Amazon FBA: The Complete 7- Figure Business Builder Program

A Clear and Concise Road map To Business Success and Financial Freedom on Amazon FBA 2020

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

How to become an Amazon fba seller

How to create a private label business on Amazon


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Hi my name is Valaentina Amode and I am a 25 year old Professional Amazon Seller.

As someone who has been down the traditional life path of school, university then working a full time job i understand what it feels like to constantly dream of a life of true freedom.

After working as an accountant for 2 years I realised that working a 9-5 job just wasn't the lifestyle for me; I was bored, uninspired, unmotivated and passionless which is not the way i imagined my life to be and i just knew i had to take action and find a way to escape the rat race- this is how i discovered the magic of Amazon FBA.

Amazon is an amazing platform that has allowed me to explore my creativity, generate a substantial passive income and wake up everyday excited to discover more. I feel so blessed and lucky to have found something i love doing and i want to be able to share my successes, my failures/lessons and most importantly my knowledge with others.  As the common saying goes- knowledge is power and i want to empower others out there to chase their dreams and create financial freedom for themselves.

Nothing is impossible, if you can think it then it is attainable so BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU WANT AND BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!]

What you will learn:

This is a step-by-step guide that provides you with all the knowledge required to create a 7 figure business or successful side hustle on Amazon. You will learn:

· How to create a profitable brand and business, generate passive income and live a life of financial freedom.

· How to work from home as an entrepreneur and build a 7-figure business.

· How choose profitable, unique and diverse products to sell on Amazon.

· How to source products from trust worthy suppliers.

· How to negotiate the best price/deals for various manufactured goods.

· How to launch new products in the most cost effective way.

· Minimally be able to find a product that will sell 10 units or generate a net profit of £100 a day.

· What to do if your account is ever suspended or deactivated.



This course is the BEST step-by-step program for learning how to create a brand and private label business on Amazon, You will be given invaluable insight and the most in-depth knowledge required to becoming a successful Amazon FBA seller. You will learn everything you need to know about starting a business on Amazon, finding the best products to sell, finding the right suppliers and so much more.

This is not just a course for beginners however; those with existing businesses will also learn how to take your existing business to the next level, boost sales and generate more profit. Most importantly, I will share with you my experience and journey as an Amazon seller, the common mistakes made by sellers, how to avoid a number of pitfalls that lead to the failure of many Amazon FBA sellers and what to do if your account ever gets deactivated.

Why take this course?

1. You get lifetime access to an easy to follow set of lectures and walkthroughs.

2. You can ask me questions and see me respond to every single one of them thoughtfully in the course discussions section or my google classroom

3. What you will learn in this course is original, tested, and very detailed! I have been through many up and downs throughout my journey and I have integrated all my experiences into this course to help others find success, create the lifestyle of their dreams and bypass/ tackle any issues that may arise.

4. In this course, you will learn how to sell on Amazon from beginner level to advanced!

You will learn where to start, what products to sell, how to source them, how to get them to the amazon warehouse, how to optimize your product listings and how to launch your products including different launch strategies you can use to get your products ranking in the first position!

Be Brave, Be Bold & Take the steps required to building the lifestyle of your dreams! ENROLL NOW!


· Everything you need to know is covered within this course so all you need is a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

· There is always an initial start-up investment required to start ANY business but I will teach you a range of strategies and methods you can use to match your budget.

Who this course is for :

· This course is for beginners who wish to create a successful Amazon FBA business

· This course is for existing Amazon FBA sellers who wish to grow their sales and business


Amazon FBA: The Complete 7- Figure Business Builder Program
Amazon FBA: The Complete 7- Figure Business Builder Program
Amazon FBA: The Complete 7- Figure Business Builder Program
Amazon FBA: The Complete 7- Figure Business Builder Program



Amazon FBA Quick Overview: Beginners Guide


What is Amazon FBA & How does it work?

How To Register on Amazon FBA

Key Resources

Product Research

Product Research: Amazon Bestseller List

Product Research Checklist

Jungle Scout & Viral Launch

Restricted Products, Gated Categories, Patents & Trademarks

How To Differentiate Your Products


Finding Suppliers

Negotiation Tactics

Product Samples

Bundling Products

Paying The Supplier

Creating A Shipping Plan

Navigating on Amazon Seller Central

Creating A Listing

EAN/ UPC Codes

Product Description & Keywords

Finding Keywords Using Viral Launch & Jungle Scout

Creating Variations

Marketing & Customer Service

Pricing Your Product: Amazon FBA Calculator

Pricing Your Product: The Checklist

Designing a Logo & Packaging

Dealing With Customer Messages & Refund Requests

How To Launch Your Product

Giveaways & Vouchers

PPC Launch Strategy

How To Get Reviews & How To Get Rid Of Negative Reviews

Amazon Algorithm: How To Get Your Product Ranking


Account Suspension/ Deactivation

Missing/ Lost Shipment

My First Year Experience & Common Mistakes Made By New Sellers

Google Classroom Info

Google Classroom


Muhammmad24 February 2021

This course has the most comprehensive and in-depth content. Valentina has gone into much detail to explain the complete FBA process. I am going to use all the resources she has provided with this course. Moreover, all trainees have access to google classroom, where we can ask questions and extra assistance on a particular step in the Amazon FBA process. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to build his 7 figure business.


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