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Affinity Designer Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced

Master web and graphic design with Affinity Designer and learn to design beautiful websites, apps, logos and graphics!

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Nov 2018

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What you will learn

Learn how to design modern-looking apps, logos and graphics

Design real-world, beautiful, minimalistic websites and 2D characters

Explore and master countless tools, features and components of Affinity Designer

Navigate, understand and work with the interfaces of all 3 Personas [Vector, Pixel, Export]

Create and export professional & market-ready logos, illustrations and graphics

Draw, texture and shade an amazing flat 2D character

Lifetime access: 7.5+ hours of Full HD video material divided into 45+ lectures in 10 sections

Adaptive and available instructor (24/7) to answer all of your questions ASAP

Access to an exclusive Facebook group where we discuss graphic design & web topics and help each student with any questions they have!

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Hi there, thank you so much for showing interest in my Affinity Designer complete course. Below is a complete breakdown of what you're going to learn throughout this course. Lets start the journey. - GENERAL OVERVIEW:
Have you ever wanted to start a career in the design world but weren't feeling comfortable or you just thought that design is not for you? Or maybe you've tried to learn web design but you weren't sure where to start?
Well, this complete Affinity Designer masterclass will take you from a total beginner to an advanced designer who's feeling comfortable designing logos, apps, graphics and even websites.
You absolutely don't have to have any experience in the design world or Affinity Designer, we'll go through everything step-by-step in the course. We'll go through the interface of the software, explain all of the panels, toolbars and settings and then we'll get to work within the 3 personas in Affinity Designer.


The masterclass contains many projects that we will be designing through the course, polishing and putting our learned skills to the test. You'll use the skills learned to create amazing creations, apps, logos, graphics and more!

Let me introduce you to the design projects:

  1. Design an App Icon: With just few tools learned [rectangles and gradients], you'll be able to quickly design a very minimalistic, modern and sophisticated icon for an app.

  2. Convert a Pixel Graphic to a Vector Logo: Follow this very cool time-saving  trick in order to turn any kind of pixel graphic to an amazing looking vector shape, logo or form. 

  3. Enhance Photographs: Affinity Designer also allows us to edit pictures on the go with its huge set of photo manipulation options. Join me as we thoroughly go through the options.

  4. Design a Logo: With the techniques, tools and tricks learned you'll be able to design an eye-pleasing modern logo for a company. I'll go through the whole process and you'll design a brand new logo from scratch.

  5. Design a 2D Flat Character: You'll even design a 2D cartoon character from scratch using just plain tools as rectangles, spheres and curves! It will be really fun.

  6. Shading and Texturing: You'll learn the very important processes of shading and texturing and we'll be applying these techniques to the current graphics that we've already designed.

  7. DESIGN AN APP: If the above wasn't enough, I'll even walk you through the complete process of sketching/wireframing and designing a real-world app for a social media/dating app. We'll design 3 screens from scratch to complete finish.

  8. DESIGN A WEBSITE: As a final task, you'll be given an assignment with instructions to design a website with all of the things that you've learned during the course. Don't miss this!

- ASSIGNMENTS: After you complete a section, in order to brush up the learned techniques, you'll have to put your skills to the test and design what's required from you. This is how you will master your craft and this is how you'll practice design principles until you get the hang of it. Make sure to never miss an assignment as this is a vital part of the learning process.

- DESIGN A WEBSITE WITH SKILLS LEARNED: With all of the things learned in the last 7-8 hours, as a final assignment and a test, you'll be granted a task that will require you to design a landing page from scratch. If you were able to follow along designing the app, you should have absolutely no problem designing a website from scratch and you'll actually be very surprised how skillful you've become. I'll be taking a detailed look in every one of your submissions regarding this final finished website design. Get to work!

--------------------------- 5 MORE BONUSES WITH ENROLLING INTO THE COURSE:

  • GET MY E-BOOK FOR FREE: "75+ Must Use Resources for Web Developers & Designers" is a book I've written especially for my students. Its supposed to be your ultimate guide when it comes to finding web resources like stock photos and videos, mockups, PSD templates, icon packs, fonts, typography, design inspiration and much more!

  • ACCESS TO A FACEBOOK GROUP: My students are granted access to a completely private Facebook group where we discuss web design and development  topics, share knowledge and help each other with bugs and issues. You can  also contact me personally there, as well.

  • MY PERSONAL FEEDBACK ON YOUR FINISHED DESIGNED WEBSITE: Once you've completed the course and the website you designed is ready, I will be very glad to take a look at it and give you some feedback and thoughts. Feel free to message me in the student chatroom and we'll discuss your website in detail!

  • COMPLETE SUPPORT WITH QUESTIONS: I will be available 24/7 for your questions and queries regarding this course. If you're stuck, facing a problem or have a question regarding anything in Affinity Designer, I'll be glad to personally inspect your query and explain your the solution in a timely manner. Just post a discussion in the Q&A section and I'll be there!

  • 30-DAY FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: In case the course didn't meet your expectations, I'm offering full 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked. I would, however, appreciate if you give me feedback on what would you like to be improved, so I can improve myself for my upcoming courses!

What are you waiting for? Click the "BUY NOW" button and I can't wait to see you inside!


Affinity Designer Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced
Affinity Designer Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced
Affinity Designer Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced
Affinity Designer Complete Course: Beginner to Advanced


Introduction to Affinity Designer

What is Affinity Designer?

Why Affinity Designer? What Are the Advantages?

Important Note About Reviews

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Affinity Designer Workspace / Interface

Affinity Designer's Panels Introduction

Toolbars: Customizing

Creating a New Document for Web, Print, Photo or Mobile

Preferences and Document Setup

Navigation Through the Document (View + Zoom Tool)

Introduction to Affinity Personas

Vector VS Raster Graphcis

Draw / Vector Persona: Shapes

Exploring the Rectangle Tool / Shape

Creating Rings and Spheres with the Eclipse Tool

My Favorite Icon Design Tool [Rounded Rectangle]

Designing an Icon for an App

Draw / Vector Persona: Tools

Managing Multiple Artworks with the Artboard Tool

Manipulating Curves with the Node Tool

Soften and Edit Sharp Edges and Corners with the Corner Tool

The Unlimited Posibilities of the Pen Tool

Pencil & Vector Brush Tool

Manipulating Lines with Pressure Variations and Strokes

Fill/Transparency, Place Image & Vector Crop Tool

Converting a Logo Image to a Vector Illustration [Pen Tool Excercise]

Layer Effects, Styles and Semi-Navigation Bar

Gaussian Blur + Outer + Inner Shadow Effect

Outer + Inner Glow Effect

Outline + 3D Effect

Bevel + Emboss Effect

Color + Gradient Overlay Effect

Advanced Shapes + Layer Adjusment/Enhancing Photographs

Enhancing Photographs with the Layer Adjustment Options

Exploring All of the Advanced Shapes in Affinity Designer

Illustration and Logo Design: Getting Your Hands Dirty

Desining a Logo for a Brand/Company

Creating and Drawing a Flat 2D Character Inside Affinity

Pixel Persona: Tools

Introduction to the Pixel Persona

6 Types of Selection Tools

Tools: Exploring the Pixel, Eraser, Fill, Dodge, Burn, Smudge, Blur & Sharpen

Pixel Brush Tool and All of Its Possibilities

Create a Custom Brush to Suit Your Needs

Shading and Texturing for Beginners

Let's Shade and Texture our 2D Character!

Export Persona: Export Your Creations

Preparing Artwork for Exporting With the Slice / Slice Selection

Export Options

Exporting Artworks as Slices for a Finished Product

Workshop & Real Life Project: Design an App [3 Screens]

App Design: Sketching & Designing the "Sign Up" Screen

App Design: Sketching & Designing the "My Profile" Screen

App Design: Sketching & Designing the "Profile Swipe" Screen

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Joanna6 January 2021

This course is very useful in learning how to use affinity designer. It is learning and experimenting what each element does.

Liudmila3 October 2020

Logical and gradual, from the simpler things to more complicated ones, which are explained and demonstrated very well,

Martin18 April 2020

The modulation and explanation is pretty good. Really pulls one back to the chair to sit ,learn and wait for the sessions to come.

Edwin8 April 2020

Before I even touched the software itself, I did not know the tools that was available to infinity designer. With this course, I was able to learn the tools and the software itself and how amazing the software was. Filip really explained the concepts very clearly and I was able to understand the concepts. I would for sure recommend this course to other students.

Brock21 January 2020

Not sure what he was talking about when he got to the bottom of the screen and talked about what that was. Huh?

John18 January 2020

Wish that I had taken the time to cover all of the potential that this course unlocks before ever trying to use this powerful software.

Jay11 September 2019

good knowledge for someone who doesn't know much about design programs in general. some of the finer details explained could be conveyed more strongly.

Nekaybaw2 June 2019

This course was one of the very best courses I've taken about Affinity Designer so far! The instructor was very detailed with showing you step-by-step how to create things such as logos, icons, and designing an app. And he walks you through all the different tools and settings you would regularly need to use in Affinity. I would definitely recommend this course to anybody who wants to learn about creating things in Affinity Designer, and I want to give a huge thank you to the instructor, Filip!

Alex20 March 2019

I tried to stick with this all the way through but sadly couldn't. This would be perfect for someone with no knowledge at all... but even someone with a tiny bit of ambition would work though these features.

Tami11 January 2019

I've been an Adobe user for over 20 years and going over the basics of the tools and the interface (which I was considering skipping) is definitely meeting my expectations in terms of giving me the confidence to use the app - I have both the desktop and iPad version of Affinity so I'm working through the course with both apps open and translating everything on the desktop version to my iPad version.

Barrie14 August 2018

This course is thorough. It covers pretty much all of what you would need to use Affinity Designer for any application I could imagine. It's no secret that there are free courses and tutorials out the, but this was structures really well and worth the money for that alone. Having done this course, you will feel much more comfortable tackling others out there on the web. Highly recommended.

Camilo31 July 2018

This course seems to be done by a person that uses the software but doesn't know it well enough to teach about it at an advanced level, sometimes he seems to not know well some features. It is not a beginner to the advanced course it's more a course to know the basics about the software. If you don't know this software at all, this class may be good for you, but if you have previous knowledge about affinity designer there is not much for you to learn in this course.

Karolina8 July 2018

I have been exploring AD on my own for months. Thought I knew all features, yet with Filips Course I really learned SOOOOO MUCH MORE. Really worth it!! Specially the App Designing was super helpful! THANK YOU

Daniel3 July 2018

- Instructor is a still fairly young, self-taught web designer which becomes very obvious in the course. Meaning he has minimal experience and only a very shallow background in the digital graphics world. Learning from tutorials and youtube videos is great, but one should not think that he can create a course after doing this for 3-4 years at this price point with 7.5h duration - No explanations of deeper concepts in digital graphics at all. From such a course one should expect a true educator with years of professional background under his belt, tons of explanations, anecdotes and a solid, technical understanding of the matter. Examples: 1) What is DPI? Why change DPI for web and print? What are these different color formats? What is difference between RGB/8 and RGB/16? 2) File formats, he rushes through them at various stages in the course, but never with any meaningful explanations. And no, EPS and AI is not the same. But why not explain something meaningful about EPS while you're at it? In the export persona he choses for a slice the file format, and then after the matching preset which makes no sense at all. 3) Masking. Never really explained except for the one use case which is repeatedly used. The full power of this incredible tool should be much more presented. 4) Boolean operations. Again, quickly touched on, but the real power of this everyday tool in a designers life was not explained. - The structure of the course can be summarized that he presents tool by tool with clicking on every button and reading what it says on the screen. Then performing some action with them. The exercises were fine, especially the moon. The UI workshop rather clunky, why not using rulers like any UI designer? Why not using symbols? Again here it shows that mentioned lack of real-world experience and being a professional designer what I would expect to see in such a course - Multiple, repeat statements in style like "... this function should do this.. I think..", "... now I guess it should this when I click here.." don't give a feeling he has used the tool a lot or a solid grasp of it - I still was able to learn some things here, but if I wouldn't have paid $10 at a discount rate (and instead $150) I would have requested an instant refund

Nenad2 May 2018

Again an amazing course from Filip, even in a web design/graphic design course he didnt disappoint. I am really well please with the content provided and the graphics we are designing are really nice. Thank you so much!

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