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Amazon Affiliates 2020 New Updated English Beginners Course

Learn About Amazon Affiliate 2020 English Course - New, Updated, Improved & Slow, Start Earning from Today!

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May 2019

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What you will learn

Become an Amazon Affiliate & Amazon Influencer, Earn Decent Monthly Income.

Learn About the tools used by me, profit from my experience.

Create your own affiliate network and multiply your income.

Select most profitable recurring niches on Amazon.

How to create consistent monthly income from amazon affiliates.

How to use trend based products to immediately start earning.

How to increase you earning during Amazon festival sales.

How to create set and forget affiliate website.

How to create auto pilot website that keeps earning even while you sleep.

Never before seen or heard Tips & tricks.


Hello everyone, welcome to this New, Improved, Slow & Beginners Course in English, by the end of this course, you will be able to create your first Amazon Affiliate Website and you will know better about Amazon's Associates!

I have developed this course in English, and have tried to cover every step with scratch, from which to select the most profitable Amazon category to create an Amazon affiliate website!

Hello, I am from Rajat Gupta, New Delhi, India and as you can see that I have been a digital marketer for the last 19 years. But now from the year 2013, I have reduced the number of customers, and stopped taking new projects, I am a full time Amazon affiliate and marketer. If you learn this course properly, then believe me or you will be part time or full time affiliate with this training.


Amazon Affiliates 2020 New Updated English Beginners Course
Amazon Affiliates 2020 New Updated English Beginners Course
Amazon Affiliates 2020 New Updated English Beginners Course
Amazon Affiliates 2020 New Updated English Beginners Course


Lesson 1 - Introduction


LESSON 2 - Scope & Opportunities

Scope & Opportunities

LESSON 3 - Basic Requirements

Basic Requirements

LESSON 4 - Select Profitable Niche

Select Profitable Niche

LESSON 5 - Buying Domain & Hosting

Buying Domain & Hosting

LESSON 6 - Installing Wordpress

Installing Wordpress

LESSON 7 - Installing Theme

Installing Wordpress Woo Commerce Theme

LESSON 8 - Creating Content Manually (PART 1)

Creating Content Manually (PART 1)

LESSON 9 - Creating Content Using Plugin (PART 2)

Creating Content Using Plugin (PART 2)

LESSON 10 - Creating Content Importing Products (PART 3)

Creating Content Importing Products (PART 3)

LESSON 11- Customizing The Website & Theme

Customizing The Website & Theme

LESSON 12 - Applying for Amazon Affiliate ID

Applying for Amazon Affiliate ID

LESSON 13 - Creating Amazon Affiliate Links

Creating Amazon Affiliate Links

LESSON 14 - SEO & Homepage Design

SEO & Homepage Design

LESSON 15 - Sending Facebook Traffic

Sending Facebook Traffic

LESSON 16 - Tracking Traffic

Tracking Traffic

LESSON 17 - Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

LESSON 18 - Conclusion



CHARLES9 May 2020

Well, explain you are the best teaching ever keep on the great work. great teaching I did build my first website with your help thanks a lot I can wait to see you next videos

Ernesto25 November 2019

What stands out the most is the background music on loop is terrible and pretty distracting, no music is better. Your course needs more editing. You need to slow down your speaking pace just a little. Please enable your mouse pointer, I cannot see it or follow along as a result. Above all, if you had audited/sat through your own course all the above would have been avoided.

Raju31 July 2019

Why do you prefer uploading files through C-panel ( looks a bit cumbersome), while it can be easily done via WP-admin page. Also on the C-panel you can automatically install WordPress to your site through Softaculous app installer


After watching some Rajat Gupta videos from youtube channel, I came here at Udemy to buy this course confidently. I completed this course in two days, here is my review. This course is ok for who knew the affiliate concept already, but for the beginners, I recommend to watch all the sessions one more time to get clear ideas. The instructor did a great job in this course like, creating affiliate websites, showing his earning in Amazon account, traffic tracking, etc., he recommends only facebook paid traffic with the carosal ad. During the course I asked some questions to the Instructor, he replied immediately without any delay. Still, need to update some sessions. An overall good course about Amazon Affiliate marketing. Thank you, Rajat Gupta!

Vinoth4 June 2019

I have been in affiliate marketing more than 5 years . I haven't made much but i have learned many things have taken more risks . This course is awesome i got learned many things .I have already started a new website as he suggested and will do all the methods he told . I take this as a challenge and make income like he does. Thanks for your amazing course . I really suggest to everyone

Mohammed26 May 2019

The instructor looks very professional and has a lot of information; the problem only in his method of teaching. He is explaining the course for the people who has a good information about this and they need to develop their knowledge. This training is not fair enough for beginners.

larry23 May 2019

I thought I kind of knew the in and outs of Amazon marketing but this course explains and shows me so much more plus refreshes and brings to light many of the parts I had forgotten. The instructor know his stuff. I am half way thru this course and can't wait to finish it and try out all of the steps that the instructor teaches. The instructor is confident, speaks slowly and seems well organized.

Ahmed10 May 2019

I would like to thank you for your valuable course however I have some few concerns as below: Number 1 you are moving very fast in the course which will be very difficult for beginners Number 2 you are playing a lot with the screen moving so many things which is not related to the video this could be improved using some presentation for what you are talking about Number 3 I have a big concern about your earning and the visitors that you are getting in your site you are losing them forever and again start a new campaigns why don't you think two build an email list which can help you a lot to dramatically increase your sales Finally I would like to thank you for your time and this course

Leena9 May 2019

Has good knowledge but very fast and rushes through the topic. Beginners cannot understand anything. I wish it was a step by step explanations of related topics

Cherupally8 May 2019

only paid course and promotion of his website, the main reason he is speaking the worst English language

Amit8 May 2019

it was good but who dont know any thing about amazon affiliate , how to create tools proper ways n how to create website there is no more details about it, bcoz you explain in this video very fast n not in details

Gary6 May 2019

Training is so fast, talking too fast and unfortunately there is a definite problem with understanding with the very strong accent.

Suresh1 May 2019

Very honest and explains properly. got good knowledge, Never knew that we can earn good money with very low budget also.


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