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Affinity Publisher Guide - Affinity Publisher for Beginners

Learn Affinity Publisher (part of Affinity Suite) as Fast As Possible. From Affinity Publisher Beginner To Advanced.

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Affinity Publisher Guide - Affinity Publisher for Beginners



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Jul 2020

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What you will learn

Affinity Publisher Basics

Creation of Basic Books in Affinity Publisher

Creation of Advanced Book Covers

Creation of Magazine Style Documents


Welcome to Affinity Publisher Guide - Affinity Publisher for Beginners!

The only course you will need to start with Affinity Publisher, one of the best publishing software in the industry.

Here you will learn everything you need to know about Affinity Publisher, including but not limited to:

  • Basics & Interface of Affinity Publisher;

  • Tools of Affinity Publisher;

  • Creation of Basic Book Document;

  • Advanced tips & Tricks

  • & Much More...

Most importantly this course will continue and grow as time passes and all the upgrades will be available for FREE for every enrolled student.

And don't forget that Instructor is here for you. For any questions do not hesitate to ask.




Course Structure

Course Rules

Basics & Interface

What is Affinity Publisher

Main Interface



Studio Link (Personas)

New Document

Basic Ebook Creation

Introduction to Section

Pages & Master Pages



Artistic Text Tool (Basic Book Cover)

Frame Text Tool (Basic Book Body)

Table Tool

Page Numbering

Table Of Contents

Basic Export

Advanced Book Creation

Introduction To Section

Picture Frame Tool

Text Wrapping

Baseline Grid


Using Studio Link

Cover Design

Irregular Frames


Conclusion & Future


Robert27 March 2021

Good match for me. Liked the instructor's casual style with much repetition. The occasional mistakes increased my confidence as I saw the corrections made. "I can do this!"

John23 January 2021

The usage of Guides & Master Pages are important tools uniquely applied in Publisher. I feel like I want more detailed dives into the other features (Text) etc. However, I think that's coming up. The instructor is quickly showing us a variety of interesting tools, I hope we get more 'playtime' - either with direct instruction or via a project - with those tools. I am enjoying the material.

Martin21 January 2021

Der Kurs ist sehr gut für Anfänger geeignet, die Affinity Publisher kennenlernen wollen und macht dabei Lust auf mehr. Die Videoqualität des Publisher-Bildschirms könnte etwas besser sein.

christopher20 December 2020

An improvement on the first section......but seems that the course is developed on the fly with little planning about the conent. Dissappointed

Iva15 December 2020

It's been alright so far but the instructor is talking too fast, making it difficult to understand and focus at times. Slow down, remove unnecessary info from your speech and stay away from repeating phrases several times in one video. Otherwise, content is quite good and keep it up! Thanks, have a nice day :)

Stephan9 November 2020

While i feel he is knowledgeable about Publisher, and I actually did learn a few new things. I feel after this course I only know my way around the program, not how to actually use it. I think guided real world projects to help teach the functions of Affinity Designer would actually help those concepts to stick. He says he plans on updating the course, here is hoping some actual projects are added.

James21 September 2020

This course was very informative for me, I especially enjoyed the presentation of mistakes and their immediate correction - it humanized the presentation. I was not aware of how easy this software makes tasks like ebook production. I have a much better appreciation of Affinity Publisher now.

Jaime25 August 2020

Es un buen curso, deben tomar en cuenta que es un curso básico orientado a novatos, aunque de repente habla un poco rápido y es relativamente fácil perder el hilo de la clase.

Hazel25 August 2020

No. I have used other primitive publisher and designer software before so I had a very limited knowledge of the things like toolbars and studios. If I hadn't I would have been totally confused by the intro continually whizzing around, listing endless functions for the future telling me not to worry it would be dealt with later. Very charismatic lecturer, but needs to slow down. Half way now. Nick's knowledge is unquestionable and it is really good that he occasionally clicks on the wrong thing just as we might and then puts it right just as we would need to do. However, the speech delivery is too fast and there is a lot of touching on things we are 'going to do later'. So, whilst it highlights that the programme is infinite in its tools and permutations it becomes a jumble trying to hang on to the current bit we are focusing on.

Michael29 July 2020

I found the training quite superficial and the trainer did not explain most of the available settings in any kind of detail.


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