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Amazon S3 - Master course

Amazon S3 & AWS are Easy Once You Know How. Follow My Step-By-Step navigations & Master Amazon S3 Quickly.

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Amazon S3 - Master course


2 hours


Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Host a website on Amazon s3

Create a secure s3 bucket and add files to it

Navigate around the Amazon AWS management console like a pro

Enable versioning and encryption from the web interface

Automatically replicate data to data centers in separate geographic regions using cross region replication

Use life cycle management to move data to cheaper storage classes as it ages

Enable versioning and encryption using the command line interface


In this course, you will learn about AWS S3 Storage service available on Amazon Cloud. When you are preparing for an AWS Certification, Storage is the first thing you should learn and explore. You will be learning all kinds of Storage options available on AWS S3 with some hands-on demonstration of how you can actually create and instance and make use of various options available.

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)

It is a general-purpose object storage that works well for unstructured data sets such as media content. Amazon S3 provides the highest level of data durability and availability on the AWS Cloud. There are three tiers of storage: one each for hot, warm, or cold data. In terms of pricing, the colder the data, the cheaper it is to store, and the costlier it is to access when needed.

AWS Skills are Hot and Amazon S3 is a Foundational Building Block!

AWS skills are highly desired by many employers and Amazon S3 is one of the core skills you need to master. Many other AWS services rely on and interact heavily with Amazon S3. Mastering AWS Amazon S3 sets a solid foundation for you to continue to build on.

Don't be let down by out of date content! AWS Is Continously Changing!

AWS services are continually changing. This course is one of the most up to date and comprehensive courses available for Amazon S3. By taking this course you will be getting fresh, up to date content on the tools and features that are available to you.

Take advantage of affordable, highly scale-able storage in your own projects

Whether you need a place to back up information or host a blazing fast static website, Amazon S3 can deliver. This course will give you the know-how to take advantage of the scale-ability, redundancy, and bandwidth that is backed by Amazon's global infrastructure.

Gain in depth knowledge

The goal of this course is to give you and in depth knowledge of Amazon S3 and hands on practice using it so you can use it in your own projects or organization.




Basics of S3

S3 Intro

S3 Storage Classes

Lab - S3 Buckets & Objects

Security - Access Control

S3 Bucket & User Policies

Lab - S3 Bucket Policies

Security - Logging and Monitoring

S3 Monitoring with CloudWatch

Lab - S3 Monitoring with CloudWatch

S3 Access Logging

Lab - Access Logging

S3 CloudTrail Logging

Security - Data Protection

S3 Encryption

Lab - S3 Encryption

S3 Versioning & MFA Delete

Lab - Versioning

Lab - MFA Delete

S3 Cross Region Replication

Lab - Cross Region Replication

Lifecycle Management

S3 Lifecycle Management

Lab - LifeCycle Management

Event Notifications

S3 Event Notifications

Lab - S3 Event Notifications

Website Hosting

S3 Cross Origin Resource Sharing

S3 Static Website Hosting

Lab - Static Website Hosting


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