An Introduction to Metallurgy

A Starting Point for Manufacturing Professionals to Understand Metals and Their Properties

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Jul 2022
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What you will learn

What is Metallurgy

A Brief History of Metals

Physical Metallurgy

The Periodic Table

Material Test Reports

Mechanical Properties of Metals

What is Alloying

How Steel is Made


Metallurgy is a major topic within material science that deals with the physical and chemical behavior of metallic elements and their mixtures known as alloys. And this science of metallurgy that was birthed before the Bronze Age now extends into every sector of consumer and industrial products and structures. From the International Space Station to automobiles and airplanes ... from iPads to sky-scrapers ... nearly every product imaginable rests upon a foundation of metallurgy.

As a result, all sorts of manufacturing professionals -- quality and process engineers, supply chain professionals, production managers and more -- can benefit from understanding the basics of metallurgy. But for most of these professionals, metallurgy feels unapproachable. Its scientific concepts and terminology sounds foreign and complex, and few professional metallurgists take the time to explain the concepts to the outside world.

That is why we created this course, "An Introduction to Metallurgy". In it, you will learn a wide range of the fundamental concepts of this critical science. But don't worry ... we step through every concepts to help your learning process. In this course, we will cover:

  • What is Metallurgy

  • A Brief History of Metals

  • Physical Metallurgy

  • Mechanical Properties

  • How Steel is Made?

  • Crystal Structures

  • Alloying

  • And MUCH MORE!!

This class is designed for quality, manufacturing, engineering and supply chain professionals looking to expand their skill set into this important field of study. "An Introduction to Metallurgy" will give you a foundational understanding of these key ideas and prepare you for more advanced training.

While an advanced understanding of chemistry and engineering is required to become a professional metallurgist, only a basic understanding of manufacturing is required to get started in this class.

Sign up today to begin your journey into the field of metallurgy!!


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Introduction to the Course
Introduction to the Instructor
What is Metallurgy?, Pt 1
What is Metallurgy?, Pt 2
Downloadable Resources
The History of Metals, Pt 1
The History of Metals, Pt 2
The History of Metals, Pt 3
Physical Metallurgy, Pt 1
Physical Metallurgy, Pt 2
The Periodic Table
Material Test Reports
Crystal Structures
Mechanical Properties
Hardness Testing
Impact Strength
How Steel is Made, Pt 1
How Steel is Made, Pt 2
Conclusion to the Course
Bonus Lecture


June 27, 2022
I greatly appreciated Ray and Garry's explanations of a topic I struggled with during my BSME curriculum. I would agree that the vocabulary was a barrier to me the first time around, and so the effort to explain these terms and provide a glossary was helpful. If I could point out a couple things, one would be that the first five minutes of section 1.18 are the same recording as the tail end of 1.17. Secondly, I'd have appreciated a little more commentary on where the Hardness to Tensile Strength table shown in Section 1.14 comes from and when is it appropriate to use. I know this wasn't a stress analysis course, but my experience has been that such tables come with pretty strict caveats. Anyways, thanks for sharing the course!
June 2, 2022
I welded for 25 yrs, transitioned into a metal lab technician. Mechanical properties, hardness testing, charpy impact test, all are in line with my duties with in the lab. The history of metals and the refining methods, I found it to be informative and necessary for people who have never seen the process of the making of Iron.



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