Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income without Paid Ads

Learn how, in the next 30 days, to build an affiliate marketing business that can serve you passive income for years

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

The ins and outs of the Affiliate marketing business and all of the skills needed to gain success in this area.

How to create a website for your Affiliate Marketing Strategy and use no paid ads!

How to write or find great content that will drive traffic to your marketing channels

How to go about marketing your new Affiliate Strategy and growing it using organic traffic.


I'm going to teach you how to cut straight through the noise and do what you need to be successful with Affiliate Marketing!

During the course you will learn:

Create an affiliate marketing business that will serve you an income for years!

How to invest your time, not your money, to grow a business online!

The ins and outs of choosing the affiliate marketing niches needed!

How to find and get accepted to the millions of available affiliate programs!

Building a Website to host the content you need to send traffic to your referrals!

No more endless searching, this course is ready to go, you can take it anywhere, and watch it at your convenience in the privacy of your home or on the go!

What kind of results can you expect?

I prefer to under promise and over deliver but what I can tell you is if you follow the simple steps within this course to get started and then you spend 30-60 minutes to an hour a day just repeating them, you will be able on your way to building your own passive income business. Once you learn the skills you can simply practice, research and get better so that the outcomes are indeed limitless.

It changed my life

I started Affiliate Marketing when I was down and out reeling from a large business loss, I spent countless hours researching, learning through trial and error but now I have a business which pays me every month regardless of whether I work or not. It's hard to put a price on the level happiness this financial independence has brought me.

Open to All Levels

  • No prior knowledge of Affiliate Marketing or Website Creation is necessary.

If this sounds like you, this course if ideal:

  • People tired of their 9-5

  • Busy individuals who need extra income.

  • Those who want to start selling online.

  • Those who want to start a passive income stream.


Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income without Paid Ads
Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income without Paid Ads
Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income without Paid Ads
Affiliate Marketing: Passive Income without Paid Ads



Introduction to the Course

What is a Passive Income?

What is a Affiliate Marketing?

An overview of what we will be learning together during the course

Researching Your Niche

What is a niche and why is it important to choose one?

Finding possible niches

Researching your niche properly: The Tools & The Method

Choosing Your First Affiliates

Where and How to Find Affiliates within your Niche

Evaluating an Affiliate Program

Signing up for an Affiliate Program

Researching Content around your Affiliate Program

Creating the Website

Getting a domain name

Choosing a Website Platform

Introduction to WordPress

Setting up the website instance

Adding a Theme

Adding Plugins

Creating a logo

Customising your theme for your new Affiliate Marketing Website

Content Creation

Video vs. Written vs. Audio

Planning 30 days worth of content

Correctly applying SEO to your content

The content roll out

Linking up your affiliates to the content

Marketing your Affiliate Site

We can do this the fast way or we can do this the slow way?

How to ensure you are showing up in Google Results over time

Places to share immediately

Creating a Sales Funnel, Email Marketing & Automation

In Closing

Closing Statement & Thank You


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