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Affiliate Marketing and Organic SEO in 2021 - The Fast Track

Be successful at affiliate marketing and earn income! Learn to build a website, write content, and rank well with SEO!

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

How to build and publish a complete affiliate marketing website and a long-term, REAL business

Learn about major affiliate networks, such as Amazon, CJ Affiliate, Shareasale, Clickbank and more

Proper niche market research so you know exactly what is and isn't profitable

Building a customer avatar so you know how to target and convert your customers into sales

How to write content that ranks in Google, and marketing that content effectively

How to register a domain name, buy web hosting, and set up and optimize a Wordpress website

Effective copywriting, content syndication and outsourcing your content writing

White-hat organic Search Engine Optimization to rank long-term in Google and other search engines

On-page SEO, optimizing your content, analyzing your website metrics, and presenting proper content

Off-page SEO through legitimate, white-hat link building, brand marketing and networking

Building an authority author profile for long-term trust and expertise

Evaluating your competition to stay one step ahead

Scaling and expanding your affiliate business


Affiliate marketing is one of the largest, most time-tested and proven business models on the Internet. It is also the most misunderstood.

LEARN THE PROPER SKILLS necessary to build an affiliate marketing business from scratch, from your computer!

This course is a solid, step-by-step system with clear, easily to follow instructions. We fast track you from knowing nothing to knowing the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and Organic SEO in JUST ONE AFTERNOON!

Companies need traffic. They need customers, they need sales and they need growth. It doesn’t matter how big a company is, they can’t do everything themselves. Even Amazon needs help.

This is where you come in, as an affiliate. You act as a commissioned salesperson who drives traffic to the business you have a relationship with. The only thing you’re responsible for is finding the traffic … and then converting that traffic to sales.

My name is Chris Molnar, part of the OMC team with Tim Godfrey and Aidan Booth, and I have been building affiliate websites since 2005. Over several hundred sites in dozens of niches, I have witnessed all the Google changes through the years, but one thing has always remained constant ... the need to offer valuable content to solve people's problems. That is all affiliate marketing is.

I have dabbled in black hat and white hat SEO, and if there's one piece of advice I can give to new students ... if you want a stable business with sustainable results ... do not cheat and take short cuts!

In this course, I lay the solid foundations of a real business for the long term. After following this course and following the instructions, you can have an income stream that can last for years with little maintenance ... true, passive, automated income.

Each Module follows logically in order, helping you build your first website in an easy, step-by-step manner. The course materials includes:


  • The foundations of what affiliate marketing is, and how it compares to other online business models

  • Free traffic vs. paid traffic. This course only teaches about FREE TRAFFIC

  • Does Google even like affiliate websites? How to provide value to your visitor


  • Learn what a niche is, and how to choose a proper niche

  • Extensive training on keyword research

  • Your "perfect" customer avatar, and how YOU will solve their problem and buy what you are offering

  • How to emulate your competition


  • What affiliate programs are, and how they work

  • Walkthrough of Amazon Associates, CJ Affiliate and Clickbank

  • How affiliate links work, and how you get paid


  • Learn the fundamentals of registering your first domain name

  • Buying inexpensive web hosting

  • Installing your first website

  • Customizing and optimizing your Wordpress website

  • Monetizing your website while keeping the user experience and Google in mind


  • Learn the fundamentals of copywriting, and how to evoke an emotional response that will trigger interest in your viewers

  • What type of content to write and publish, and how to format that content so your visitors will love what they read

  • Trust pages, product pages and supporting pages

  • The optimal navigational structure of your website

  • How to outsource the writing of your content

  • Content syndication for more traffic


In this monster section, you will learn the fundamentals of organic, "white hat" SEO ... that is, SEO that doesn't cheat the system and risk Google banning you. This module includes:

  • A thorough overview of organic SEO, and how Google ranks content, and what makes websites powerful authorities

  • The E-A-T and YMYL principles of SEO

  • ON-PAGE SEO - The metrics of your website, user engagement and content

  • OFF-PAGE SEO - Your linkbuilding strategy, author profile, and link profile

  • Setting up Google Analytics

  • Setting up Website Search Console

  • A week-by-week linkbuilding plan

  • Evaluating your competition so you know what goals you need to reach

  • 10+ effective "white hat" linkbuilding strategies to gain powerful backlinks to your website, including Youtube SEO

  • How to stay ranking at the top for the long term


  • Ideas on scaling your business

  • Expanding your knowledge with industry events

  • Selling your website for maximum value

No filler. No BS. All solid content presented to fast track your success!

Here are 5 reasons why you should purchase this course today:

1. You will have exclusive access to a complete, PROVEN system, laid out in an easy to follow roadmap to get you set up and running quickly.

2. All stages of setting up your affiliate business is covered here - from setting up your domain name to registering for an affiliate program, to niche research, evaluating your competition, and a huge section on organic SEO

3. Even if you choose not to create an affiliate business, just learning about organic SEO will give you the skills and open up doors and opportunities for other online businesses and services, such as becoming a Search Engine Marketer or building your own agency!

4. I include helpful worksheets, linking plans, spreadsheets and links to resources to save you time and help you faster.

5. I personally answer all questions. Simply reach out and ask me anything!

I can't wait to teach you this business model!

Enroll today to learn how to be an affiliate marketer and tap into massive free traffic!


Affiliate Marketing and Organic SEO in 2021 - The Fast Track
Affiliate Marketing and Organic SEO in 2021 - The Fast Track
Affiliate Marketing and Organic SEO in 2021 - The Fast Track
Affiliate Marketing and Organic SEO in 2021 - The Fast Track



Why Affiliate Marketing?

Free Traffic vs. Paid traffic

Does Google Like Affiliate Sites?

Ranking Organically in Google

The Basics of Content Marketing

Niche Market Research

The Proper Marketing Mindset

What is a Niche?

Choosing a Topic

Keyword Research

User Intent

Your "Perfect" Customer

Competition Research

Affiliate Programs

What is an Affiliate Program?

How Affiliate Links Work

Amazon Associates


CJ Affiliate

Other Affiliate Networks

Setting Up Your Website

Your Domain Name

Expired Domains

Web Hosting

Your Wordpress Website

Wordpress Themes

Wordpress Plugins

Monetizing Your Website

Content Marketing

Basic Guide to Copywriting

Types of Content

Content that Google Loves

Outsourcing Your Content

Website Content Structure

Content Syndication

Creating More Content

Free Traffic Through Organic SEO

Basics of Organic SEO

On-Page SEO

Google Analytics

Website Search Console

Off-Page SEO

Your Backlink Profile

Link Building

Evaluating your competition

Blog comments

Guest posts

Press Releases

YouTube Videos

Forums, Quora & Social Media

Advanced Linkbuilding Strategies

Staying On Top

Scaling and Expansion

Scaling Your Website

Industry Events

Selling Your Website and Conclusion

Bonus Section

How to Learn More About Internet Marketing Business Models


Matthew27 October 2020

Well this is one of the best tutorial I have seen on this subject as well as covering the most elements of this process.

Arpit27 October 2020

It's worth it. Best thing inside the course: 1. Instructor walks you through 3 major affiliate programs... how they operate, etc. 2. Tells a tid-bit of Niche Market Research. Things can be improved: 1. I expected to discuss more on Niche research. 2. How much website traffic, other web data is required to earn XX dollars per month. 3. Also, the author could discuss more on writing product description, etc. But with the money I invested, I got the return of it.

Diwakar22 October 2020

I am searching for affiliate marketing . i have no idea hoe to do it but suddenly i show this courses. so i am very confident abut this

Rupam26 September 2020

Overall it is fantastic. It was such a good diverse course that helped me a lot especially the hand on exercises, cannot express enough how important they are. Thanks Tim for such an amazing journey, I did enjoy it all. Thanks again!

Malea15 September 2020

I am a beginner looking for a new change. So far, the content has been explained very well, and is easy to understand.

Alakska13 July 2020

One of best affiliates quick information video ever. Thanks, great work. Clear. If you watch this\ you want to create affiliate business immediately.

Peter8 July 2020

Yes, of course, it was a good match for me because I have been seeking for a way to get better with my journey in affiliate marketing

Carla3 July 2020

So far this is very well put together and explains things clearly, so that anyone can understand. The visual aids are well done! Much better than just watching someone talk. Dual learning for 2 types of learners as well as helping remember when involving both sense. Also pace is perfect, for me anyway. I like that there is no wasted time with a bunch of fluff and rambling that many courses have, that lose my attention very quickly. Just the important stuff. This is my kind of course! Highly recommend!

Aviral25 June 2020

It's close to what I expected in this course. However, still felt some information about what people should do in case they want to open a website with multiple products or Niche?

Fady7 June 2020

Very good course but I hope that subtitle be more better than now and if you ca add more subtitles like Arabic. Many thanks.

Mohamed10 May 2020

you do not have to worry if you are beginner as this course go with you from begin level to a level you can rely on to start your own business .. its a great respected effort

Md.12 April 2020

I have viewed other courses on Affiliate Marketing as well and find this one updated and informational. Thanks a lot.

Mohamed10 April 2020

it was an amazing course . i found the answer about a lot of my questions related to affiliate marketing . i want to thank the creator of this out-standing content

Muhammad7 April 2020

It's a good course and best one for beginners because everything has been discussed on a very basic level.

Maria23 December 2019

very informative course with a ton of detailed info. Glad I took it and will go through it once again when I will start the process of creating my own affiliate website.


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