Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin

Learn Kotlin Android App Development And Become an Android Developer. Incl. Kotlin Tutorial and Android Tutorial Videos

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Android App Development Masterclass using Kotlin
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Nov 2023
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What you will learn

Learn the core Android app development and Kotlin skills to build real Android apps.

Learn how to target current and older versions of Android when writing your apps.

Understand how to create Android apps using Kotlin.

Be able to apply for Android app development roles.

Why take this course?

It seems like you've provided a comprehensive overview of an Android development course focused on Kotlin, which is the recommended language by Google for Android app development. This course promises to cover everything from the basics of setting up the development environment to advanced concepts and best practices in Kotlin programming. Here's a summary of what you can expect from this course: 1. **Learn the Latest Version of Android**: The course is designed for the latest version of Android, ensuring that your apps will be compatible with current devices as well as older ones. 2. **Software Setup**: You'll learn how to download, install, and configure the necessary software, including Android Studio 3.2. 3. **Hands-On Learning**: From creating your first app to mastering advanced features like databases, web services, and even speech recognition, the course covers a wide range of topics. 4. **Kotlin Programming**: As Kotlin is now the recommended language for Android development by Google, this course includes a complete Kotlin tutorial to get you up to speed with Kotlin's syntax and features. 5. **Real-World Skills**: Unlike courses that only show superficial app creation, this course aims to teach you how Android truly works, enabling you to write high-quality apps with fewer bugs. 6. **Continuous Updates**: The course is continuously updated to reflect the latest changes in Android development and Kotlin. 7. **Support and Community**: With a track record of updating content and supporting students, you can expect ongoing support as part of this learning experience. 8. **Expert Instructors**: You'll be learning from Tim Buchalka and Jean-Paul Roberts, who bring over 70 years of combined software development experience, with a focus on Android development. 9. **Real-World Application**: The course emphasizes understanding the material so you can apply your knowledge to your own apps, not just follow along with examples. 10. **Job Readiness**: The skills taught in this course are designed to prepare you for in-demand jobs or to further enhance your programming skills. In essence, this Android Kotlin development course is a comprehensive and practical learning path that aims to make you proficient in developing Android apps using the latest language recommended by Google. It's a great opportunity for those looking to enter the field of Android app development or for existing developers who want to transition to Kotlin.


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Our review

馃敼 **Overall Course Rating:** 4.68 ## Pros: - **Engaging Instructor**: Tim Buchalka's teaching style is appreciated for its genuine connection with the audience, valuable tips, and real-world examples. (Tim's approach, valueable tips, and information bits) - **Comprehensive Content**: The course covers a wide range of topics and provides a detailed explanation of Android and Kotlin basics. (Detail about android as an operating system, full of information) - **Practical OOP Principles**: The course emphasizes good Object-Oriented Programming principles, which is commended by experienced programmers. (Excellent course, teaching not just to code but implement OOP principles) - **Valuable for Experienced Developers**: Even with outdated content, the course is helpful for developers with existing experience in different programming environments. (Highly valuable even with 10+ years of IT experience) - **Real-World Application**: The course encourages understanding and maintaining legacy code, which is a valuable skill in the industry. (Good real-world scenario for maintenance and updating code) ## Cons: - **Outdated Content**: A significant drawback mentioned by many users is that the course uses Android Studio 3 and outdated coding practices that are not in line with current best practices. (Android Studio version outdated, interface and code different from the latest SDK) - **Unreliable Support**: The instructor does not respond to questions or update the content to reflect the latest Android updates and techniques. (No response to questions, no redo of the course for updated content) - **Not Suitable for Beginners**: The outdated nature of the course makes it challenging for newcomers to Android development to follow along and implement modern practices. (Not for beginners, five years difference from the latest SDK) - **Deprecated Practices**: The frequent use of deprecated methods such as AsyncTask is a point of frustration for learners who expect up-to-date teaching. (Healing a lot of good real world scenario but using depreciated by the time method like AsyncTask) - **Frustrating for Up-to-Date Learning**: With the rapid evolution of Android and Kotlin, the course content is outpaced by current technology trends. (How the hell a newbie should figure out what to do with a five years difference in SDK?) ## Additional Notes: - Some users have managed to learn valuable skills from the course despite its age, suggesting that with supplemental research and understanding of newer technologies, it is still possible to gain useful knowledge. - The course has a strong following and positive reviews from many users who found Tim Buchalka's teaching style effective and informative, despite the outdated content. ## Conclusion: While the course provides a solid foundation in Android development with Kotlin, its outdated nature presents challenges, especially for beginners or those looking to learn current best practices. The positive reviews highlight the effectiveness of Tim Buchalka's teaching approach and the practical insights provided, even if some content needs updating. If you are willing to complement your learning with additional resources to cover newer technologies like Jetpack Compose, Coroutines, and Flow, this course could still be a valuable resource for your Android development journey.



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