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Angular and Node.js Integration

Learn to Integrate Angular with Node.js

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Mar 2018

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What you will learn

You will learn how to integrate Angular and NodeJS


This is a very short course designed to help you integrate Angular and Node.js. We are going to create an Angular Project with the Angular CLI, then we are creating a server with Node.js. We are going to be setting up our Node.js API's to make calls from the Angular front end. This a great short course for those looking to finally learn to put this two together.


Angular and Node.js Integration
Angular and Node.js Integration
Angular and Node.js Integration
Angular and Node.js Integration




Reference files



Creating our Angular App

Setting up our server

Making our Port more dynamic

Setting up our API

Pulling Data from API

Angular Routes


Automation and Sending data

Creating a Service

Displaying data in our component

Improving our code

Creating links

Recap on everything (optional)

Where next!


Theresa15 April 2020

Short and sweet - I got what I needed out of the course very quickly and it helped me identify parts that I needed to better understand. I had run into some errors that I figured out how to fix along the way. Lesson 15 recap is extremely helpful. It would be great to have a visual overview of the app at the beginning of the course. It also would help to have a little more explanation before each lesson before diving into code, and a nice recap/quiz at the end of each Section. With those minor improvements, I would give 5 stars.

Francisco6 April 2020

I liked that is a straight to the point course. Indeed, exactly what I expected. The only thing I disliked is that sometimes he explains sutff that we arleady supposed to know and its boring, but other people might find it useful. Anyways, sorry Edwin, you can't please everybody but overall.. excellent!

Julio27 November 2019

I got exactly what I need it from this course, you will need to adjust a bit if you already are in angular 8 but the teacher says that during the training, hence it is equally good.

Bruno29 August 2019

I'm new at Angular and Node.js and I felt a little confused because of the lack of more detailed information about what was being done during the lessons. If the explanations were a little more detailed the course would be perfect. The entire course takes one hour and a half, for example if the course has maybe twenty minutes more fullfiled with explanations it would be nicer. But It's ok for a short course focused on the integration between Angular and Node, but not much recommended to beginners in these technologies.

Jane16 August 2019

This course was just what I needed and perfect length. The instructor is knowledgeable and friendly. I actually really appreciated that things didn't always work first time and he showed us this and fixed it, because I am always having issues with my code and it made me feel confident that this is normal! Thank you so much for creating this short course, I recommend it.

Shubham20 October 2018

this was my first lecture for angular and node.things are shown pretty good also got the basic ideas for making API's ,thanks a lot.make these kind of short videos for real world projects

Ankit11 October 2018

This course is really helpful for any individual who is struggling to integrate Node and Angular. This course has covered Node.js, Express and Angular. If you can include Monogo db as well it would become a complete MEAN stack project. Anyways, really loved this course, it helped me to learn few new concepts.

Debasis26 September 2018

Just because it was a freebie, it should not be a unprofessional course. looks like it was a casting couch video (...on the fly)

Yuyi20 August 2018

Good course, maybe too basic, but that was actually the scope of the course. Maybe a more realistic example and some "good practices" could have make it better.

Ramanan8 July 2018

Really Nice teaching it is really helpful for who Already having experience on Both angular And node..Thanks man..I hope i will finish this one... Edwin Diaz is a funny person ,he made a lot of jokes while i was completing this course..Really useful for me..Thanks #EDWIN DIAZ

Gurpreet5 July 2018

This course is very nicely presented. This helps me a lot. And instructor is also very nice guy and clearly explain the things. Thanks a ton

Luciano22 June 2018

Sempre quis aprender como integrar angular com nodejs, tive a oportunidade de ver na prática como se faz.

Nibaldo20 June 2018

Very useful also Edwin add an extra value to the course because during course has failed on compiling with very common errors and fix them on real time without any kind of video edition and that help us to have an idea on how can we find that errors on nex projects.

Kaleeswaran11 June 2018

very good course for node and angular beginners to start with creating app using node service and angular functionalities

Rabi2 May 2018

Edwin is best instructor in udemy and software development field. I really love angular and node.js integration. Edwin teaching style, engaging attitude and energetic behavior really awesome.


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