Align your team for success!

Build your team charter with your team in only 2 hours

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Align your team for success!


30 mins


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

how to align your team for success (the process)

the building blocks of a good Team Charter (the elements)

how to co-create your Team Charter (the preparation)

Included: tools, templates, guide


Align your team through co-creation of a team charter

"A team is more than a group of people working together. A team is a group of people who trust each other." (Simon Sinek, author)

Every team manager knows trust doesn't come out of the blue. Trust grows out of striving for the same goal, setting common expectations, clearly defining everyone's role and finally, of course, keeping the agreements made. Logical one would think, and yet these crucial conditions often remain undiscussed or invisible and many teams work according to habits that have not been clearly agreed upon.

Changing these fixed and unspoken habits is not an easy task, but it is possible, provided it is tackled consciously. As a manager, it is crucial not to come up with the answers yourself or impose team principles, but to create space for dialogue and facilitate the process. As a manager you can of course suggest elements, but make sure that your team members are listened to first.

To support this process we have developed TeamLiner®, an effective and above all practical tool for managers and process facilitators to use:

  • when starting up a new team, for example as part of a change or innovation process

  • for aligning the members of an existing team, when there is a need for clear agreements or when a new manager or team member joins the team

  • for adjusting teamwork when there are uncertainties or conflicts around cooperation

By thinking together as a team about your team principles you immediately create an enormous support base. Because when people are invited to help shape their own objectives and rules, working on change or innovation suddenly becomes a lot easier.

If you want to know how to conduct a Teamliner workshop, you can find all the necessary information and guidance in this course and in our Leader’s Guide, that you can download at the end of the course. It contains a 14page explanation about the canvas, instructions on how to conduct a Teamliner workshop and a sample agenda that you can adjust to your needs. A must-have for team leaders, facilitators, consultants or coaches.



Context: employee-driven change


The Teamliner Process

The Teamliner Process explained

Step 1. Explain and agree on the process

Step 2. Brainstorm ideas per section

Intermezzo - How to have a creative 'yes and' dialogue

Step 3. Select the essentials

Step 4. Share & agree on next steps

Summary & Downloadables

Running Master, summary and downloadable

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