Introduction to Ancient Egypt

A beginner's guide to the spectacular world of Egyptology: dynasties, religion, mummies, pharaohs, pyramids and temples.

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What you will learn

Gain an overall understanding of ancient Egyptian civilization

Identify the main periods of ancient Egyptian history

Be familiar with the ancient Egyptian religion and different gods

Be familiar with the different types of ancient Egyptian temples

Understand the importance of mummification and how it works

Be familiar with ancient Egyptian mythology

Discuss current topics in Egyptology


Five thousand years ago the land of the papyrus and the land of the lotus united to form one long, thin country ruled by one semi-divine king. For the next three thousand years Egypt would maintain a culture so distinctive that even today, some two thousand years after the last pharaoh occupied throne of the Two Lands, it has instant, universal recognition.

This course is divided into four sections, In the 1st section of this course, we are going to begin with the geography of the land itself, emphasizing how the Nile River shaped the culture of the ancient Egyptians.

In section 2, we are going to take a comprehensive view of the timeline of ancient Egypt from the pre-dynastic time 5000 BC to the fall of ancient Egypt in 30 BC. Covering powerful pharaohs, royal pyramids religious shifts, wars, and art.

In section 3, we are going to dive into the mysterious ancient Egyptian religion, covering gods and goddess, temples, important concepts like Maat, and key mythologies like the myth of Osiris.

In section 4, we are going to touch on the very unique concept of death in ancient Egypt, why the afterlife mattered so much to the ancient Egyptians, and why they had so lavish tombs; also in this section we are going to cover mummification and how it works.


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The Black and Red

The Nile River
Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt
Nomes, or Provinces

History and Chronology

The Predynastic period
Unification and Early Dynastic Period
The Old kingdom
The First Intermediate Period
The Middle Kingdom
The Second Intermediate Period
The New kingdom
The Third Intermediate Period
Late Period and the Macedonian Dynasty
The Ptolemaic Period


State Religion
The Pantheon
Funerary Beliefs
Funerary Texts

The Living and the Dead

Funerals, funerary processions, and tomb equipment
Cemeteries and Tombs
Mortuary Cults
Tomb Curses
The Living and the Dead

Bonus Lecture

Medicine in Ancient Egypt


May 22, 2021
Sorry to say I found this course very boring and monotonous and will not complete it. I think the lecturer was just reading from notes and hadn't put any effort to produce an interesting and encouraging course.
December 23, 2018
I've always been interested in ancient Egypt and enjoy reading about and testing my knowledge of it when I can. It's interesting to hear from archeologists on what new finds or facts are discovered. I was very happy to be able to visit Egypt and see first hand many of the temples and tombs there and, when it's a bit safer, would love to go back! Thank you so much for and interesting and informative class. I enjoyed it very much!



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