AMAZON FBA - Private Label Products Launch - Rank - Crush It

You Will Learn WhatTop Sellers Like Me and Other's use On Amazon Today - To Launch - Rank - Scale & Get Killer Reviews

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Apr 2018

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What you will learn

Successfully Launch Amazon Products That Build Traction Fast On The amazon Platform Or Other Platforms

Use Unfair Secret Methods To Grow Your Brand Fast On Amazon

How To Command Traffic To Your Listings With Uncommon Methods

Get Highest Quailty Reviews and Spike The Listing with Out Any Review Club

Build a Responsive Email List.

Make Amazing Sales Funnels & Bridge Funnels Pages for Amazon Or Shopify Store.

How To Use Video And The Power Of Influence As You Build a Fan Base

Know The 3 Secret Methods Master Sellers Are Using Today Thats a Year Ahead

Secret To Ranking Fast After You Have Ran Out Of Inventory

You will get a free copy to of the top millionair sellers new products picking system that will land you winners 90% of the time .free download on preview


In The amazon platform it’s vital to launch correctly to optimize your listings and rank fast For Private Labels Product’s - Brands or at least progress over a even times frame of 5 weeks to 3 months with mathematical certainly.

You Were Told By Guru’s To Give away Products To Launch Fast, That IS A Great Strategy To Use About 3-4 years ago or if you have a ton of cash you like to waste that you could use to source more products.

Hello im Dave Dahl and for the past 6 years iv spent a lot of time (5489 hours studying past 6 years part time) not including the lesson’s learned from my own success not including cash iv spent on learning from the best like the frank kern to Brendon berchard to Dan Kenney and Dan Hollings and Ezra firestone, to know what really works in ecom.

For Past 2 years iv been on Amazon, selling privet label product right from the start and right out the gate after two week’s I hit page #1 using uncommon ways to drive traffic to my stuff on amazon in Beauty. 

I simply used 1 great strategy from 8 others you’ll learn in this course from simple sales funnels to secret strategies that make all the Big Difference.

These also Work Wonders When amazon have lost your stuff and you are stuck with no inventory for 2-4 weeks and lost rank only to come back and rank again.

Join me as I take you under my wing and show you step by step how to use bridge funnels and sales funnels as well as the psychology to turn your buyers in to paying customers before they even get to amazon check out cart.

As well use 2 MEGA strategies, one for getting selfie reviews that convert with less reviews to boost sales,on amazons organic traffic and the other is so top secret I cant show you till your inside, but it’s how amazon gets over 30% of there sales and I’ll show you how to tap in to this samurai hack by bundling up with best selling products and much more..


Your More Then Likely To Be Selling Your Item Privet Labelled Because Of The Advantages it Comes with like considering selling your company brand name products As well Taking More Control of your products as you should have more control of your brand and company this will lead you in that path of domination and control.

Wait Im Not done Yet..!

 So If You’r On The Fence To Taking This Course, I Like To Help You Achieve Success On Your amazon Launch.

Try This Out And Come Back To See Me to Grow Faster After You Hit Page 1-2 In 30 - 45  Days  

Step #1   Amazon LOVES Full Price Retail Sales (Your Margins Are Amazon Opportunity for Fee’s) So amazon Rewards Those Sales with More Traffic and Placements. Gather Up Some Not So Close Friends And Ask Them To Support You On This Launch, By Buying You Stuff At Full Pop,OR You Can Gift Them Back The Cash To Buy , It’s Up To You .. ( Make Sure There Not Family Members  To You On Face Book ) 

Step #2 Have Them All Buy The First Week, As You Place A PPC Amazon Campaign On With Your Key words On Automatic With A Small Budget Of Say $3 a Day to $5. Later Gather The Search Terms That Convert Best and Then USE Those Only.      

Amazon WILL TEST Your NEW LISTING ASAP , Amazon Knows What People Will Buy Before They Even Buy it, So They Will Send Your Products To The Most Likely Hood Of Customers, That Will Buy Or Have Shown Interest In Items Like That Product..

I Hope This Makes Sense To You , As I'v Launched Many Products With No Reviews And Got Sales Organically In Work Wear and Hit #1 -#3 In SUB SUB Niches. As Well Crushed It with NY Times Press Releases and Sales Funnels To Rank Fast In Those VERY Competitive Ninches. 

As Soon As Your Ready To Take Control Of Your Results On & Off Amazon,  i'll See You Inside. 


AMAZON FBA - Private Label Products Launch - Rank - Crush It
AMAZON FBA - Private Label Products Launch - Rank - Crush It
AMAZON FBA - Private Label Products Launch - Rank - Crush It
AMAZON FBA - Private Label Products Launch - Rank - Crush It


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Extra Bonus -BUNDLING SUPER HACK - Private Msg Your Instructor For This Content


PRESS RELEASE & NATIVE ADS+ YouTUbe Broad Casting Demos To RANK On Google

Traffic Part 1

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Landing Page Funnels - How To Create Them On 3 Platforms For You To Choose From


Bonus - How To Use Free Kindle Book's For Your Products

My Easy Landing Page App OMG

One Page Amazon Filter by Super Amazon Seller Dan Hollings - Add Wow

Super URL

NEW Super X URL Done For You zero Coding Required

NEW (Super X URL ) Why This Works - KIBLY'S SUPER X URL


Building Easy CLICK Funnels - Capturing Emails And More


Selfie Reviews That No One is Currently Using On Amazon

The Give Ways Feature In Amazon How That Works


the16 October 2017

Seems like Dave is really smart guy)) And I received several cool links that I will definitely use in the future. Hope to see new courses from Dave, but with step by step recommendations or tasks (will be much more easier for students) Thank You!

Leslie15 October 2017

Some good information here, but the instructor never seems to complete one topic so you're left with an incomplete course. Very "scatterbrained" type of delivery and grammar/spelling is horrendous.

Baku27 September 2017

only a few lectures are rehearsed and organized. The rest have poor explanation and have very bad editing with strange background noise interferences. I am not sure how he got rated so highly. There is some useful content. I would have given a higher score if he put in more effort and wasn't so sloppy with his explanations.

Homayon8 June 2017

I saw lots of training on Amazon FBA, but Dave's strategies are aligned with latest tools and digital sales technics. Really IMPRESSIVE!

Jedrix9 April 2017

Relevant and succinct information in doing PL in AZ. I like the instructor no hold-back teaching of his own experience doing and growing his own AZ business. Thanks for the value!

Carlos4 April 2017

general overview on most subjects. Didn't really go into a lot of detail. it was hard to follow, i feel like he was all over the place sometimes. and didn't explain how things connected to each other.

Eugene14 January 2017

Course is really informative and professional. Fast support. I thought I know a lot about Amazon but the course is full of tips and tricks I have never heard. I was really amazed with Amazon hack from bonus lecture. Yes it is really how to hack Amazon. I recommend course for both newbies and professionals.


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