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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [WIX Website]

Start making passive income with affiliate marketing. For those without any website skills.

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Start making passive income with affiliate marketing.

Make your own website with no website experience [Using WIX].

Find the best affiliate offers for passive income.

Find the best niches and keywords so you can get organic traffic.

What specific free tools to use to be successful with affiliate marketing.


Create an affiliate marketing website without any prior experience with internationally recognized digital marketer Greg Gottfried in this 1-hour, straightforward class.

Whether you're looking to start affiliate marketing, or just thinking about it, learn how to create an affiliate marketing website from years of experience. From creating your website, to finding the best affiliate offers to promote, Greg walks through his process of creating a new affiliate marketing website. Learn how to:

  • Create your own affiliate marketing website

  • Find affiliate offers to promote

  • Create great website content

  • Get found by people searching on Google

After taking this class, you'll be able to create a custom affiliate marketing website without any prior experience, and start your own affiliate marketing business.


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [WIX Website]
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [WIX Website]
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [WIX Website]
Affiliate Marketing For Beginners [WIX Website]


Affiliate Marketing For Beginners


Best Wix Website Template

Website Link

Creating Your Base Website Template

Finding a Profitable Niche

Customizing Wix Website For Niche

Creating Posts [Part 1]

Creating Posts [Part 2]

How To Rank On Google

How To Get Initial Traffic

Free Strategy Number 1

Free Strategy Number 2

The Ultimate Free Automation Tool

Bonus Section

Bonus: Coupon Code


S23 February 2021

It's a good 'basic' introduction. But if you think about the 80/20 principle, the course is good enough to start getting results quickly without a steep learning curve or spending too much time and effort. BUT if you want to go further because you are happy with the results, THEN be prepared to put in extra effort to learn more. PS Section 1: Video 10 seems to have streaming/playback issues...it would stop start.

Kyla9 February 2021

I learned so much that I will probably watch it again just to make sure I didn't miss anything! I am very thankful I found this video with the exact help I was searching for!

Janice29 January 2021

So far I have so many idea about making a website. He is greate to explain everything one by one so that his student know what his topic all about.

Rihan5 December 2020

amazing course cant believe its free so you are in a win win I didn't spend an dime and learnt soo much

Jason7 November 2020

This was an excellent course that I enjoyed immensely. Affiliate Marketing for Beginners is truly that. I loved how it was easy to learn basic affiliate marketing especially using the WIX website. The instructor is very informative and engaging for what may be considered a boring subject to many. He does teach the right amount of information and time that's not overwhelming. It's a terrific class and an easy springboard to a possible future endeavor.

Md6 October 2020

Just amazing. I learned many concepts about affiliate marketing and got a roadmap to dive into this field.

Paul8 September 2020

Great info and I appreciate the way Greg is right to the point about everything. No wasted time in this short course.

Kyera16 January 2020

Very informative so far and easy to understand. No bs like the rest of them and that is a crucial point. It is broken down easily for anyone at any age to understand and follow along. The tips and tricks here I’ve never seen before and they were great for beginners just coming into this- heck maybe even experienced folks. I’m glad I’ve purchased this so far and cannot wait to get started.

Greg14 January 2020

Greg has done it again. Great Course. I have to say that getting this course was an eye-opener for someone who builds websites for a living. You make the complicated look simple and effective. This is the best affiliate marketing I've found to make you take action.

Serena7 September 2019

So easy to follow for even a total beginner, step-by-step explanations. Just the handholding I was looking for!

Tessie6 September 2019

I found it very helpful , but the final information on how to set up to recieve payments its not there

Robert21 August 2019

love the way he teaches, I got started right away and started implementing as Greg was teaching. But the hardest thing about this course was getting lost ;)

Russell17 May 2019

You can tell Greg has prepared before presenting this course. The steps are clear and he demonstrates each one.

Michael29 March 2019

Good stuff. I like how he not only explains how to do it, but shows the steps in creating the sites from scratch.

Michael7 February 2019

Great Course! Greg clearly knows his stuff and his explanations were all very easy to understand and his training exercises were all very easy to follow along to! I Absolutely recommend this course!


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