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Make an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website - Step by Step

Create an Affiliate website without Coding Skills, Best for BEGINNERS. Amazon Affiliate Marketing - home-based Business

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Aug 2020

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What you will learn

By the end of this Course, you will be able to create Your Own Amazon Affiliate Niche Website.

Choosing a particular niche for your Amazon Affiliate Website.

How to select a Domain Name and buy Domain and Web Hosting altogether.

How to install WordPress with 1-Click installation process.

How to create an auto-rotating banner slider.

How to make an Amazon Affiliate eCommerce website step by step.

How to install a perfect theme in your affiliate website.

How to use WooCommerce shortcodes to display products.


Building an Amazon Affiliate Website is a highly profitable business nowadays.

In this step-by-step Amazon Affiliate Website Development Course, you will learn how to build a profitable Amazon Affiliate store that you can setup within 1 hour!

Creating an affiliate website is easy to set up with WordPress and WooCommerce and it helps you to monetize your website with Amazon products.

The best part of making Amazon Affiliate website is that you don't need to maintain your own product inventory, you don't need to invest in buying the products. Amazon takes care of all the products, their delivery, refunds management, and payments.

You just need to focus on promoting their products on your Amazon Affiliate website and that's it.

Once you refer a product from your website, Amazon pays you some percentage of that sale amount direct to your Amazon Associate dashboard from where you can withdraw the payment directly to your bank account.

It hardly takes 30 minutes to build a profitable niche Amazon Affiliate Website with WordPress in 2019.

This entire course is 100% Beginner-friendly. Hence, if you are the one who knows nothing about Affiliate Marketing or who doesn't know how to make an affiliate website then this course is for you.

Who this course is for:

  • Housewives, Students, who wish to earn part-time, without any technical knowledge.

  • eCommerce business owners who want to expand their businesses with amazon affiliate networks.

  • Professionals who wish to use amazon affiliates network to open opportunities via monthly passive income.

  • Freelancers who wish to earn secondary income as I do.

  • For everyone who has immediate plans to start their full time or part-time business explore income opportunities.


Make an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website - Step by Step
Make an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website - Step by Step
Make an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website - Step by Step
Make an Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website - Step by Step


Getting Started

Understanding Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Introducing Amazon Niche

Building your Amazon Niche Affiliate Website

Domain and Web Hosting

Installing WordPress CMS on the Domain

Installing Theme to change Layout of Website

Installing Recommended Plugins

Creating Homepage and Setting up Frontpage

Creating Product Categories

Designing a Logo (Free)

Creating Menus

Creating Contact Page

Creating Content for Privacy Policy Page

Becoming Amazon Affiliate Marketer

Sign up Amazon Affiliate Account

Add Amazon Affiliate Product to website

Setting up the website look n feel

Display products on homepage

Setting up the Footer

Wrapping up

On Page SEO with Yoast SEO Plugin

Products Promotion on Facebook

Don't do these mistakes (Updated: Jan 2020)

Rule #1: Specify All URLs

Rule #2: Stop Direct Product Promotions

Rule #3: Wrong Images and Prices(Very Important)

Bonus Lecture


Nteboheleng10 August 2020

The course was a match, just that I want to own a blog then become an affiliate marketer using my personal blog. I am not that tech-savvy and I still have a lot to learn. thank you though, this is one of the beat videos.

Simeon12 July 2020

If there was more extra stars i would have given you. You simply solved my problem with this course. It had everything i needed. Thank you.

Tanasa24 June 2020

Some very important plugins aren't available anymore...and I do not know how to get them. Some lessons are based strictly on those plugins....

Lalaine8 June 2020

Thank you Saddam! you really make it look easier for me! thank you for mentoring! all the best to you!

Armaan4 June 2020

This is truly a value of worth course. I learned a lot of things and started my own amazon affiliate website. Getting some clicks on the products but waiting for the first sale. Thanks sir!

Ian9 February 2020

This course was clear, detailed, easy to follow and great for the beginner. I am 100% confident to build Amazon affiliate sites after going through this course. Thank you for such a great job!

Manish29 January 2020

Course is good Specially Building website through this course is easy and instructor shows many free themes and plugins which are very useful, i felt like, why i didn't find this course before spending money on woozone and paid theme (recommended by youtubers) of course they must be affiling too. what i didn't get from this course is, some technical points on which our site can get rejected, like many tutorials says not to show amazon price on site but he did, and affiliate disclaimer for site was missing... although he mentioned terms and condition and privacy policy but i found that process confusing

Hilda30 December 2019

This course was perfect for me. I've taken many courses here on Udemy but none has shown me how to promote affiliate products the right way. Most instructors just tell you what to do but don't really show you how to it. The instructor took the time to actually show me how to do it. Glad I took this course and followed through to the end. I just wished there were more ways to promote. Thanks!

Nurudeen3 December 2019

Lectures are well organised and the lecturer delivered the message in a very simple and clear manner. Highly recommended.

Nicole30 November 2019

This was an excellent, well-thought-out course that teaches the fundamentals of building a successful Amazon affiliate site. Thank you SO much for imparting your knowledge with us, Saddam. I got a lot of value out of your instruction and will be taking your advice on some of the features you mentioned throughout. You are a wonderful instructor! Best of luck to you. :)

Dan27 November 2019

too basic for me. was looking for more information regarding marketing the affiliate link and ways to make money. first half of class (domain/hosting/website building) was not new to me.

Roy14 November 2019

He is going a bit too fast. for a beginner like me I am getting more questions. But as we go further into the course I think everything is explained very clearly. But you have to go with the flow and with the needed contents.

Ilhan24 October 2019

A very useful course also free thanks a lot. I'd appreciate if you could add some more customization to the homepage.

Husain12 October 2019

I can't explain to you how easy it is I thought that affiliate marketing is very hard. but after complete this course I have understood a lot of things about the affiliate market thank you very much for giving us a valuable course.

Stephen30 September 2019

The course is very clear and take you through everything you need to set up your own website. The instructor leaves nothing out and is perfect for someone like me just wanting to get started as an Amazon Afiliate as quickly as possible. Thank you Saddam


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