Amazon Video Direct - Build A Small Business with Videos AVD

Quick Mass Production - Upload your Videos onto AVD in Batches - Correct Video Format, Closed Caption Files, Thumbnails

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Amazon Video Direct - Build A Small Business with Videos AVD


2 hours


Feb 2019

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What you will learn

Start publishing video content onto Amazon Video Direct

Meet the requirements Amazon Video Direct to start publishing

Do Mass Production to start uploading Videos onto AVD

Prepare well to get organized to do bulk production

FOCUS on the right things in the preparatory work

CONCENTRATE on high value activity to get maximum productivity

FOLLOW a format to do Closed Caption Files Efficiently

CREATE Right dimensions of thumbnails easily

UPLOAD videos onto the Amazon Video Direct

UPLOAD Closed Caption Files onto AVD

SET UP an efficient working place for AVD Business

CREATE Batches of Video Files to sell them at Amazon

SEPARATE Stand Alone & Episodic in the Preparatory Work

FOLLOW the right formats for Videos & Thumbnails

CONVERT Videos in batches to save time


Amazon Video Direct Publishing -  Upload & Publish your Videos with Closed Captions & Start Building A Small Business on Amazon AVD!  

Learn the Correct Formatting for Videos, Closed Caption Files & Thumbnails! In this course, you are going to do mass production, so you need to stay very organized and focused, so that you get your Video Business UP and Running on AVD Platform ASAP!  Don't be left behind!


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In Building A Credible Business, you need to have planning & foresight!  

  • This course moves you in the direction of building a small home business in AVD

  • You will learn how to sign in to start uploading videos onto the platform

  • You need to have a plan to do mass production in the Education department in AVD

  • You will learn how to upload videos that you already have in your computer

  • Learn how to section each steps so as to be able to build your video online business in AVD

  • Separate videos from Stand Alone & Episodic 

  • Know how to organize your Folders in the AVD Business

The course will outline the FOLLOWING Quick Tips to help you do Mass Production for your Small Business:

1.  Know the requirement for Video Formats.

2.  Know the requirement for Closed Caption File Formats.

3.  Know the requirement for Thumbnails for Stand Alone & Episodic

4.  Get yourself organized with all your folders when you do the upload.

5.  Know the difference between the Stand Alone & the Episodic.

6.  Know why you want to do Background images.

The thing that you need to be aware of is this in Amazon:

Amazon Platform at the present moment does not have DRAFT mode as you upload your videos.

You need to have everything in the CORRECT FORMAT, especially the ART WORK before they will save the catalogue listing.  Otherwise if you key in everything and only discover that when you 'save', they will not accept your thumbnail artwork, you will find yourself going back and forth wasting your time in the process. 

So to save you all from your frustration, you must get yourself very organized and prepared well before you do the actual uploading.

This Business Course will show you all the ins and outs to help you organize. You can even hire a VA to take this course to to through all the actual procedure.

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This is a long awaited dream many Kindle authors had longed for and you can make this dream come true for you today!

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Introduction to the Course

Introduction: An Overview of the Course

Introduction and Overview of the Course

Smart Step 1: Setting Up An Efficient Work Station for Mass Production

Intro: Set Yourself Up in these 3 Areas

Setting Up your Account & Info

Dashboard - Performance Metrics, Videos & Support

High Productivity: Get All Files READY for Mass Production!

Fun Activity 1: Setting Up Your Folders To Get Organized for Mass Production.

Smart Step 2: Preparing Stand Alone Videos in Batches

No Draft Mode in the AVD Platform

Stand Alone Preparation vs Episodic Preparation

Each Stand Alone Product - A Title & A Synopsis

Use Notepad - Key in Title & Synopsis for Each Stand Alone Video

High Productivity: Do Batches of 10 at one Time

Download this Template - Use this for your Stand Alone Batches!

Sales Page Shows Synopsis - Spend Time doing Excellent Synopsis!

Fun Activity 2: Setting up Your Stand Alone Folders

Smart Step 3: Preparing Episodic Videos in Batches for Mass Production

Episodic Products Require A Lot More Files: Seasons + Episodes

Episodic - Add Series - Title + Synopsis (Metadata)

Episodic - Add Seasons - Numbers + Synopsis

Episodic: Add Episodes - Title + Synopsis

Amazon Video Sales Page - Episodic Series - Seasons + Episodes

Create Notepad Templates for Episodic Series

Download Rosa's Template for Episodic Series

Project Activity 3: Episodic Series - Really Need to get yourself organized!

Smart Step 4: Converting Videos in Batches With Just One Click

Convert Your Videos in Batches and not one by one

Get the Right Video Requirements & Specifications

Free Resources: Different Video Converter Tools & Tutorials

FREE: Download My Favorite FREE Video Converter

Bulk Conversion: Set UP Proper Folders

An Actual Walk Through Demo of Video Mass Converstion in Bulk

Project Fun Activity 4: Use FF to Convert Videos in Batches

Smart Step 5: Create Right Dimensions of Thumbnails in Batches

Get Thumbnails CORRECT on Upload or else the page will NOT save!

Thumbnails for Stand Alone & Episodic - Dimensions & Resolutions

What is Background Images?

Create Correct Thumbnails in Mass Production

Project Fun Activity 5: Create a Thumbnail with all 3 Dimensions!

Smart Step 6: Learn the Skill to Create your own Closed Caption Files

A Work Flow Procedure - 7 Steps to do the Closed Caption Files Efficiently

Smart Step 6: What kind of Closed Caption Files Amazon requires?

Smart Step 6: Quick CC Files Live Demo in 7 Easy Steps

Procedure: Step by Step

CC Demo Step 1: Get Video From Speech to Text

CC Demo Step 2 to 4: Use Notepad Editor

Smart Step 6: Using Subtitle Software to Finish the Editing for Steps 5-7

Choose any Subtitle Workshop to Finish the Editing Process

Smart Step 6 - Using You Tube Platform to Finish Your Editing - CC Steps 5 -7

CC Demo Step 5: Getting Yourself Set up to Edit using You Tube

CC Demo Step 6: The Actual Editing in You Tube - Watch this! This is Fun!

CC Demo Step 7: Publish and Download Subrip file .srt

Project Fun Activity 6: Create your First Close Caption Files

Smart Step 7: Uploading & Publishing in Amazon

Smart Step 7: Publish Videos and Let Sales Roll In!

Stand Alone Upload: Catalogue Listing

Stand Alone Upload: Cast & Crew

Stand Alone: Video Assets

Stand Alone: Availability

Episodic Product: Catalogue Listing for Seasons + Episodes

Episodic Availability - A Bit different from Stand Alone Availability

Uploading & Publishing

Conclusion & Congratulations

Congratulations! Cool Stuff Here!


Keith2 September 2017

Good Info. She is very thorough, but on the Mac you will need the Ultimate Converter by Wondershare.

Ricky26 July 2016

Rosa has done a sterling job in clearly explaining all the 'Gotcha's' that could so easily trip new publishers up,and possibly,even abandon the idea of uploading their content on Amazon's platform! Everything needed to be able to abide by Amazon's rules has been covered in a concise way,and the tools/services that are available to get things done have been included as well:) All in all,Rosa has not only saved people a lot of potential grief/pain while trying to use Amazon's interface/platform,she has covered the basics of video compression/conversion/captions too:) Thanks very much for the clear and very useful knowledge that has been imparted:))


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