Amazon FBA: Start to Finish Guide -Dominate Your Competition

Start Selling on Amazon FBA today. Amazon - Beginner to Expert Guide to Dominate Amazon FBA. Amazon - FBA (eCommerce)

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Jan 2018

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What you will learn

Create an Amazon Business

Learn how to negotiate with overseas suppliers

Import from China

Learn how to pick the perfect product to sell

Pick a Freight Forwarder

Create an Account on Shopify

Learn how to make millions by selling on Amazon

Learn how to Private Label your own products and sell like a machine on Amazon

Brand your product

Promote your product efficiently and effectively

Generate income from home

Create awesome marketing pieces


Launched Jan, 2017

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"Ben is a phenomenal entrepreneur. Ben asked me to watch his course to pick out areas of improvement. There are none in my opinion. He goes into great detail about his Amazon biz. Highly recommend this course" Sarah Jessers - 100K Earner - Amazon


Work from home kill it ONLINE! Earn money while you SLEEP!

There are a dozen or more courses on this platform that go over Amazon FBA. I have watched several of them. They are great and have incredible instructors. I just have to say the thing that most of them lack is even a basics in social media marketing or pre-launch strategy. My course covers this all! Also, my course is a terrific overview for the beginner who is wondering how it all works. 

Amazon can be an extremely complex business and it is great to have a mentor who actually cares about your success. I have a proven track record of success in this business and I am here to share my experiences with you. That is why I have set up a one on one coaching Facebook page to answer more detailed questions and to continue your growth outside of this course. 

If you feel like you cant make it in this business I am living proof that you are wrong! When I started I had a full time job, a newborn, a wife and a social life. I made time for this business and it truly paid off! You can do the EXACT same!

I turned this into a career that I can hand over to my child and that is absolutely something you can be proud of!

This course is risk free. If you didn't like it or didn't get any value from it send me a message and I'll be glad to help in any way possible. Also, it comes with a money back guarantee if you aren't satisfied. That is how confident I am that you will receive value in what I am teaching!

I am very happy that you've chosen my course and I appreciate any feedback or review you give me. Below I will give you some links to help you out in the future!

Head on over to my blog and YouTube for daily updates. Go to my resources / tools tab for more information on tools I use and finally head on over to my Facebook group Empire Minds for more one on one coaching!

I look forward to hearing from you soon! Enjoy the course lets make this year the best year yet.

-Ben Hedley

Empire Minds

"I have been asking Ben to make a course for quite some time now. It is a topic he is very knowledgeable in. This course hits home. Extremely well done can't say enough about it!" Brad Evans - Internet Entrepreneur


Amazon FBA: Start to Finish Guide -Dominate Your Competition
Amazon FBA: Start to Finish Guide -Dominate Your Competition
Amazon FBA: Start to Finish Guide -Dominate Your Competition
Amazon FBA: Start to Finish Guide -Dominate Your Competition


Introduction to the Course

Operational Details

What is Amazon FBA?

Why Amazon FBA?

Why Private Label?

One on One Coaching - Join My Facebook Group!

Leave Me a Review!

Section 1 Quiz: Introduction to the Course

Selecting the Perfect Products for Amazon FBA and Your Shopify Store

Introduction to Product Selection

Research Using Automated Tools

Use Competition to PERFECT your product!

Section 2 - Perfect Products

Finding Incredible Suppliers

Introduction to Suppliers

Contacting Supliers

Order Samples!

Negotiating With Suppliers

Pre-Formatted Email Template for Suppliers

Section 3 - Suppliers

Shipping and Barcodes

Freight Forwarder and Shipping Methods

Adding Products to Your Inventory on Amazon

UPC Codes Overview

Section 4 - Barcodes and Shipping

Launch Strategy

Insert Cards

Customer Email Set Up for Reviews

Social Media Marketing


Affiliate Marketing

Leave Me a Review!

Friends and Family Product Reviews

Section 5 - Launch Strategy

Your OWN eCommerce Store!

Build Your Own Store

The Apps I Use On My Own Store

Create Custom T-Shirts and Apparel

Blogging Why It's Important

Section 6 - eCommerce Store



Section 7 - Did You Enjoy the Course??


Ronald8 September 2020

Great course that outlined all items needed to get started in the business allowing me to resource each item in depth. Thank you. job well done!

Don23 August 2019

This course took away the fear of selling on Amazon. The course gave me confidence and the knowledge to begin something I have wanted to do for along time. If you follow the steps it will take away your fear of selling on the internet.

Beth30 July 2019

The information was phenomenal, but a bit fast and therefore somewhat overwhelming at times. Having said that, I understand the time investment required to provide a lot of detail. Thanks so much for the information!

Joshua20 September 2018

The course was great for a beginner. It gave a lot of information if you would like to start out selling on Amazon or create your own e-commerce store. I would recommend this course to all beginners. Their is a lot of tools that would take you months to find out about which is all in this course. Thank you so much Ben. The course was amazing.

Bruno9 July 2018

He is giving a lot links to stuff that he will get commission if we buy. Each lesson is suuuuuper short and it doesnt really say much at all.

Karin28 June 2018

So far, Ben's presentation is clear and concise. I will reserve judgement about the rest until the end of the course.

Melissa8 May 2018

This course is good but it needs more in-depth content. There quality advice but Ben needs to go into more detail about each product he recommends. Resource panel does not have any value. PDFs go a long way. More content on everythings!

Dan18 March 2018

Thank you very much, Ben for your help. Right from the start I sensed that this was the right into course into FBA for me and my instinct wasn't mistaken. You clarified some aspects that were holding me back from actually beginning to consider FBA as a real business investment for me. May you and your family stay healthy and united.

Isaac24 February 2018

Scarce but definitely liked all of the resources Ben pointed to - will definitely continue to use your resources page on your website. Thanks for putting this together!

Stephanie23 January 2018

It's great beginner information. This course covers a wide range of important topics to get you started. It introduces topics but doesn't go into too much detail.

Sydney19 January 2018

I want to get straight into the course and into him showing me the "How" to do it, its great that he's taking about it but I'm almost 3-4 vids in I want to be shown the process now, setting up your account, picking products, downloading chrome add-ons ect.

Asline7 January 2018

This course is one of the best Amazon FBA courses on Udemy. It’s short and easy to follow. The instructor explains everything thoroughly. Thank you for creating this course.

Sandra11 December 2017

Great clarity, detailed information, I would definitely take future courses from Ben and read up on any Amazon and Amazon related information that he publishes !!

Marius30 October 2017

Hi, Good course, straight to the point no unnecessary talk to make it longer. Very good structure and approach, covers the most important aspects for selling on Amazon.

Adrian30 September 2017

Good course to get you started. However, this not the best course on Amazon FBA that I have taken. Although he does take your through the whole process and offers some unique tools, it was not as detailed as I had hoped. There is a free FBA amazon course with greater detail and information. However, the tools he recommends and the program itself is probably worth the $15 but its not as comprehensive as some of the free courses.


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