AJAX JSON JavaScript Dynamic and Interactive Web Content

Learn how to use AJAX to send data to your web server and get response data back to output in your web application

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What you will learn

Create AJAX calls

Use JSON data within JavaScript

Select between jQuery and JavaScript AJAX methods

update MySQL data from JavaScript

get content and data from external files

Work with Objects and Arrays within JavaScript

Parse JSON data into usable objects


AJAX JSON setup with JavaScript start coding

Includes 35Page downloadable PDF resource and coding GUIDE!!!

AJAX JSON JavaScript Dynamic and Interactive Web Content

Learn how to use AJAX to send data to your web server and get response data back to output in your web application. Explore JavaScript code to connect to web APIs and retrieve JSON data back to your web pages outputting the data into your web page. Dynamically

  • what is JSON and how it works

  • How your web browser can make server http requests using AJAX

  • AJAX and what technologies make up AJAX

  • How you can use JavaScript to update the DOM elements

  • Manipulate Elements on your webpage creating, updating and styling page elements dynamically with code.

  • Interactive web pages - adding event listeners and setting up page interactions

  • JSON data and JavaScript Objects, arrays and datatypes

  • Output and iteration of JSON data

  • Using JavaScript Objects within web page content

  • Creating interactive AJAX content

  • Example of popular web APIs that you can connect too

Create amazing interactive dynamic applications that can synchronise data between your database and your front end html code.  

The content within this course is Unique which you won't find anywhere else.  We show you how to build a custom project within this course that connect HTML interactions with Database content.

Prerequisites for this course : Basic Coding knowledge, HTML, JavaScript (DOM) and jQuery. This is a fast paced course around making front end connections to back end code.

The course is focused around creating AJAX calls with JavaScript code.  Please note the below topics are covered.

  • JavaScript Objects

  • JSON

  • AJAX GET and POST in JavaScript

  • AJAX get(), getJSON(), post(), ajax() in jQuery

  • MySQL and phpmyadmin connections and queries to perform SELECT, DELETE, UPDATE, INSERT

  • PHP to connect to a database, conditional statements, variables

  • CSS to create form content styling

JSON and AJAX together provide web developers incredible opportunities to integrate external data seamlessly into web applications. 

JSON is and excellent format for data, its human readable and flexible enough to be converted from strings to usable JavaScript objects .

AJAX is the perfect solution for creating connections between data and web user interactions. You can upload your web page with reloading the page, providing a seamless experience for your web visitors.  AJAX gives you the ability to request and receive data from servers and external files.   All of this is done after your web page loads and the content is already visible to the web users.   You can also use AJAX to send data to a server.

Taking data from the front end sending it to the server opens the door to unlimited opportunities to connect that data to databases and a whole lot more.

This course provides a step by step guide for getting to know JSON and AJAX.  Combing these together can help you develop better user experiences and more opportunities for data manipulation within your JavaScript code.  

Provided within the course

  • code samples and examples

  • Resource used within this course so you too can follow along

  • Source Code and challenge exercises

  • HD quality video

  • Professional instructor with over 18 years of industry experience

  • everything you need is included

Learn the basics of JavaScript objects, how they work within your code.   Expand on the object with object arrays and multi-objects arrays.  Loop through the objects and parse out JSON data.

Explore how you can use AJAX to retrieve external content, including database content, html web files, and JSON data.   Adding AJAX to web applications creates endless possibilities.   This course also includes multiple ways to connect from JavaScript methods to jQuery.

See how your can connect PHP code to supercharge your web applications.  Insert data into your database, update a database, and delete content from a database all from the front-end via AJAX.

AJAX is in demand, and learning how to utilise AJAX together with JSON and PHP will set you apart.  I'm here to help you learn and ready to answer any questions you may have.


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AJAX and JSON for Dynamic Interactive web applications

Introduction to AJAX and JSON course
Course Setup Resources
Introduction to AJAX and JSON
AJAX JSON Resources

JSON JavaScript Objects

How JavaScript Objects Work
Object Source Code
Introduction to Object Arrays
Object Array Source Code
Looping Through Object Array Values
Source Code Challenge
Solution to Challenge Create Loop
Challenge Solution Source Code
JSON Parse into JavaScript Objects

AJAX Load JSON data into JavaScript

AJAX Connect to file XMLHttpRequest
Load external File content into JavaScript
Creating JavaScript Object with from external JSON Data
Source Code AJAX request
AJAX Challenge
HTTP Request Values explained in detail
Source Code with ReadyStates
Create PHP server File to receive and callback response data
Send data via AJAX to Server
Source Code POST AJAX
Get Post values output to user
Setup MySQL database phpmyadmin
MYSQL Table file
Insert Data into MySQL database from AJAX
Server data response as JSON
Source Code

Data in Action AJAX JSON jQuery

Simple jQuery file loading
Source Code Load
jQuery Get request retrieve file data
Get JSON data
Source Code Get
Post Data to Server jQuery AJAX
Post data using AJAX to MySQL database
Source Code Post
AJAX method in jQuery
Source Code Ajax method
jQuery AJAX options
Clean up JavaScript Tips Tweaks
Source Code AJAX

Database interactive AJAX form

Use PHP to output MySQL data from a database in JSON format
Source Code PHP output database content as JSON data.php
getJSON to get Database content
List database contents on webpage
Code Tweak and options
Source Code Loops
Add jQuery Event Listener
Post AJAX with jQuery on click event
Setup data for AJAX post
Project Source Code
Update database sync with HTML elements
Source Code Update.php
Add content to the Database
Source Code Add.php
Update Code prep for Delete
Clean up Code use jQuery This
Create Server Delete query from Database
Delete Source Code
Post AJAX to php delete
Update Styling CSS for project
Course Summary
Project Source Code
PHP Source Code

Bonus Section

Downloadable PDFs
Bonus Lecture


June 23, 2017
So far, it is pretty good learning experience for me. Materials are presented and explained very well.
June 15, 2017
Great course and nice project. I learned a lot of useful information, using the right tools and understanding how to test in real time a code. Nice to have created a project that uses jquery, ajax, json, php to contact a database and some useful info about styling of a page. Sometimes you did changes in the pages that were so fast that I had to be careful where the mouse was located in order to report the correction to my code... but after a few hours of lessons I "entered in your rhythms" :-) Thanks again
June 1, 2017
I wish the fact that php was going to be use was more prominent when buying the course . that said., I didnt know about XAMPP so, I'm happy that I learned something new
May 15, 2017
I really like the way the instructor uses fairly small code in order to illustrate the topics. That allows me to easily follow along with the code and challenges so that I can better understand the themes.
May 6, 2017
This course is easy to follow and the instructor does really well explaining all contents. Having said that, you still need a bit of background knowledge on HTML, CSS and Javascript. I would recommend this course to anyone whose looking to understand how JSON and AJAX calls work.
May 3, 2017
Great, well structured, comprehensive course on understanding how to send Ajax requests to PHP, retrieve response and handle it with jQuery/JavaScript. This was exactly what I was looking for to learn for my current project. I would highly recommend this course to all students interested in learning Ajax and how to exchange data with a server without reloading the entire page.
May 2, 2017
The instructor moved way too quickly through things. Most of the pacing was fine as I do have coding experience, but he didn't even acknowledge moments he was using escape characters or would write a long line of code and immediately cover it with a web page.
May 1, 2017
Overall it was well structured and had a nice pace. I very much enjoyed the coverage of Jquery. Towards the end of the course it all really comes together and I feel the last lessons are the best of the whole course. I appreciate that he didn't skip over polishing up the css a bit. It was good to see the extra effort being made and feel that it rounded the course out nicely. I would further recommend it.
April 5, 2017
This course is easy to follow and easy to understand, I will be applying a lot of what I have learn in my projects great course.
March 20, 2017
Instructor is very Clear ,Simple and crisp. But Node.js is has become the norm in company now.But training worth the money.
February 21, 2017
This is awesome! Exactly what I need to understand what the folks I am working with are doing with my taxonomy attributes, and how I can participate at a higher level.
January 25, 2017
First off brilliant course many thanks. After years of trying to marry up AJAX and PHP and countless books on courses. I am finally figuring a way to use AJAX and PHP. In addition I am seeing ways with a few plugins ‚Äčto get this code to work in Wordpress. This course is very much front end and I learnt new tricks about tracing errors through the console.log Overall I found the code in the lessons very clean and easy to get to grips with... Rob...
December 21, 2016
It could be 5 if the instructor, instead of spending time to apply CSS style, had used bootstrap or at least since he applied the CSS rules he should have made the webpage complete responsive (media queries). I have never seen in Udemy a course which is functional and at the same time good-looking and completely responsive. It is always some kind of the first or the second with a little bit of the other. One more reason for 4.5 and not 5, is that sometimes I was a little confused, lessons should have been a bit more organized. Even so, I thank him for the rich knowledge I acquired from his courses in general.
November 27, 2016
The course is quite useful for building components of a project and demonstrates very well how data can be sent from a web page (via an input form), store the data in a database and retrieve that data to be displayed in the original web page and all this using ajax. The instructions are clear and the videos are short and to the point.
November 6, 2016
Detailed, well paced and linguistically simple; no I like to invent new words that are only used by Devs e.g. parems



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