particularly within the context of network automation. The positive feedback significantly outweighs the minor drawbacks, making it an excellent choice for beginners and intermediate users alike. With some improvements to installation instructions and additional content on networking configurations, this course could be close to perfect for those aiming to master Ansible.



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