Amazon FBA Course for Beginners 2020 (Private Label Product)

Step by Step You will Learn Everything about Product Research-Listing - Suppliers- Alibaba- Sale Tactics - PPC Campaigns

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

How to Find Profitable Products

How to Use Product Research Tools

How to Decide Which Product to Sell

How to Analyze Product Keywords

How to Do Product Competition Analysis

How to Calculate Profit Margin

Launch Strategies - Giveaway products - PPC campaigns

How to list your product

Business models in Amazon

Amazon FBA road map

How to decide to sell a product

How to Find and Contact Suppliers

Amazon A9 Algorithm


Amazon FBA Course (Private Label) - Beginner to Advanced

In This Course You will Learn ;

  • Business models in Amazon

  • Amazon FBA road map

  • How much budget do you need?

  • Product Research Tools

  • Competition Analysis

  • Keyword Research

  • Google and Price Trends

  • Profit Margin Calculation

  • Product Idea Table

  • How to decide to sell a product

  • How to list your product

  • How to find Suppliers

  • Contact Suppliers

  • Amazon A9 Algorithm

  • Launch Strategies

  • Giveaway products

  • PPC campaigns

Amazon FBA Guide for Beginners 2020 :

  • Let Amazon pick, pack, and ship your orders

You sell it, Amazon ship it. Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and Amazon pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. FBA can help you scale your business and reach more customers.

  • The benefits of Amazon FBA

  1. Your products are eligible for Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping, FREE Shipping, and more.

    Prime members love FREE Two-Day Shipping, and all Amazon customers can get free shipping on eligible orders. When you list products for FBA, they are eligible for free shipping, too. Qualified FBA listings are displayed with the Prime logo, so customers know that Amazon handles packing, delivery, customer service, and returns.

  2. Customers get Amazon's trusted customer service and returns.

    FBA leverages the Amazon customer service network stretching around the globe, managing customer inquiries, refunds, and returns for your FBA orders.

    • FBA customer support: Customers can contact our customer support via phone or email, day or night. This service is provided at no extra charge to you, with the exception of the Returns Processing Fee for select product categories. When you use FBA, your time can be spent growing your business or taking a vacation, rather than managing customer service

    • FBA returns: For orders from the Amazon website that Amazon fulfills, we will manage all customer service associated with fulfillment of your FBA products. Our Online Returns Center provides customers with help pages and details about how to contact us in case of concerns. If the customer wants to return a product, we direct them to our convenient Online Returns Center. Read more about FBA policies regarding Customer Returns for Orders Placed on Amazon.

  3. Amazon services let your business scale quickly

    Amazon fulfillment centers are built with your inventory in mind, and there's no minimum for the number of products you send. Amazon handle the details to save you time, so you can focus on your business. FBA’s specialized services can help you grow your business without new investments in capital or staffing:

    • FBA Small and Light: Reduce the cost of fulfilling orders for low-cost, small, and lightweight FBA inventory.

    • FBA Subscribe & Save: Offer discounts on eligible FBA products for repeat customers.

    • FBA Pan-EU: Offer fast delivery in Prime-eligible European countries.

    • FBA Export: At no extra charge, expand your FBA business to more than 100 countries—minus the complexities of international selling.

    • Multi-Channel Fulfillment: Sell from your own or third-party ecommerce sites, with Amazon picking, packing, and shipping to your customers.

  4. It's cost-effective

    Pay as you go—you are charged for storage space and the orders Amazon fulfill. The cost of shipping is included in your fees, with no extra charge for Amazon Prime FREE Two-Day Shipping and free shipping on eligible orders. Fees for Selling on Amazon and optional services may apply.


Amazon FBA Course for Beginners 2020 (Private Label Product)
Amazon FBA Course for Beginners 2020 (Private Label Product)
Amazon FBA Course for Beginners 2020 (Private Label Product)
Amazon FBA Course for Beginners 2020 (Private Label Product)


Product Research

How to Choose Products ?


Helium 10 - Product Research

Helium 10 - Keyword Research

Helium 10 - Competition

Profit Calculation and Reviews

Product Idea Table

Viral Launch - Product Research

Keyword Research

Google and Price Trends

Jungle Scout - Product Research

Special Product Research Method

Keyword Research Tools

FBA Tool Kit - JS Estimator - DS Amazon Quick - Competitor's Inventory (999)

Product Idea Decision

Discount Code for Tools


Suppliers Websites

Find Suppliers from Alibaba

Contacting the Suppliers

Incoterms (EXW-FOB-DDU-DDP)

Trade Terms Graphic


Listing Introduction

We Can Help You to Create Perfect Listing

Good and Bad Listing

Backend Keywords


Bullet Points


Listing Creation

List of Rules

Shipment Plan


Muhammmad19 March 2021

This course is mind blowing. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that was provided. The course is extremely thorough and comprehensive. I am definitely going to watch all the videos again. Especially, the parts about Amazon Product Launch, PPC, and giveaways. I cannot wait to start applying these techniques to grow my Amazon FBA business.

Stephanie27 February 2021

It gives me a clear introduction to Amazon FBA system and it is very interesting for freelancers like me who wants to learn more about Amazon FBA :) Great course !

Michael3 December 2020

A little language barrier as English is his second languagae, HOWEVER, this is billed as a beginner course, and on that topic I think it fully delivers and covers a LOT of different tools and strategies.

Fahad14 November 2020

Being an E-commerce Freelancer by taking this course helped me a lot in helping my clients. I'm an Upwork freelancer that helps sellers in optimizing their businesses. If you want to take my services or learn something do ask me here on Facebook for Free https://web.facebook.com/groups/AmazonSellersBuddies/ LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/fahadnoor090/

Chhattu18 July 2020

This course is very good and helpful for me.But i need much more information about SEO and keyword research.

Yunus10 June 2020

It is very good and I can learn easily. I like this course .The instructor's narration and course content seem very good for first-time starters in Amazona. I believe that if the course content is expanded more, it will be much better. thank you for the course. ?

Marilyn30 May 2020

Accent of the trainer is very difficult to understand. Even the closed caption can't understand what he is saying. At the end when he said "ok friends" the closed caption said "ok fiance". Lots of other times the closed caption is incorrect because clearly the person that did the closed caption couldn't understand him either. Information is very good though, if only I could understand it better.

AHMED23 November 2019

great, just have on q why u choose that each customer can purchase as a maximum 5 time for product , why u eliminate customer to buy more?

Mukesh10 November 2019

Excellent course! The instructor knows his stuff very well. He gave very good and clear instructions on how to actually find products and also how to use various application for finding products. Loved this course. Must have course.

Me21 September 2019

thank you very much for this valuable course and information. Really a course for all Amazon starters.

Bilal30 May 2019

Amazing man, the way of talking excellent and the course is valuable because I watch many courses but it's the best course for learning.

Nasser28 April 2019

I am really happy to have this course and I enjoyed it because I could gain a lot of information. I highly recommend to take it because it gives you an excellent foundation from Keyword researching to the end step by step. Thank you very much for taking the time to do it and I appreciate.


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