Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA

Is Amazon FBA for you? Six Steps to an Amazon FBA Home Business

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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

Discover how to set Working from Home business by setting up your Amazon Seller Account

How to find products to sell using the Amazon FBA platform

Identify the key characteristics of Products to sell on Amazon FBA

How to find suppliers for your Amazon FBA product

How to list your Product on Amazon - including the Four Key Parts of a Listing

How to drive your Amazon FBA Sales, particularly the importance of Ratings and great Photos

How to manage and grow your Working from Home Amazon FBA Business

Amazon Retail Arbitrage: Where to find deals and bargains to sell on Amazon and make money


Attention! Do You Need To Create A Second Income Online? Amazon FBA Might Be The Answer


Discover Amazon FBA and WHAT this online business framework can do for you!

Find out whether Amazon FBA is for YOU!


I have co-authored a SIX HOUR course on Amazon FBA - but I thought you might want to find out about Amazon FBA before launching yourself into that much comprehensive studying!

So here it is: Six Steps to Amazon FBA Success!


  • How to Sign up for Amazon FBA
  • How to Find a Product to Sell on Amazon FBA
  • How to Find a Supplier of your Amazon FBA Product
  • How to get your Product into the Amazon Market Place
  • How to Drive your Sales
  • How to Manage your Amazon FBA Business


This is what one student said about my comprehensive Amazon FBA course:

"Excellent Course

I was toying with the idea of Amazon FBA for some but had a lot of unanswered questions and kept putting it off and after this course I believe all the bases are covered and I am definitely going to do this. Thanks John and Sergey for this comprehensive course." Paul K.


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    Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA
    Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA
    Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA
    Amazon FBA Made Easy Simple Introduction to Amazon FBA


    Introduction to the Course

    Introduction: Welcome message from John

    Instructor welcome from Sergey & why enroll in this course

    Please Introduce Yourself

    Amazon FBA: Step 1 Getting Started

    Amazon FBA: Setting up an Amazon Seller Account

    Amazon FBA: Setting up to get Paid

    Amazon FBA: Step 2 Finding a Product to Sell

    Amazon FBA: Understanding Categories and Sub Categories

    Amazon FBA: Using the Best Sellers Lists

    Amazon FBA: Key Characteristics of the Ideal Product

    Amazon FBA: Step 3 Finding Suppliers for your Product

    Amazon FBA: Using Google to Search for Suppliers

    Amazon FBA: Using Alibaba to find Products

    Amazon FBA: Key Steps to Getting Your First Product

    Time Out: I Would Love to Get Your Feedback on this Course

    Amazon FBA: Step 4 Getting Your Product Listed on Amazon FBA

    Amazon FBA: Getting your Product to Amazon

    Amazon FBA; The Four Key Parts of an Amazon Listing

    Amazon FBA: Step 5 Driving Your Amazon FBA Sales

    Amazon FBA; Growing Your Amazon Business

    Amazon FBA: The importance of Ratings and Reviews

    Amazon FBA: Success with product photography

    Amazon FBA: Step 6 Managing Your Amazon FBA Business

    Amazon FBA: Promoting Your Amazon FBA Business

    Amazon FBA: Managing Your Inventory

    Amazon FBA - Cash Machine finding products to resale

    Amazon FBA - Best place to find deals

    Amazon FBA - This location got coolest stuff

    Amazon FBA - Your one stop hub for bargains

    Amazon FBA - Seasonal steep discounts

    Amazon FBA - Getting started with Alibaba

    Amazon FBA; Course Summary and Wrap Up

    Amazon FBA: Course Summary and Wrap Up

    Amazon FBA Bonus Lecture - Course Slide Deck

    BONUS LECTURE: Full Amazon FBA course access!!!

    Bonus Lecture - What's Next For You? Any of John's Courses for $12.99?


    Christian29 March 2021

    The course provides a good overview, but does have too much audio that’s just the intro and exit sound, making it a bit difficult to binge listen and decreasing the info density. I’d much prefer a bit more seamless transitions or longer videos (intro and putto every minute or two is just too frequent). Also, John’s material was good, but I found his co presenter covering topics less interesting, and sounding a bit less polished — repeated “lots of profit!” cause those sections to sound a touch scammy

    SANJEEV5 February 2021

    Course is nicely explained. All the factors are very well covered. The course insights have cleared all the doubts which a beginner had. This is really helpful. Thanks.

    Saad24 January 2018

    this course is good as an initiation for any person trying to understand this business before getting into it. very simple language to understand

    Andrea29 December 2017

    This was a broad overview of Amazon FBA. I liked information they gave in the course and I feel I have a better understanding of FBA. I did have a hard time hearing Sergey. I had my volume turned all the way up and tried with headphones and still struggled to hear what he said in his videos.

    Eri8 November 2017

    Very basic information, only showing the place of information, doesnt go into details. Also says that he is going to tell HOW you can do certain things, but ends up NOT telling how to do them.

    Rodrigo10 July 2017

    Como estou iniciando agora no mundo da Amazon, não posso avaliar como 5 estrelas, porque ainda não conheço a fundo. Porém estou gostando bastante.

    Jose1 June 2017

    John is a very good instructor and easy to understand. Very good delivered and the details are excellent to start a new business with Amazon. Sergey's part was good though but his voice was very low sometimes so it made it hard to follow him. Anyways good job guys!!

    Andrea20 May 2017

    I was completely overwhelmed by the idea of doing FBA as I had no previous in depth knowledge of it. This introductory course has been very clear and helped me understand the basics. There are questions I still have and things I would like more detail on, but I imagine those are further answered in the upgraded course, which I will be getting as well. All in all, very well done. Thank you!

    Charlotte8 February 2017

    Very easy to go through! Motivating as you see quick results while you understand every line you write through fast and simple explanations.

    Jackson12 January 2017

    Excellent Course for an overview and beginner. Taught me a lot and I have been selling for over 2 years

    Muneer9 June 2016

    It's so amazing, simple to understand and very very helpful. it's a very good introductory course. Loved it.

    Graham24 May 2016

    Mr Colley's voice is clear, easy to listen to and he delivers only that which is important in order to gain knowledge of Amazon FBA. If the rest of this course is just as good, I will purchase the more comprehensive course.

    Blake11 May 2016

    Very basic information given that should be common knowledge honestly. The music intro and end music is extremely annoying. The constant switch of narrator is also very annoying. The main thing this course does is try to get you to buy another course for more information. Don't waste your time honestly.

    Manickam1 September 2015

    This course is very very basic, most of the info you can get it by directly reading amazon help pages and little bit of you tube and google search. If you are serious about Amazon FBA this course is a waste of time. look elsewhere. I gave 3 stars because i got this course for free and basic info is given in one place so its ok course.

    Warren17 May 2015

    This is a great basic course for the complete beginner. For those of us that are somewhat familiar with the topic...you will need another course.


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