Amazon FBA Private Label: Saturated Market, First Time? NP!

Private Labeling With FBA, Simple, Effective, and Competitive. Beginner, Intermediate Sellers, AND International Sellers

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Create a HIGH PROFIT product that will generate passive income on a daily basis.

Drive Forward the Business



Who will be able to succeed with this course:

Anyone with the will to succeed, can and will succeed. If this is your first time taking a course, do not worry we will guide you from the beginning to the end of creating a successful Amazon Business. 


-BIG SELLERS TOLD ME WHICH DETAILS TO LEAVE OUT....  I said ya right, My students, My Priorities... Your business is not my Priority.

-Constant Updates! We will always talk about the trending amazon problems


- Straight to the Point

Proof of student success stories: @amazon_sellers My students have made a combined 80k REVENUE IN THE FIRST MONTH OF THERE PRODUCT HITTING THE MARKET. And that's only from the personal courses.

About me, Tomer Ram: 

I am an international seller selling on Amazon. My first product GENERATED 10,000 K a month. I did this using my TIGHT BUDGET strategy. With the profits I amassed I was able to add 3 private label products PER MONTH. GO AND CHASE SUCCESS.

I want to point out this is not the quickest way to success! The quickest is to rob a bank. In all seriousness though to get true wealth you must work hard and use logic to outsmart your competitors.

What do you need? Computer, motivation, and DRIVE

What do you get from me?

I will answer all questions I also left my Course email for anyone interested in getting further help. 

Fast track techniques to speed up your amazon business EXPANSION

REFUND UP TO 30 days MONEY BACK; 100% RISK FREE I am so certain you will SUCCEED with my tips I know how much you will like my tips.

I believe in my course, because it has worked for many other students. You just need to follow the steps of the recipe. I will give you all the ingredients.  


Amazon FBA Private Label: Saturated Market, First Time? NP!
Amazon FBA Private Label: Saturated Market, First Time? NP!
Amazon FBA Private Label: Saturated Market, First Time? NP!
Amazon FBA Private Label: Saturated Market, First Time? NP!



Thank You And Who This Course Is For ( How To Watch The Course )

Basic Terminology and Business Model For Today's Market


PL vs OA

Which Business Model Is Optimal?

Beginning the Process

Kind request from my students (Help me help you)

Where Do We Start?

Which Amazon Marketplace Should You Sell On?

Opening Up The Seller Account.

How To Get Paid? (Link in the lesson)

Should I Open An LLC?

To Trademark or not to Trademark?

Choosing Your First, 10-30k$ A Month, Product (With The Saturated Marketplace)

Product Topic

Product CHOOSING Rules During Heavy Competition

Introduction To Jungle Scout Part 1 (Link In The Lesson)

Jungle Scout search for product (Link In The Lesson)

Calculating REAL Profit Margins

Sourcing From Factories And Negotiating

What to look out for on Alibaba

How to negotiate without feeling awkward. Whilst forcing the best prices.

Designing your product. Fiverr and Upword.

Shipping the Product.

Adding Value To Your Product With A Professional Listing.

Creating A Perfect Title (Link In Lesson)

Psychologically Effective Bullets And Photography ( How to reduce costs)

Description, and Back End Keywords (TIME TO GO PRO!)

PPC (Amazon Marketing Very Important)

How To Drive Revenues UP

Tight Budget (Money not available/ Money Not Liquidated)

Scaling Business And Getting Reviews

Money Management (Important)

Instagram and Facebook Ads (Opinion From Personal Experience)

Automation Services For Your Business

Thank You :)

Section for updates on questions. etc.

Suspended Account *VERY IMPORTANT*



Elle28 October 2018

Overall a good course for beginners. But, the graphical intro is too long; too much talking about what the next chapter will be about, what the previous chapter was about. Want more straight-to-the-point

Kyle10 August 2018

Definitely enjoying the course so far, I'm just curious how relevant the course is now that it is 2018? I see a lot of other amazon selling courses out there and I want to make sure I know all that I can before I start. Is there anything else that I can purchase or extra content I can look at to make sure I'm up to date before I start?

Ramzi1 August 2018

Excellent course, I wanted to get some feel as to how to do business on Amazon; FBA is definitely the way to go. Notwithstanding, I am glad I went through the entire course, because you see a lot of youtube videos that tell you how passive is this process (1 hour a week, blah blah blah). They're very wrong; I think selling on Amazon is far from passive. What I learned is that there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done (if you want to be successful)...So, I am now going into this with eyes wide open, and I know it will be a commitment. Finally, The instructor is absolutely great and it is very obvious that he knows the topic very well. You will learn a lot. :)

Yoon16 July 2018

I am glad to take the course. I have attended many webinars that beat around the bush and were trying to sell really expensive courses. This course is affordable and really straightforward for newbie like me. It is consise, straightforward and easy to follow. I would love to attend his course again if Tomer has something new to offer.

Pascal2 May 2018

Great Content !! It would be nice to see more examples of conversation you had whit the suppliers and the Fiver and Up work artists. You could share whit us some examples documents of requests or negotiations for price, customizations etc that you managed in the past...

Richard30 April 2018

I have bought many courses on different subjects. This one is not up to par. Its material is oversimplified, it doesn't cover very much (not like other courses on this same topic), and possibly worst of all... it feels like just a big ad for other projects he's working on.

Olga30 April 2018

The course was good, I really appreciate it because I learned a lot about the FBA world, was interesting The instructor was good enough to explain it simply. I really want to know if it's really as simple as it sounds.

Rita30 April 2018

I did sell with a lot of success 5 years a go and I did stop (on amazon ) I’m ready to star and I really did like your course! Good tips and nice content... You will be a great teacher, keep believing in you...

Passorn20 April 2018

Great course, but it could be more in depth of finding product and supplier as well as the process how to get product ship to Amazon

Julia15 April 2018

This course was very enlightening. It gave me a great overview of how to sell Private Label on Amazon and touched on a lot of important subjects like negotiating with Chinese sellers, getting the listing right and how to manage inventory and the accounts tasks. This is Tomer´s first course, I am really looking forward to his next one.

Dan10 April 2018

I've listened to a longer course that didn't cover the A-Z as they claimed. This guy actually gives relevant information to people looking to supply a quality product and not just to make a quick buck.

Prashaan5 April 2018

Ok course for the price. Had to use YouTube to get a more in dept explanation for some of the info provided eg1. how to use JungleScout efficiently.

Colin20 March 2018

Very informative would have liked Tomer to have talked in a bit more in depth on PPC but other than that a good course for beginners.

Prince15 March 2018

Wish there was more information on using the chrome extension to find products. Seems the meat and potatoes was focused on the web app

Bella22 February 2018

Tomer is great and every lesson is easy to understand. A lot of tools are useful when you plan to get into Amazon's World. All courses when using Amazon you may meet include in his class. I like.


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