"Anatomy of Yoga" 1: Teacher Training Workshop Series

The Language of Movement, Exercise Physiology, Upper and Lower Extremity and Trunk

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

The Language of Anatomy and the Body Systems

How yoga impacts the body and its systems

How the body is impacted by the practice of yoga

Why it is important for yoga teachers to study the body- how it makes you a better teacher

The planes of movement and how they impact yoga sequences

Using the anatomical language of movement to sequence a well rounded class

The components and properties of the skeletal system

The soft tissues of the body and how they respond to stress

Understanding movement science: stretching, strengthening and flexibility

The Joints and Muscles of the Upper Extremity & Yoga Poses to target this area

The Joints and Muscles of the Lower Extremity & Yoga Poses to target this area

The Joints and Muscles of the Axial Skeleton and Trunk & Yoga poses to target this area


This is part 1 in the "Anatomy of Yoga" workshop series to cover the Anatomy and Physiology Module in a Yoga Teacher Training program.

This course was designed for Yoga Teachers looking to deepen their understanding of body science. This course can also be utilized in your Yoga Teacher Training program (along with part 2 and 3)  to fill the required 30 hours of Anatomy and Physiology training.

I am am certified through both Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists as a continuing education provider.  Continuing education credits (non-contact) can be earned through the completion of this course.

This course was recorded LIVE as it was delivered over Zoom- so you can hear the students asking questions in real time.  I utilize clear visuals in the form of slides that are provided as a downloadable PDF at the beginning of each section. I also utilize the Complete Anatomy App for detailed "virtual dissections" of the body. The best part is that you can work at your own pace and go back to review any information as needed...an essential part to fully absorbing the complex topic of anatomy.

The Topics Covered in Part 1 of the "Anatomy of Yoga" workshop series are: 

- Why study Anatomy?

- The 12 Body Systems Overview

- The Language of Anatomy

- The 3 Planes of Movement

- The Skeletal System

- The type of Joints in the Body

- Surface Anatomy

- The Structure and Function of Soft Tissue: Fascia, Tendons, Ligaments, Muscle

- Types of Muscles

- The 4 Forms of Stretching

-Types of Range of Motion

- How muscles work together

- Tension and Biotensegrity in the body

- Balance: Center of Gravity and Base of Support

- Upper Extremity Joints and Major Muscles

- Lower Extremity Joints and Major Muscles

- Joints of the Axial Skeleton

- Major muscles of the Neck, Back and Trunk

These videos total over 10 hours of coursework and include 5 slide shows as detailed downloadable PDF resources. The remainder of coursework for the "Anatomy of Yoga" workshop series will be covered in the next segments of the course.

Each topic is discussed with a focus on how it relates directly to yoga practice.

The information is conveyed in a way that is applicable to what you do as a yoga teacher and how you can utilize this information to better meet the needs of your students.

Thank you for your interest in my course- I look forward to sharing my love of Yoga & Anatomy with you!


"Anatomy of Yoga" 1: Teacher Training Workshop Series
"Anatomy of Yoga" 1: Teacher Training Workshop Series
"Anatomy of Yoga" 1: Teacher Training Workshop Series
"Anatomy of Yoga" 1: Teacher Training Workshop Series


Course Introduction

Welcome to the Anatomy of Yoga Series

The Foundation of Studying the Body


Why Study Anatomy?

Overview of the 12 Body Systems & Yoga

Complete Anatomy Virtual Dissection App

Body Positions: Laterality and Symmetry

Terms of Position and Relationship in the Body

The 3 Planes of Movement

The Language of Movement

Applying the Language of Movement

Comprehension Check

The Skeletal System

Skeletal System Introduction

Introduction to the Joints

3d Lab: Axial Skeleton

Axial Skeleton Bones

Axial Skeleton Surface Anatomy Lab

3d Lab: Upper Extremity

Appendicular Skeleton: Upper Extremity

Upper Extremity Surface Anatomy Lab

3d Lab: Lower Extremity

Appendicular Skeleton: Lower Extremity

Lower Extremity Surface Anatomy Lab

Comprehension Check

The Structure and Function of Soft Tissue

Session 1 Review and Knowledge Application

Scope of Practice

Soft Tissues of the Body

Introduction to Muscles

Application of Muscle Knowledge in Yoga

Comprehension Review

Understanding Movement

4 Forms of Stretching

Types of Muscle Contraction

Terms of Muscle Performance

Intro to Range of Motion

Range of Motion: Part 2

How Muscles Work Together

Tension & Biotensegrity

Comprehension Review

Balance and Introduction to Biomechanics


Comprehension Review

The Upper Extremity Joints and Muscles

Muscle Preparation

Surface Anatomy of the Upper Limb

Upper Extremity Joints

Upper Extremity Muscles

Comprehension Review

Lower Extremity Joints and Muscles

Review Upper Extremity Muscles, Lower Extremity Bones

Lower Extremity Joints

Lower Extremity Surface Anatomy

Muscle Cooperation Concepts

Lower Extremity Muscles Part 1

Lower Extremity Muscles Part 2

Comprehension Review

Trunk, Spine and Introduction to Core

No One Size Fits All in Movement

Visual Review Leg Muscles

Joints of the Axial Skeleton

Surface Anatomy of the Axial Skeleton

Concepts in Movement of the Trunk & Core

Muscles of the Neck, Back and Trunk

Comprehension Review

Conclusion of Part 1

Conclusion and Thank You


Tracy26 June 2021

Loved this! Laura is very thorough. I really appreciate the way she guides you to find the specific location of muscles and bones in your own body. I also loved the reviews throughout to help keep me on track. The 3D model was also really beneficial! Great Work!

Fidelia9 June 2021

Laura is very good in explaining complicated concepts. She makes sense a lot of the topics and especially technical terms. I'm enjoying the course.

Lisa25 April 2021

Although, I've been practicing yoga for many years, I didn't realize the philosophy and why it's important for practitioners and instructors to understand the amazing benefits of yoga. Since I've started taking classes from Laura, a whole new world has opened up for me. I highly recommend her classes.


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