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Data Structures and Algorithms - High Level MADE EASY

Abstract reasoning makes algorithms easy. Learn about Sort, Search, Trees, Hash Tables, and Heaps.

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Jul 2018

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What you will learn

they will be able to use algorithms with ease to solve their programming problems.

build a search engine from scratch


Have you ever used data structures in Python or Java?  Well, do you really understand how they work?  If you struggle with algorithms, it means you are approaching this topic the wrong way!  

There are lots of places to copy code from, but without having high level understanding, it can be difficult to handle data structures well.   

This course teaches the fundamentals of algorithms, so you can apply knowledge easily.  This course contains NO PROGRAMMING, JUST PSEUDOCODE to encourage understanding of Algorithms and how to use them

Whatever the reason, if you are looking for a course that focus on the implementations to give you a complete understanding of how things work, then this is the course for you.  This course is a combination of two courses I took as an undergraduate and taught to graduate students at Cornell and Stanford.  

This course goes over the theory of how things work, but only to give you what you need to know to understand the implementation covered. 

This is a hands-on course!  If you want to try understand things at a deep level, and work on implementations, rather than theory, then again, this is the course for you.

Topics covered:-

Arrays Linked Lists Trees Hashtables Stacks Queues Heaps Sort algorithms Search algorithms

The course also spends more time than most other courses of its kind looking at what’s available in the JDK. Students wanting to understand how things work "under the hood" will benefit enormously from this course.

Why learn about data structures and algorithms? 

The reality is, the more you learn about data structures and algorithms, the better a programmer you become.


Because, data structures and algorithms are effectively patterns for solving problems.   You want to add as many of them as you can to your skill-set.  By doing so, you will find you solve more problems, and use the right tools for the job, in a more elegant way.  And you will learn HEAPS of them in this course.

Why enrolling in this course is the best decision you can make.

Most courses focus on giving you the theory of how things work, so that you can take an interview.  Whilst the theory is important, the knowledge of how to implement these data structures and algorithms are of vital importance. This course goes over the theory of how things work, but only to give you what you need to know to understand the implementation covered.   The main focus of the course is to give you a real understanding of how things work under the hood, so that you can apply this to future programming projects.

If you want to actually understand how things work, and be able to take that understanding and apply it to your own programs, then this course is for you.

After completing this course, you will have a solid understanding of data structures and algorithms. The sooner you sign up for this course, the sooner you will have the skills and knowledge you need to increase your job or consulting opportunities.    Both Python and Java developers with key skills and understanding of data structures and algorithms are in high demand and get paid extremely well.  You need to MASTER ALGORITHMS to be a respected programmers.  

If you are ready for that new job promotion or consulting opportunity, it's time to get started.

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Who is the target audience?

  • Developers who have some knowledge of Python or Java looking to understand data structures and algorithms at a deep level


Data Structures and Algorithms - High Level MADE EASY
Data Structures and Algorithms - High Level MADE EASY
Data Structures and Algorithms - High Level MADE EASY
Data Structures and Algorithms - High Level MADE EASY



Introduction to Algorithms

Intro Continued

Course Overview

Course Overview Part 2

Algorithmic Thinking

Merge Sort


Merge Sort Analysis

Guiding Principles of Algorithm Assessment

Big Oh Definition

Big Oh Examples

Omega, theta, little oh

Additional Examples

Divide and Conquer Inversions

Counting Inversions

Multiplying Matrices

Closest Pair Part 1

Closest Pair Part 2

18. Master Method

Master Method Precise

Master Method Examples

Master Method Proof Part 1

Master Method Proof Part 2

Master Method Proof Part 3

Quick Sort

Quick Sort Pivot Partition

Quick Sort Pivot Point

Partition Subroutine

Quick Sort Decomposition

Quick Sort Proof Continued


R select

Data Structures

Linear Time Selection

Data Structure Intro


Heap Implementation

Balanced Binary Trees

Hash Tables


Rahul18 September 2020

did not clearly explain n sqr.. as well, why to introduce something which cannot be explained in the same lecture like the last recursive equation. As well, the recursive equation inception is explained.

Prabal14 June 2019

the course is pretty good enough for beginners but the lactures can be made more intresting athough i'm satisfied by the course.

Pradhuman4 June 2019

it is good meeting my exceptions till because it tells me the use of DS and Algo, where it can be implemented and why do we need it

Anna9 April 2019

The instructor seems to be both confused and extremely bored at the same time. He dwells too long on obvious/easy stuff but then kinda skips over the more complicated concepts which makes it very hard to understand what he's trying to teach (which is unfortunate since this is seemingly the only DS&A course on Udemy that covers the subtopics I currently need to learn about).

Patience4 March 2019

It a good course. I'm not sure that the initial monologue about comparing courses from "lesser universities" and the author's Cornell attendance have any relevance to the course. There are more respectful ways of conveying perceived quality of a course.

Vel1 March 2019

I feel that most things the instructor says make sense but a few doses of confidence would be great. It sometimes seems he's afraid of making mistakes, when in reality he's doing just fine. Just go for it, man. You're the teacher, after all.

Chekka14 November 2018

It was very good while listening to the lectures, enhancing the relation with real world examples may increase the quality of lectures


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