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Angular Fast Crash Course

Learn to use Angular 2, 4, 5 and beyond!

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3.5 hours


Jul 2021

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What you will learn

You will learn the mayor fundamentals of Angular

You will learn how to get up and running with Angular

You will learn to create Applications using Angular 5 and beyond


There are two main Angular versions 1 or AngularJs and 2. This course is focused on versions after 2!

This course is for beginners who are curious on how to get started with Angular. In this course you will learn how to download, install and play around with Angular. We teach you the main components of Angular, so that you can get up and running with it asap. You will learn now to start building applications with Angular.

Learning Angular can be a daunting experience that's why this course was created; to give you an easier learning experience with it. Come join me in this Angular 5 and beyond Crash Course.


Angular Fast Crash Course
Angular Fast Crash Course
Angular Fast Crash Course
Angular Fast Crash Course


Introduction and first steps


Reference Files

What is Angular?

Installing tools in Windows

installing tools MAC OS

Creating our first Angular project

Serving our App and Structure Anatomy

Index.html and Build Process

Where do we write the App Code?

Main Module

Section 1 Quiz


Component anatomy

Manual Component generation

Automatic Component generation

Section 2 Quiz


ES6 Overview

TypesScript Overview

String Interpolation

Property Binding

Event Binding part 1

Event Binding part 2

Two-Way Databinding

Section 3 Quiz


Control Structure Directives

Loop Directive

Styling Directive

Class Directive

Section 4 Directive


Creating an HTML form

Form Submission

Converting HTML form to an Object

Pulling values from a Form

Section 5


Creating a Navigation

Registering Modules

Loading Routes

Using Angular Link Feature


Registering Modules and HTTP Injection

Pulling Data from API

Displaying API Data in our APP

Submitting a POST request

Where to go next!


Noemi9 October 2020

I think this is one of the best Angular for beginners course and I will surely advise it to all of my contacts! It is really clear, it is well-explained and Edwin is a super teacher. The examples are very good, the explanation is very good and he is a lot competent. In the middle sometimes he do some joke so while you are learning you don't get overwelmed and the lessons goes up with no heavy time. I really enjoy this course, I will surely start another one from his list because he let you learn very simple and very well. Thanks Edwin! And less coffee huh! :)

Gayatri3 October 2020

First of all good covering of the Angular in this less time. But it is expected from tutor like you to explain the basics of every small stuff used. Hope This will give you an idea!

Jagmeet14 September 2020

I like the simple way of how Edwin teaches and the course is great to get the basic understanding of Angular.

Ahmad10 August 2020

It is not bad as an introductory course. Sad thing is it feels like half of a full course. I think it should have elaborated more on the framework rather than picking on random topics.

Andre9 August 2020

This course is really great. It is free and has fewer hours than other courses, but I would pay for this content very happy.

Brecht7 February 2020

Edwin is a very pleasant tutor, with some humor and real life teachings. Not always everything goes according to plan, but that's the way coding/development is. So a nice a natural approach. I had some flaws in the course and needed to do some things different, but that's because I made it on Angular 9. But if you put your mind to it, you can make it work. Thanks Edwin, for providing such nice content...

Tom7 February 2020

This is a great introduction to Angular. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to learn this technology. Great Job Edwin!

Corporación6 February 2020

A Perfect course but i would like to learn about imput and output, i mean how to use data from one component in other component

Pareshkumar31 January 2020

Edwin Diaz is an awesome teacher and this course helped me start working with angular fast. Thank you.

Paramjeet15 December 2019

It is fine course to start angular but many things are not explained well may be because of time. But that things should be included in it and with more details. Overall a good course to start with.

Shashank12 November 2019

This course is awesome for the beginners and refresher i highly recommend this course for javaScript developer

Teekae29 October 2019

This course was amazing. I was struggling to learn Angular through countless YouTube tutorials and this course helped me learn it in a few hours. Awesome Lecturer.

Natalie16 October 2019

For me it was very basic but I watched it to the end! it was fun not boring like other courses Edwin gives a positive and good energy

Jonathan8 October 2019

I really enjoyed the course. I wished I have taken it a long time ago. Thanks a lot, Edwin. Much appreciated

Bogdan17 September 2019

Great info presented in a great manner. I highly enjoy the course and learn incredible much information for a free course.


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