Publish Your Video Content with Amazon Video Direct

Learn how to easily monetize your own video content by uploading to Amazon Video Direct, Amazon's new video platform!

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

Learn how to upload videos ONCE to Amazon Video Direct, and make recurring passive income from your videos.

Learn how to upload your videos, in easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorials.

Learn how to easily create your thumbnail graphics for your Amazon videos.

Learn how to easily create closed caption files for your Amazon videos.

Learn about the right formats for uploading.

Learn how to convert existing videos to the right format for uploading.

Learn how to monetize your videos EVEN MORE by using a variety of approved marketing strategies.



Imagine turning your existing YouTube videos, your short tutorials, your online courses, documentaries, indie films, short video clips, music videos (and any other type of video you create) into an ongoing, passive income, and doing it quickly and easily?   

Imagine getting paid by Amazon to upload videos?   

How is this possible?   

Simple, through an exciting and NEW platform called Amazon Video Direct, you can now publish your videos on Amazon, one of the largest and most trusted websites in the world.   

Thanks to Amazon Video Direct, you can now turn your existing or new videos into an ongoing, passive income stream AND drive traffic to your website in the process.   

In this new course, we’re going to show you how to upload your videos ONCE to Amazon and then enjoy an ongoing, residual income from that point on!   


Not only could you reach up to 56 million Amazon Prime users on their TV screens, but your reach could even extend to up to 250 million Amazon users, right on the Amazon website itself!   

That’s right, your videos can be listed, right alongside all kinds of other product listings, right on Amazon!   


In this course, you’ll discover the 4 ways that Amazon pays you for publishing your videos AND, you’ll also learn about the million dollar bonus that Amazon is offering you, just for creating videos!   

In this million dollar bonus program, Amazon is offering 1 million dollars PER MONTH which will be split among the top 100 video producers! 

You can rest assured that, if Amazon is putting up 1 million dollars, they want this program to succeed and now you can be part of that success!   


Here’s what you’re going to discover inside this detailed, step-by-step course…   

  • The benefits of uploading your videos to Amazon Video Direct

  • How to upload your videos, in easy, step-by-step tutorials

  • How to easily create thumbnail graphics for your Amazon videos

  • How to easily create closed caption files for your Amazon videos

  • The correct formats for your videos

  • How to easily convert existing videos into the correct formats

  • How to make money by using a variety of marketing strategies


You should be very excited that you landed on this page, because you’re at the right place at the right time.   

You are one of the very first people to even hear about this amazing Amazon program!   

If you witnessed how many people made (and are continuing to make) big incomes with the Kindle eBook phenomenon, then you just might have a hint at what can happen here – and Amazon is putting up a million dollars to ensure this is more successful than Kindle.   


So, don’t let this exciting new business pass you by - this new Amazon Video Direct program will create lots of success stories and we are very excited to bring you the very first (and authoritative) course about Amazon Video Direct, right here!   

You’re welcome to preview some of the lectures for free, below and then you’ll be able to enroll with confidence!   Remember, your enrollment is backed by Udemy’s 30-day, 100% money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!   

Enroll today!


Publish Your Video Content with Amazon Video Direct
Publish Your Video Content with Amazon Video Direct
Publish Your Video Content with Amazon Video Direct
Publish Your Video Content with Amazon Video Direct


Introduction To Monetize Your Videos With Amazon Video Direct


Course Roadmap

Benefits Of Publishing On Amazon Video Direct

Video Upload Options

Prepare Your Files to Upload to Amazon Video Direct

Video Formats - Make Sure Your Video is Ready for Amazon Video Direct

Closed Captions - The Inexpensive Way to Create Closed Captions

Closed Captioning Converter

Paid Options for Closed Captioning

Artwork - Create All Necessary Artwork for Your Amazon Video Direct Uploads

Using Canva To Create All Necessary Artwork

Upload Your Videos to Amazon Video Direct

Uploading to Amazon Video Direct - Part 1

Uploading to Amazon Video Direct - Part 2

Uploading to Amazon Video Direct - Part 3

Practice Activity: Post Your Video

Uploading a Series of Videos as Episodes

Bulk Upload Videos with Amazon S3

Optimization, Pricing, and Monetization

Optimizing Your Video Title And Description For Amazon Search

Optimizing Your Video Title And Description For Google Search

Pricing & Monetization Options For Amazon Video Direct

Pricing And Monetization Options For Amazon Video Direct - Detailed

Case Studies: Making Money with Amazon Video Direct

Phil's Income Report 1

Phil's Income Report 2 - 6 Months In


Bonus Lecture: Get Any of Phil's Course for Up to 90% Off


Scott13 December 2019

Starts out with some pretty solid information, however good portions of this are already out of date. With no response from the creator I dont think we can expect any updates.

Mina23 February 2019

Learnt reality more than old-film school how to survive in film industry if you are a individual filmmaker! Thanks

Husni30 December 2018

I love this course, explained well but then I saw the only problem which is I didn't see any recent income update.

Marilyn25 March 2018

I spend a lot of time viewing instructional videos on many subjects and find this to be one of the top videos that I have viewed. The instructors were very professional, responsive and easy to follow. All of my questions were answered about Amazon Video Direct service! Just celebrated my 80-year-old birthday and still thinking about my future and following my dreams. You are never too old to learn!

Brenda27 February 2018

Creating videos for youtube and now amazon is new to me. I've never been paid for any of my content because I never qualified under the Youtube "rules". Now it appears Youtube has changed them again and it looks like beginners like me will never qualify. So I noticed Phil offering this class and I signed up to learn more about Amazon Direct. I still feel like I am at a technological disadvantage because my skills are not at a professional level. I've taken many of Phil's classes and continue to apply the knowledge gained in real time. I guess practice makes perfect. In this class I would have liked to see other examples of video content that amazon is looking for. However, Phil and Dave do walk you through many of the screens (Amazon) step by step which is very helpful. I liked their format and how they organized the material. Its fast paced and to the point. But understand that there is an assumption in the beginning that students know how to create, edit and post a video on Youtube. Which in my case is fine. However, I'm still a bit confused about how to proceed. Is this the best platform for beginner video creators who are looking for a little additional revenue stream? Youtube offers any type of video - I get the impression from this class Amazon wants only professional produced material (i.e. documentary, How To (i.e. food-network, HGTV quality), short film). Which once again leaves me out until I can fine tune my skills to a professional level. I wished they had addressed this a little more in their class.

William2 February 2018

Very good overview of AVD, with lots of relevant detail. Amazon seem to be more upfront about payments than YouTube. Very encouraging for potential videographers to make some money, which Phil goes into detail about. Although you would need many (short) videos to make anything significant, but, that can come with time.

Sergey12 January 2018

Very interesting and insightful course! Cant wait to start publishing. One thing I really wanted to see was a more in depth explanation on how to link your amazon store with physical products to your videos. Thank you for the great content!

Amanda14 October 2017

Fantastic course. Great audio and video content - professionally produced for maximum impact & learning. Insights I can immediately use in my work. Would definitely purchase other courses in future.

Louise21 September 2017

I enjoyed this course because it provided the important basics for publishing video on Amazon. It makes sense to put videos on Amazon so that people can learn about my courses on Udemy. I still needed to do a bit of work and figure a few things out once I joined but your course gave me the foundation pieces. Thanks guys!

Oliver12 September 2017

Solid actionable information, no fluff or filler, delivered at a great pace! I will be using the information from this course to distribute my courses on Amazon Video Direct. Thanks!

David30 August 2017

It's very direct and to the point. There seems to be no non essential information. I live the fact the the narrator is explaing everything very simply. Thank you so much !!!

Kawsar10 July 2017

Awesome video and Phil Ebner Sir, Truly U are awesome. I have learned lot from you, and in future I hope that you will create more wonderful content for us :) . Be Blessed

Lane29 April 2017

The course had a lot of valuable information, and walks you through the entire process of getting your videos on Amazon Video Direct. I took a bunch of notes, and so it takes the guesswork out of publishing my first titles.

Peter5 January 2017

It's a very good content. Started with all the benefits on , then transition to step by step instruction. I like it and will definitely recommend.

Dina30 September 2016

Terrific course that excites and prepares me to crush AVD. The information is easy to follow and apply. Great for pioneering, early adopters like me.


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