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AJAX : Let's build a COOL project

AJAX: On this course you will get hands on a real AJAX project with PHP, MySQL, Javascript and jQuery.

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Jun 2018

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What you will learn

Learn to develop small applications using AJAX and PHP

You will get the source code to reference the lectures

You will get enough experience to keep using AJAX creatively

The opportunity to learn from a good instructor that cares

and more...



This AJAX for beginner's tutorial course will teach you what AJAX is and how to start using it with PHP to create excellent web applications.


Hands on project

On this course we will create a real AJAX application that will give you the skills you need to start implementing AJAX to your projects or start you on your web development journey.


AJAX is all around us, just type something in the UDEMY search bar and you will automatically see words appear in the input; that's AJAX in action.

Do you need AJAX? I think the question should be, do you want your applications or websites to be awesome? Or course we do, right? YES.

I don't like to show off, but my students love me, and I love them, here are some of the reviews I get.

The Best Teacher ever

Edwin Diaz i am a newbie and now i am writing php syntax :D awesome and your lectures and jokes are awesome. They help me to motivate and learn by doing :).

Groovy Goodness

If code is boring you to death or you wonder just what the buzz about Bootstrap, then hold on and take a ride with Edwin in this fun and very informative class. Clear, professional quality. I dare you not to smile after taking this class.


You're a very good teacher, you made it very simple and easy to understand, thank you so much, I want to learn more about bootstrap because the course was too short, but anyway great job. Sorry for my English, I'm Spanish. bye bye


I really like listening to the instructor. He is easy to follow, and his lesson what to the point.

My Promise

I will do my best to teach you AJAX and to answer your questions promptly.

Your $$$$ invested in this course will be multiplied over and over again.

AJAX it's a super hot technology right now and having it in your toolbox will separate you from the rest of those developers out there that don't know it.

100% Money Back if you don't like it

Don't you love this? If for some reason you don't like the course within 30 days, Udemy will return your money and no hard feelings from me.

Are you still reading? What are you waiting for? Join now and learn AJAX the easy way.


AJAX : Let's build a COOL project
AJAX : Let's build a COOL project
AJAX : Let's build a COOL project
AJAX : Let's build a COOL project




Course Exercise Files and Video Quality Warning

Getting Started

Edwin from the Future with important (information) - Added

AJAX and pure Javascript part 1

AJAX and pure Javascript part 2

Creating Database and Table

Connecting Database

Creating the HTML page and Linking Fiiles

Creating the Markup

Creating the jQuery Code

Testing Response to Server

Making the Database Query

Running our Application :)

Extra Bonus Lectures - Adding Data to Table

Add to table - form creation

Add to table - Reuseable Database

Add to table - Extracting Data

Add to table - Sending Data to PHP

Inserting Data

Extra Bonus Lectures - Displaying Data

Displaying data - jQuery Code

Displaying data - PHP code

Displaying data - Testing and Debuging

Updating Table with time to display cars

Extra Bonus Lectures - Updating and Deleting Data

Column name updates, requiring fields validation.

Updating column name in the whole application

No database info available functionality and clearing text fields

Creating an action container and showing it

Edwin From the Future javascript function

New PHP file and data extraction

Creating action container buttons

Update functionality part 1 - Data extraction from input text

Update functionality part 2 - Button Click

Update functionality part 3 - PHP code

Update functionality part 4 - Testing and Notification feature

Extra Bonus Lectures - Deleting data goodies

Deleting Data

Delete then hide action container

Delete confirm functionality

Conclusion and Final Words

Playing around with bugs

Deleting one record bug


Benjamin24 September 2020

All in all heartfelt thx. This course gave me a great fundation about AJAX. I'll share it all over the world.

Keshav16 September 2020

Edwin from the future thing please avoid that I get confused because of that. I faced a bug in update functionality which by browsing videos again, still I was unable to fix. The overall experience of course could be better if more examples included. This course just includes CRUD , I was expecting something more from this course.

René8 August 2020

As a beginner you have to watch the videos more than once to understand the whole content. Anyway, good spirit! Nice teaching! Helps me a lot!!!

John17 June 2020

This course taught me what I was looking to learn. One issue I have is with the format of the code. It is hard for me to follow with the formatting so crazy. Also found an error, sort of. The second statement defeats the first: $id = mysqli_real_escape_string($connection, $_POST['id']); $id = $_POST['id']; Thanks...keep up the great work...

Philipp24 May 2020

I liked the personality and the voice of the teacher. I knew a lot about PHP and JavaScript before, which helped me to follow the topic with Ajax and Jquery. But if you are a beginner, I find the jumping around and not finisching the lectures confusing. I had to write my code sometimes to fix things, which is something that shouldn't happen in a course that is open to all levels. Maybe you just give a brief overview on what you are going to do in the next topic and then do that, and not not write some code, erase it, move it and just say i like it better-Explain why and what for. It is part of every programming project to structure yourself and document everything. By writing my own code and look for my mistakes I still learned a lot thou. God bless you.

Sarah10 February 2020

Really straight forward step by step learning of AJAX. I have struggled to grasp this concept through many YouTube tutorial videos, but now I understand and can apply it to my own projects. Thanks Edwin!

Guven14 January 2020

The course is easy to follow up with error free coding. If you are new to ajax and don't have an idea how to make it talk with php, then this is the course for you.

Hazwani28 October 2019

As a beginner in AJAX and javascript, the instructor explain with his best to make me understand. So far i dont have any difficulties to understand. I subscribed 2 of his videos for now and maybe more in the future. Thanks

Svetlana14 October 2019

This course is valuable to help understanding principals of jQuesry and AJAX and creating project that improve my skills. The structure of the course it clear and easy to navigate. The instructor is very knowledgeable and explain every detail.

Mriganabh25 August 2019

Edwin Diaz sir is just something else. So much to learn from him. He teaches in such a structured and organized manner.

Nitin17 August 2019

this is awesome, but can I download the source code used in this lecture for my practice...., if it is then it will help me more

Andrea3 June 2019

Energetic! clear, simple and very useful :). I appreciate the resources with the code working! Thank you Sir!

Ricardo21 May 2019

The instructor talks too fast. He doesn't explain enough the functions that he uses. I have good knowledge of php and MySQL, little knowledge of javascript and zero knowledge of JQuery and Ajax. I was frustrated that the instructor doesn't explain enough the Jquery functions. I was able to understand thanks to the files he gives to download, but his explanations of that material are deficient . Also, the search.php file has errors in the Mysql Query. The instructor is a nice and lively guy, but not the best teacher I have had in Udemy.

Charles10 May 2019

It was a great and very informative class. The instructor was knowledgeable, positive, and energetic. I plan on taking some of the other courses he has to offer. The only reason I'm not giving this course 5 stars is because he jumps and scrolls around so fast, it is sometimes had to keep up. Be prepared for a lot of pausing and rewinding.

Charles3 April 2019

Very good, enthusiastic presenter, short lectures, which I like, I would appreciate some more explaining of the attributes used at the end of the course. Maybe that is for another course. I learned a log


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